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Published: July 16, 2013

"I'd like to understand
the delicate pathophysiology
behind these endocardium micro-knives."


spring by aimeelikestotakepics Frozen by xxida My home consists of pearls by joiedevivre89

The Pisces in the teapot

I pour out,
A quiet dream-cloud,
Allow the watercolours to seep, 
Gough’s starry night in a puddle,
Leaks out of me  
And collects in faded floral teacups.

I lose purpose and richness
My strainer has collapsed
And my brew haemorrhages out
Like storm-water down the gutter.

I've drained out to the ocean,
Where I evaporate
And repeat the blue-process,
Like laundry day.

Sleepless jewelsI'd like to understand
the delicate pathophysiology
behind these endocardium micro-knives.
Heart-quicksand bubbles away at the steel
but does not slow their invisible motors.
They spin like paddle steamers
in ocean-eternal.
My theory bets on adrenaline:
beauty excites my adrenal glands,
Alpha receptors engaged
as my eyes marry your
melted amethysts dropped in jade-pools.
DepersonalisationI often find the Universe
In my tachycardia,
Anxiety stamps out
In heavy stallion hoofs.
I’m left with inflammation,
I feel like an ant that’s been squeezed
Between the thumb and index finger
Of a curious child.
I lie crippled,
Like a mermaid out of water.
I wait stupidly for
Mum, dad, sister,
Hand to scoop me up,
Place me back in clear waters.
I wait until I’m almost dead.
A primitive nerve decides to use all the energy stores I have
To flip myself over.
I fall back to my murky waters,
Dear God,
Why must it be this way?
FrostBeneath saw-dust skies
You unfurl
Like the petals
Of distant and haunted gardens,
That are never quite real.
When the sun climbs
And through the slats of my sister’s apartment window,
I claw at the fake mink bed-spread,
Watch dust particles come to rest.
I fall asleep and
You visit me
In my dreamscapes,
Your soul in a strange, alien-animal:
I know it’s you,
With a body full of
Warmth and
Soft love.

P.S. I love you is a collection of features of writers I love. All text is from the literature deviations linked. The visual thumbs are for decorative purposes to match the tone of the poet only. The features are purposefully posted in a random order. ♥

- PoetryOD

Summer Light Wallpaper by SvenMueller Dramophone by deerArylide Spring by TomazKlemensak

Skin by SimplySilent.
These thumbs were
coded by im-not-sana
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deerArylideHobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for featuring me here in a very original way ! I'm very happy to be part of such an innovative way of featuring writers :D
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lupus-astraHobbyist Writer
This is an awesome idea and it's executed in such a lovely way...I think I'll go check our her page! :)
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yay! That's awesome to hear :D
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BradyMajorHobbyist General Artist
It is wonderful to see that you share the work of other writers here, Kathryn.  I like artists who allow others to gain popularity through their journals or word of mouth.  :)  
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:blush: Goodness, thank you :]
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Hfeather53Hobbyist Writer
thank you for sharing :la:
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kareeanneHobbyist Writer
oh this is an awesome idea! thank you for promoting good literature and authors.
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Phantasm1Hobbyist Writer
Oh this looks so lovely I shall check out her page.
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MagicalJoeyHobbyist Writer
I think this is a good idea...it promotes good literature and it promotes the author too. (and it's so damn pretty!)

(please tell me how you got the circle things.....is it something that came with the skin?
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Aw thank you! 

Heres the lit thumbs
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MagicalJoeyHobbyist Writer
Ta lovie....if I get super lost I may be asking you how to work them ;)
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