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Blue Steel by Corpse-boyUnder the Bridge by EinsilbigWooden Bridge by porbital
dark bridge by TeodoraLaessa.rope. by MichalGiedrojc
Summertime Sadness by GothicNarcissusA storm at sunset by matthieu-parmentier
Blue by greendesireDark Wooden Boat by UrbanRural-PhotoAntelope Canyon by Pooky09

We are a bridge.

Layers of blue skin by iNeedChemicalXDark Wooden Pier by tuebengtsson
Blue by AkumaRyoshiWooden Pier by kpavlis
Blue Summer Night by PajunenIce blue by diensilver
France - Carcassonne 03 - Wooden Passageway by GiardQatarTrapped in blue. by MarioGutifeeling blue by LuizaLazar

You wrapped a rope around my neck and strung me to a tree, in the hopes that, if you held me taut enough, you could walk all over me. Part of this forced smile rotted and broke off. You skipped over the holes until you forgot they were there. 

A very blue dream by darkmello
the end of life by BelcyrPiotrCracked Earth Blue by kuschelirmel-stockThese Wooden Ideas by rompus
Fragment by NataliaDrepinaOver You by Leaf-19
Antelope Canyon. by RomylynBlue by dreamsCrEaToRWooden Sunrise by DerekDD
Sad Art by adenas599Blue Bird by maaike1995Rope by SventineBlue by KidNotorious

Eventually the piece you landed on, whilst you tried not to fall through the chasms in my mind, began to break. You hit a little harder each time, and I shook, and splinters left us both with a collection of wounds to remember our days by.

No Rope Long Enough... by Nicolas-Henriblue by MarcosRodriguezthe rope by nnoik
Rope Bridge by LittleMissMischiefCarved love by MinyalothMelissa Clarke + Light Blue by Mofuba
Untitled by adream-within-adream

I started to fray. I thought you would tether me again, as you had once before. I remembered the days you had worked so hard to secure me to the earth, to you. I remembered the day you made me part of the pathway to your future. I remembered how proud I was to be part of your home. 

Wooden fence by ecKKKosadness by YamshikOFFsummertime sadness by Aisleyne
blue roses by ono-mono A Rope Walker by IreneShpak
Feeling Blue by scottoBlue Velvet by NachanThrough the Rabbit Hole by ColinHSillerud
Abandoned 2 by ArtofAviya
Peace In Love And Heartbreak by photofreak385

I held on as long as I could, soon holes were canyons and frays were the intricate lace of rivers through a continent. Eventually the cracks met, your negligence and my faulty materials, we disintegrated.

So Sad by xVen-Chanxlast blue breath by agnes-cecileYou're My Pink And I'm Your Blue by goRillA-iNK
Blue by o-kaykayIn Blue by Recreating-life
  wooden by MustafaDedeogLu Wooden Path by savannahs<da:thumb id="376710707"/>
Blue by WiciaQGorgeous Blue by Hunter-ArkamanWhat If... by SeekInquisitive

You bought a boat, and left me hanging.

I Love You by that-1chickBlue Magic by KrisVlad
Blue by ChansieIn Blue by AnneJulieAubry
Blue Skies by Lady-ToriRural bridge I by EnigmaticusThe end is near by deano060694
Rope by TeaksterRuined Bridge by BrayBladeFeeling Blue by xChristina27x

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