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It's time for a new combo feature! Today I am featuring my poem Black and deviations that reminded me of this poem. Remember to click through, fave, comment, watch etc on these wonderful pieces. :]

I recorded my new short story The Waiting Game and an old short story Heartbeats. Let me know if you enjoy them or fave the deviations:

Last night I also debuted my new feature called Communal Karma in which I give a feature to everyone who suggested a literature DD in the past month. These guys don't just click a button, they go out of their way to suggest your work and help it get seen site wide. They deserve some love, and you could be one of them! Just suggest a DD. If your suggestion gets a Daily Deviation then I could be featuring you next time. In the meantime, why not comment on a couple of these guys' work, as communal karma for their good deeds?

Either way, how are you guys? If you are looking for inspiration prompts I am putting them up every couple of days at LitLoveCommunity. Don't steal black as knight, I might use that there tomorrow. You can also add your work to the group. The groups main purpose though is to back up the Lit Love room, which I still haven't worked out when to relaunch.

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Hear me read it!

I have been recording readings of my poetry and prose (yay!). If you wanna hear me read something specific just comment and let me know. They are in order from newest to oldest recordings. WC stands for with commentary.

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Combo Feature

Mature Content

Black Hole by ArtemisAesthetic
Black and White Rose by mfuld black glam by zieniu   Black celebration I by luciekout :thumb156601339: :thumb164464200: Continuity Part I by dayangjuita black winter day - close by May-Machin Black pearls by DianePhotos :thumb301721637:   play me her melody . . . IV by bestestes Black Swan by zemotion :thumb62383960: Black by Habter


I chew on the blubbery meat of my tongue,
But it revulses
So whenever I swallow I gag.

I try not to inhale the acrid hiss of discontent
That seeps out of the corners of my mouth
And runs a river down my chin;
It reminds me of peaches. I cry.

I have digested the venom
The black rotten root of my own plague;
Ingested it. Injected it. How quick I am to accept death to me.

As organs revolve, revolt, regurgitate
I caged butterflies in my abdomen
As if lushness couldn't catch them there.
I knew better.

I ple'd to the sewn-in stars and their makeshift tenants,
For salvation and for suicide.
They offered neither.

So I sit and stew in these bodily discharges.
Sweat, love, poetry, tears.
Let them pore out of me and penultimately;
(for my salvation hangs with the noose);

Erode me back to the stub of the soul,
That gnarled and raging root.
Who could ever love, a beast.

- Black by PoetryOD. Click through to fave. :heart:

DS-75 by DS-sanchez Black Tears by MarinaCoric :thumb107878556: black widow by LonelyPierot   dancing figures by NuclearSeasons   Rose by CandyCov3red Don't follow me by GinAngieLa In Balance by manuelestheim :thumb336688652: can't by theluckynine Mute IV by vrupatel White Hole by HenryNine :thumb205664811: Claudia. II by zemotion Black out by FeliDae84 :thumb89055063: Mademoiselle Black by MonsterMe :thumb170099316: Negative Black 01 by temabina Show me hmmm... by narva Immaculate by marianaDNA Black and White Life by fatallook Black Roots by DREAMCA7CHER The Black Horse by branislavboda :thumb251235598: Black Wedding by immanuel Black and White Cala or Calla by TruemarkPhotography Black swan by Ophelia-Overdose black by Deeevilish  

Mature Content

Black Flag 7 by kubicki
Andy of Black Veil Brides by JeremySaffer
This journal doesn't allow thumbs in the feature to the right so I have used an image from laurotica's gallery however it will link you to her short story Regards, The Abortionist which I think is a powerful and intense short story worth reading!

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Thank you so much.
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Thanks so much for including Black and White Cala in your very fine feature!
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Well you are very welcome!
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You are very welcome :D
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thanks for the feature - nice poem :)
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Why thank you! :D
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Thank you so much for the feature! :hug:
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You are very welcome :tighthug:
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