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Just because poetry isn't made with a brush, it doesnt mean it isn't a part of art. Poetry is as much a part of art as drawing or painting is. Except the pictures you make are made of words. We could always use more members, fresh materials, and new veiws. We would love to affiliate with you if you'd like to (:
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GypI got the puppy when I was only fiveI named him Gyp because my parents said he was sickand may not stay alive In the years to comeGyp not only survivedbut thrived He was a mix between a Basset Houndand a BeagleWith big floppy ears, a waddling walkand had more of a deep-throated bay or howlthan any bark I used to take him on long walksThe Beagle in him always made himwant to chase after rabbitsAlthough, the Basset Hound sidemade him rather slow Gyp didn’t seem to mind that he never caught any rabbitsHe would come waddling back to mewith his big flapping tongue dangling downA look of mischievous joy in his eyes Years went byGyp became my best paland would follow mewherever I would go One day my mother diedin a car accidentthree miles from our home I couldn’t talk to anyoneI could only crybut all that time Gypstayed by my side He seemed to sense that something was wrongGyp would lie beside meoccasionally lapping his big tongue acrossmy nose As I grew into pubertyGyp would no longer chaseafter the rabbits on our walksbut seemed peacefully contentto watch them scamper awayas they sensed him near One day when I was thirteenI was crossing the roadGyp toddled behind,again, a little slow I saw the car swerve toward himas I reached the sidewalkGyp wasn’t in the middle of the roadbut was well toward my sideHis poor little body lay mutilated by the side of the road The driver had gone out of the wayto hit himAnd my poor belovedGyp had died The kids in the carwere all in their early 20'sI heard one scream that’s 3 pointsanother said no just 2That dumb dogwas way too slow I saw only the face of the boywho had screamed 3 pointsIn a flash by beloved Gyp was deadand the car was way down the road This was the dayI fully realized the incredible cruelty of my fellow man Years later when I graduated from collegeI noticed an item in the paper about the new CEOof a local firm in our area The picture of the manwas an older version of that boywho had yelled 3 pointsthose many years ago Previously, I had even considered applyingto this local firmNow, I just wondered to myselfWas torturing and killing defenseless little animalsa steppingstone to becoming a CEO? I shook my headand thought:What a sad little world
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Halloween Poem (3)
A blazing wintery nightopens its ominous cold dead presence upon the bitterly frozen ground A foreboding storm slinks hauntinglyamongst the unforgiving windsShimmering crystals whip through the air into the icy bone-chilling lake Within the dismal lonely grey fog there comes an unearthly sound In the driven snow the ghost appearsUpon a winter’s squall Within the clouds the spirit's wailAwaiting the thunder’s call Lighting strikes into an AshAs her decaying leaves but fall The winds howl of a sacred tuneLost inside the delicate lightof the dying moon Vapors trails of fire and hailTurn into chasms where darkness dwells Black frozen rain descends onto the scorched earthAs Man just mumbles his final curse
:iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 21 9
She found his photograph in her purseShe had meant to throw it awaylike he had done to herWith a quick nervous glance, she tried to look to seeif her new boyfriend had noticedHe would go into a rage if he sawIt wasn’t her fault but that wouldn’t matterMen had always had control over her lifeIt wasn’t how she wanted itbut it was like she had traded herselfin hopes of feeling lovedOnce she was satisfied that her new boyfriendwasn’t paying attentionShe looked down at the picture of her former loverand remembered a sweet moment they had once sharedMaybe that’s all there was, she thoughtA few precious momentsin a sea of sadnessShe began to cryHer new boyfriend looked over and said:“What the fuck is your problem”?Sorry, she repliedAnd she was sorryThat she lived in a world of such menand even more so because she feltshe needed them to surviveWhen you never feelAt easeAll moments are awkwardEverything has double meaningsNo one can be trustedYou are always afraidIf you don’t know who you ourYou are constantly struggling to beSomething you are notAlways seeking outside validationTo comfort yourself insideOnly to findYou are nothingExcept, completely and utterly aloneWhere do you go?The question haunts you soNothing has ever felt rightIt’s like you never had a homeThere’s a shieldBetween yourselfAnd the worldPeople can’t get inBut neither can you get outYou’ve created your own prisonAnd each dayYou construct more wallsI see youI know youI can rescue youBut...First, I must free MYSELF
:iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 27 6
Somethings just aren’t meant to lastthe brightest fires burn out too fastTwilight twinkles like a swordthat we have cast into each other’s soul Will we wonder?in the endWhat happened to the magic? we once shared Everything now feels a little upside down I mean it feels like everything has been turned around What seems so right feels wrong somehowJust like being lost feels like you've just been found Everything feels like it's coming down the more we built it up The more it crumbles to the ground When sadness overwhelms you Your heart feels like a stone I'll be there for you You never are alone When your dreams begin to wane and you feel only the weight of defeat Just call out my name sweetheart I'll be there in a heartbeat When you feel cold and empty The only color you see is grey Please remember these words I love you Forever and a day In our final breaths will we finally know? We once held all the possibilitiesOf something better than youand much more important than me
:iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 29 10
Like wild animals caught in a cage We bite, tear, and claw at our flesh and bones Desperately, destructively With madness and rage Seeking to escape the steel prison that has captured, tortured, and brutalized our souls Screaming with agony and delight we pray for something, anything to appear or change Moan, groan, howl, Like animals gone insane Let me call your attentionto a man closing his heartand whistling a happy tune He swore it wouldn’t hurtthis timebut his tearshe just can't hide Love he believesis the worst of liesAs he gazes upon the worldwith his cold orphan eyes A shield will soonreplace this ragged worn disguise You have shown them allhe thinksno one could fool you His life has always beenbut a series of accidentsawaiting an emergency room Soon there will beno evidence that hewas ever even here He knows thisfully understands itbut still, he doesn’t care No one will ever know his secretsor the treasuresthat he held so dear He will die alone and forgottenleft with justhis twisted sense of pride Only some pigeons will miss himwhen his park bench is emptyon that day he dies
:iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 18 8
detangling dangerous circuitry
at the beginning
I was innocent
I believed I was strong
I believed I was secure
I believed I was a protector
I believed I was an advocate
I believed I stood for righteousness
I believed I stood for justice
I believed I stood for healing
I believed I stood for the weak
I believed I stood for the helpless
I believed this would never change
but slowly
I became the weak
I became the helpless
to all the pain that I witnessed
to all the cruelty I saw committed
to all the indifference and even prejudice
my voice started out strong and diminished to a silence
I was silence by all of the
popular politics
the strong opinions
the negative thoughts
the active gaslighting
my voice died a slow cruel death
silently watching
my soul screamed
and I could remember a message from King that said
that those that stand by are just as guilty of the perpetrators
and I knew I was guilty
the guilt ate away at me
my happiness corroded
rotten on the inside
but happiness remained intact on the outside
toxic energy
:icondarkmotherpoetry:darkmotherpoetry 5 4
Story of a song
Show me the sky with pings of a key
Sing to me life with a shout or scream
Everything is spinning with the slam of a surface
Colours are born from the sound of a song
Whisper some breath into a piped symphony
Watch different tones as they move and speak
Destroy sorrows and shatter misconceptions with the bass
Flutter away on the wings of treble
At the end of the rest
Before any crowd yells and cheers
When the beat stops and nothing is heard
Magic is found in every note and every word
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 5 0
Facial Expressions
Ah, look upon that face
With different types of blush
From crimson rose to ruby red
That cover the cheeks or cover their head
Their hair that changes so rapidly
Cut down by scissors, carefully
Seasons go by for their locks that grow
Shades of dark brown and chestnut, they go
A glance, a look, that’s all I see
He blinks, he shuts so mercilessly
Piercing eyes that could fill with joy
From lustful man to excited boy
His smile, dangerous yet happy and free
His ears, stuck in place so perfectly
Eyebrows never disorderly and unchanging
His face moves when his mood is ranging
“Why are you writing a poem on me?”
I can imagine his voice silently say
It echoes in my thoughts and in my dreams
We are together and this is love, it seems
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 2 3
before he led me like a lamb
to the altar,
he got me drunk.
take this and eat, he said,
hands on my hipbones,
soft thighs, soft sigh
for this is my body -
but he gave me no bread, only
bruises, and he gave me
new thorns for my head
and i bled
till sunday morning.
tell me:
who speaks of resurrection?
are you there,
mary magdalene?
mary, when
will easter come?
:iconmoondrums:moondrums 59 25
If my love was formed today
Would love just wait for me?
Who would think to pick this flower?
Do you think I could be a tree?
If my love had gone away
Would they wait for me?
Where the stars touch my hand
Do you think they’d be?
If my love had turned to stone
Would someone wait with me?
When the time had struck midnight
Do you think love can see?
If my love was denied
Would no one wait for me?
Why do I have to be alone?
Do you think that’s free?
If my love had changed at all
Would everyone wait with me?
What can I do to stick around?
Do you think my heart is debris?
If only I knew if someone could wait
Waiting for someone like me
How sweet and warm would my heart turn
Before I melt into the sea
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 4 6
Above it all Below Zero
Above it all Below Zero
50 below in Celsius
-58 Fahrenheit...
below...yet above it all
where the air is thin
and one's tallest mountain
is but a mere snow-caped peak
jotting out of blankets of clouds below.
far below
lies civilisation...people...millions of people
so small...
obscured by the clouds
clouds that blanket the heavens high above?
ha! frozen below zero soaring even above the clouds.
above it all
even above the clouds and mountains
that seemed insurmountable.
soaring at speeds unimaginable
swallowing time-zones in the wake.
below the stars
above the clouds.
So high!
higher than the Andes.
behold their peaks
their tall soaring peaks...
below...far below
carpeted in snow...frozen
yet colder still soaring even above the Andes...
Hours pass and day turns to night
as darkens begins to fill the heavens
but this feeling has not left
wonder rises still
as clouds stained red drift carelessly below
darkness creep
:icondeanjeno--art:DEANJENO--art 36 0
No place in this world
My face has a grim expression
My eyes filled with regret
Negative obsessions
I just wanted to forget
The world that exists today
has no place for me
I have gone astray
from normality
Should I just disappear
into a sea of strangers
I don't want to hear
the truth of life's dangers
I am not desired
Not my soul nor my mind
I have been rejected
in this world made of twine
There will be no tears
if I left this night
For every one of my fears
has finished with their blight
There's no one left to consult
There's no one left to see
The girl who's cryings faults
That person that was me
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 1 43
Found Poem
And then, curiously
The ordinary American
Ovens to stereo systems
Which they, without argument
Simply accept.
:iconmrwootton:MrWootton 5 4
Lonely piece of sky
Look at me right now
Does anyone see the truth?
How lonely somehow
a part of me can be, so blue
I truly wonder
Why I am such a mess
Sometimes I ponder
Where can all my clouds rest?
Some people sing up to me
Think that I know everything
Believe that I am happy as can be
But they know nothing
It's cold when the sun goes down
I turn from bright blue to black
There is not many souls to be found
Only stars beside me to track
Oh sweet stargazer hear this
Why can you not believe
That shooting stars miss
Never truly obtaining a dream
Does anyone know how lonely I am?
Not really much to say
No one can really understand
They only just pray
Oh starry sky
Listen to my trouble
I wonder why
I always tumble
I'm all alone
No one can hear my screams
It's so damn cold
But what does that actually mean?
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 5 3
I Am Not Dead !!!
Who are you!
Who are you to call me dead.
I am the author.
I am the poet.
These words you read are mine
and mine alone.
On this work
is all rights reserved.
Who are you
Who are you to say the author is dead.
With each word i breathe.
The rhythm is my pulse.
The poem is my soul's cry from within me
Contained in this written form.
My poetry is evidence of my life.
I am not dead but alive forevermore.
Who are you to call me dead?
Who are you to disregard my intentions
my opinions, my life
in favor of your own ideas.
To disregard me is to disregard my poetry.
Each poem is a piece of me,
whether i distance myself or not.
I am still the poet.
it was my,
my intentions, my opinions
and my mind and my soul
that gave birth to what you read.
Why argue amongst yourselves about interpretations.
You have a right to yours
but that does not make it more important than mines
or my opinion.
You critic!
You book reviewer!
What makes you think you are so smart.
What makes you think you kn
:icondeanjeno--art:DEANJENO--art 19 15
O heart !
O heart where art thy shattered pieces now?
Hast thou gathered the shards and splinters from
whence they fell and
were buried deep within.
Hast thou begun to try and mend thyself once more?
More so...
Can you?
Can you put the pieces back together?
Answer me!
Answer me O you broken pitiful thing!
Answer me and hide not the truth from me!
I know you.
I have seen thy tears
in the dead of night
and before the sun
doth shed its light.
I have heard thy silent sobs echoing within
thy hollow bony cage.
And watched as thy sadness birthed
more sorrow and pain.
I have felt thy pain
thy sadness
thy regret
thy fear
thy insecurity
thy loneliness...
that sense
that sense that no one understood you...
or truly... really...cared.
I know you,
though often I tried to deny you
and hide you from the world...
But now,
Now I have come.
Come to face you one on one.
Let us reason together
and speak plainly.
You are broken O heart
and hurt deeply.
It is time
it is time to end the silent pain you
have endu
:icondeanjeno--art:DEANJENO--art 10 3
Night Wars
I dropped my sword and collapsed onto the floor
I have gotten so weary and cannot wield it anymore
The skies burn red with the shadows of past
Soon my armor will break and I will no longer last
I grow tired of battles in the night
All the bad dreams that I have to fight
To remember what I have been through, what I have done
This is no war, it's a slaughter and they've won
My helmet has cracked, my chest piece is falling
All I hear are sounds of insanity calling
My screams of sorrow, anger, and despair
Hidden within my mask has now filled the air
There is no ending this war, there's no chance
For I, who has shed tears with blood on my hands
Cannot save the versions of myself I have killed
So I wished for all of my time to be stilled
I dragged my sword across my frozen earth
As a baby would drag her blanket after birth
The difference between the pure and the tainted
Makes me want to hate which some who I am acquainted
I closed my eyes and wished upon a simple rose
I wish the enemy to who
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 7 9
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