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Just because poetry isn't made with a brush, it doesnt mean it isn't a part of art. Poetry is as much a part of art as drawing or painting is. Except the pictures you make are made of words. We could always use more members, fresh materials, and new veiws. We would love to affiliate with you if you'd like to (:
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Only the Wind
Have you heard about the dangers?
They love to hide in the shadows of night.
So stay indoors away from such things,
And unlike her, you'll be alright.
This tale is one of a sailor's daughter,
Brought up in a cabin by the sea.
It all began with a simple sound
The wind, she thought, is what it must be.
Yet her warm bed
Offered no respite
Until she could discern
What was out in the night.
She crept from her room,
Not sure what was in store.
What simple noise
Could hold such allure?
The front door opened,
Albeit with a creak,
And as she looked out,
She did not dare speak.
The night seemed peaceful
Outside their small home.
There was nothing but sky
And the salty ocean's foam.
But then, out of nowhere,
The girl heard a voice.
So sweet was its sound,
That she had no choice.
"Come here girl,
I have a story to tell.
Of time and emotion,
And other topics as well."
The girl, she felt strange,
And also impatience,
To hear the tale
Of her new acquaintance.
The wind started to blow,
And she ran to
:iconlovelystar03:Lovelystar03 1 0
for Venezia
My mind has become crowded with Venice:
Its streets spoke out through my skull,
(I'm sure you can see)
Labyrinthing prayers
In passageways shadowed between windowed stonework
Whose terminus is often in water, where echoes die.
I've no gondola to send them on
Past the quiet, past the lattices, past the forgetfulness
Which requires that I retrace
Curves to the square.
Beside me always the hassle, always the hustle,
Wheeling, ranting, raving, colors of cloths
Clever silk-spun and lacemaker's snares,
Piano's plunk across the piazza,
Glint, glance, gilt and gleam of glass,
Multitudes melded to a melancholy Murano, corner to wall:
Trefoil sputtering lamp-lit stare of the lion on the quay.
Gelato is a kind of baptism
For those who would not normally confess;
Walking jeans and gauzy shoulders ply the busy wilderness
In supposed effortless resistance and all the signs suggest
At least you'll show something for what you have seen,
Art and its many lucid motives, or madness,
Court and cathedral t
:iconmrwootton:MrWootton 8 19
What this does to people: Love
Only one person can rip me to shreds
They can tear me apart and make me cry
But they can also make me feel alive
Which is why I give them the night
Beat me up, break me into pieces
Even if they don't mean to do this
I can whimper, I can ask for more
Darling, give me hell, not bliss
That person can also make me shine
No matter what, they can make me smile
They can do what they want, I'm theirs
For them, I walk so many miles
Give me a kiss and bring me to life
I hope they're as happy as I am right now
I will hug them, until they ask for no more
Please love me as much as humans can allow
Love does a lot of crazy things
Makes people hurt and makes them live
This is what I think love does
I have no more words to give
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 0 0
Snowy Christmas Alone
Snow flakes have fallen, covering the ground with a layer of white
I have a feeling I will have a pleasant night
But I get to be alone so i'll turn off the lights
Christmas I shall solo but i'll be alright
It would be nice if someone could save me tonight
From this emptiness and all the loneliest fright
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 4 9
Below the surface,
Lie dead men's bones.
Rotting coffins
Hold the still remains
Of once strong men
Some who died in vain.
Buried deep
Below piles of earth
The corpses rest
Where no one can hurt.
Below the surface,
Lie dead men's bones.
Bones belonging to the young and old.
Bones of both the rich and poor.
Bones bearing bullet holes.
Bones broken revealing the core.
The corpses lie
Their eyes shut tight;
Their bodies rigid
Like a block of ice.
Below the surface
Lie dead men's bones.
The bones of kings are buried here!
... their skeletons wear their jewels now.
The bones of brave warriors doth rest below!
...rusting armour is all that's left to show.
The bones of man. woman and child!
... all descend below our feet when they die.
Bones ... bones ... bones!
Those bloody bones!
Below the surface
Lie dead men's bones.
The land is drunk
with the blood of men.
Those corpses and our corpses
A meal without end.
The "famous"
The "influential"
The "great" men of this world!
They all, end up, a pi
:icondeanjeno--art:DEANJENO--art 15 2
Journey Solitary
Lost he seems.
Forsaken he feels.
Its back the world hath turned,
on this lonely soul.
In sight there is not a friend.
A helping hand no one to lend.
To accompany him just fear and dread,
on his long trek home.
:icondeanjeno--art:DEANJENO--art 9 0
Pointless Classes
Scribble scribble....
Mindlessly writing notes
Stuff that I will never apply to life
Still needed to know anyways
But is actually pointless
Tap tap tap....
Typing up an assignment
Only worth a mark or two
Used to pass a course
But is actually pointless
I already know this stuff
I have been over the data
Supposed to memorize this information
But is actually pointless
Blink blink...
Attention is focused on the wall
At the very front of the class
Waiting for this class to end
But is actually pointless
Tick tick tick...
The clock is ticking now
Only seconds from freedom
Going to run away from this room
But is actually pointless
Point point...
I have another class to be at
This process will repeat until the bitter end
Day after day, week after week
But is actually pointless
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 3 8
(Castaway Crown) Broken Throne
I step up
  You step down
      I call your name
         You turn around
            Pass off fake smiles
              To hide our frowns
                 I fought to be king
                    But lost the crown
Look At Me
               Casting Stones
                                   At Myself 
                                                All  Alone
                                               All I
:iconzeroskyler:ZeroSkyler 5 4
Somewhere Sometimes 
          It hurts
                    The truth you treasure
                                Leaves a burn.
The new becomes old
                             The heart starts to yearn
                             The feeling is cold
                                                     When will you learn         
                                  The lessons life's been teaching
:iconzeroskyler:ZeroSkyler 11 9
Untold EverAfter
  So Tired
  So Hopeless
So Low ever since We Fell
  So Wired
  So Broken
So Pained still under this Spell
                                    Words Misspoken now it's Done
                                    Words Unspoken now you're Gone
                                    Words Leave hearts as hard as Stone
                                    Words Leave hearts left Alone
                What's said is 
                What's heard and
                What's written's 
:iconzeroskyler:ZeroSkyler 8 1
The Last Page
Everything has a continuation
All is a never ending story
Here is where imagination lies
Reading the last page
Everything wants to be finished
All would be resolved
Here was when human error approached
Reading the last page
Everything has a message
All will be learned
Here this lesson will be taught
Reading the last page
Everything should be re-read
All is remembered eventually
Here memories lay themselves to rest
Reading the last page
Everything seems to be written
All appears to be done
Here we are, you and I
Reading the last page
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 4 3
What I am
I am a rocker, not a fighter
I am a writer, not a singer
I may get angry, i'll try not to yell
I could get lonely, no one can tell
I know who I am but it's hard to explain
There's not very much I have to say
I am not perfect but I do what I can
I am not very bright but I know what I am
Do not think for a moment that I am confused
I do not think that I am an utter fool
I know what is to become of my life
No matter how crazy, I know what is right
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 6 10
Sand Butterfly
I can find myself in the breeze
Trying and dying to see
A face that blew in the sand
A face that I touched with my hand
Rocks just go up in the air
Floating and holding my hair
I can play with it when I would like
But if it hurt, then I might
Toss it away
Into the sky
Watch it go
Into the night
Remember the day
Which was mine
Hitting new lows
Heart too tight
I sat upon a thought bubbles words
Feeling the edges when it turns
Some pop out to be free
I wonder what I can see
Could I ride the phrases home?
I don't want to be so alone
Sleep on it til I die
But if it hurts, then I might
Toss it away
Into the sky
Watch it go
Into the night
Remember the day
Which was mine
Hitting new lows
Heart too tight
I saw a sand butterfly
So beautiful by design
Dancing upon the moon beams
What does this mean to me?
I caught it with a bug net
I felt like it would soon be dead
I wanted to keep it, so I tried
But if it hurts, then I might
Toss it away
Into the sky
Watch it go
Into the night
Remember the day
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 7 3
Noticed a star in my sight
Just to let it go
There is no going home today
I will be alone
A light that wanders away from hand
Gently gliding against the air
I saw only a glimpse of a moon beam
The fate of it was so unfair
It landed in the middle of a dark sea
Could such a glow be so cold?
It looked so very distant
Would it be okay to just gaze?
I don't want it to disappear in an instant
But it may be shy to my stare
If only my thoughts were constant
I want to help it fly into the sky
Watch it soar into the clouds
Let the angels have their way
There is no turning back for now
I will be the one to set it free
Don't be as alone as I
For this is a magnificent light
Such potential to sink into the day
Please return to the beauty of tonight
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 7 3
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