~ Scripturient Scribbles (First Contest!) ~

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Hello everyone and welcome to our first contest as a group! :wave: We've been semi-mysteriously hinting at this for a while now, so we hope you are all as excited we are that this day has finally come! Without further ado, please read below for the prompt and rules of our first contest if you are interested in entering.

Happy Writing! :typerhappy:

~ "Scripturient Scribbles" Contest ~

"scripturient," meaning "possessing a strong urge to write"

Open From:

August 4th - September 13th

Who Can Participate?

Everyone - PoetryForAll Members, Members of Affiliated Groups, and Non-Members!
Though we would especially love it if you would click that "join group" button while you're at it~ ;)

Contest Prompt:

Write about why you are a poet/poetess.

Try to be creative here! The judges are looking for more than just explicitly saying "I write poetry because." Helpful hint: Describe your feelings and scripturient passion while weaving the written word.


:bulletred: You must include the word "photograph" somewhere in the piece! Pieces that chose not to include this will run the risk of not being considered in winner selections.
:bulletred: All genres are welcome, however any mature pieces need to be clearly and expressly labeled as such before they will be accepted.
:bulletred: Limited to 250 words or less.

Where to go to Submit?

Please place all contest entries here, in our Contest Entry Folder: poetryforall.deviantart.com/ga….


1st Prize:
+ 500 :points:
+ Journal feature in PoetryForAll
+ Journal feature by the lovely HellishDivinity
+ Profile-page artist feature by wovenlioness
+ 1 free commission of any type by wovenlioness
+ Llamas by all 3 admins

2nd Prize:
+ 250 :points:
+ Journal features in PoetryForAll
+ Journal feature by the lovely HellishDivinity
+ Profile-page artist feature by wovenlioness
+ Llamas by all 3 admins

3rd Prize:
+ 100 :points:
+ Journal feature in PoetryForAll
+ Journal feature by the lovely HellishDivinity
+ Llamas by all 3 admins

Honorable Mention(s):
+ 50 :points:
+ Journal feature in PoetryForAll
+ Llamas by all 3 admins
** If you would like to donate prizes or participate as a judge, please contact the group or one of the admin by note. Thank you! **

Winner Selections:

Winners will be announced in the weeks following the end of the contest. All entries will be judged via a category/tally system to maintain fairness of judging (i.e. 1 to 5 points awarded for Originality, etc. such that the piece with the most overall points wins). More information on judging will be added to this journal as the end of the contest draws closer.

Questions? Comments?

Contact the group or one of the admin via note! We will reply to you as soon as possible. :aww:

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Ranise's avatar
when will the winners be selected? Or announced
vvlpes's avatar
I'm aiming for the end of this week.
The other two admin are on hiatus, so it's just been me. :aww:
I apologize for the excruciating wait. ^^;
Kn1ghtyKn1ght's avatar
How do we submit the piece so that you know that it's been done? (Do we tag it, or send it somewhere? Sorry, I'm still finding my feet here :blushes:
wovenlioness's avatar
No problem, and great question! :aww:

Submit the poem to dA like normal. Then come visit the PoetryForAll home page! :D Once on our home page, there should be an pixel-looking icon near the top of your screen that says "Contribute Art" (right next to the big, white words that say 'Welcome Home.'). Clicking on it should bring up a pop-up window that has your most recent deviations displayed. In the top bar of the pop-up, there should be a drop-down list next to the words "Submitting to." Choose the words "Contest Entries" from the drop-down list. Once you've done that, left click once on the deviation you would like to submit for the contest. A green button at the very bottom of the pop-up will now appear (labeled "Submit"). Click that button once, and ta-da! Your entry will be officially submitted for the contest! :la:

Thanks again for the great question and if you run into any trouble, feel free to let me or one of the other admins know. We are happy to help! :heart:

- Sunny, PoetryForAll Founder
Kn1ghtyKn1ght's avatar
Woah, thank you! I'm really glad I've found this group, I was looking around for other writers XD
wovenlioness's avatar
You are very welcome dear. :heart: We're happy to have you! :aww:

Hint, I think you will find we have a lovely group of writers here~ ;)
HellishDivinity's avatar

Hello. c:
If you're talking about a piece for the contest, you can submit it here.
Kitty-Kat--89's avatar
Finaly got something wrote for this and it has been submitted :D
wovenlioness's avatar
Yay! Thanks so much for the submission. :aww: Best of luck to you once judging starts! 
vvlpes's avatar
Great! Thanks for entering! :heart:
awesomebookworm's avatar
I'll try it when I've time ^^
wovenlioness's avatar
Sweet! :D We look forward to the wonderful things you will create!
Emeraldwillow9867's avatar
I'm guessing the limit is one submission, but I would like to check. Is it?
wovenlioness's avatar
Yes. To be fair to all applicants, we would ask that you submit only one contest piece. However, that does not limit you from creating several wonderful pieces and picking the one you feel is best representation of your work as your contest entry.

So sorry for the extremely late reply but I hope this answers your question. Thanks! :aww:
Emeraldwillow9867's avatar
That's okay, we all have lives outside of the internet, (Y'know, except for a few people like me...)
And thank you.
wovenlioness's avatar
Haha, yes well, I do try to be a good little Founder and keep up with all my lovely poetry chickadees~ But life has an unfortunate habit of interfering at the moment. ^^;

You are most welcome dear. :heart: Best of luck to you when the judging begins!
Emeraldwillow9867's avatar
Life has a way of doing that, doesn't it... and thanks :hug:
vvlpes's avatar
Yes, only one submission please. :aww:
vvlpes's avatar
You're welcome. =)
HellishDivinity's avatar

I'm not entirely sure, I'll ask an another admin.
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