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With You
With You
Soft skin
Stealing sweet salt
Seals the silent sunrays.
Serenity is strangely sad
With you .
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 1 1
Heresy:Anguis Britannicus I
Heresy:Anguis Britannicus
Chapter I
     Morgan woke up early.The mist hadn't dissipated yet.Slighly dizzy he went out to breath some fresh air,than he remembered,proffesor Septimius would come today.A quick smile flashed over his face,he liked Septimius, he wasn't the kind of man to make compromises,truly fanatic about his philosophy,he embraced the old ways of the greek thinking with a slight twist because he was an atheist.He'd come to Brittannia from Mediolanum to avoid both christian and pagan persecutions.
     -Don't follow this religious nonsense,he used to say,you only have one life.Be self disciplined and focused on what you do and never let anyone break your beliefs.Septimius would also teach him ,beside philosophy ,the roman art of orathorial speaking
     Father Bernardinus,a respectable priest from the nearby church, on the other side was teaching him the holy scripture.His father insisted:
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 1 0
The Eye of the Storm
The Eye of the Storm
As passion seems to rise from fear,
The fear of throwing in a gaze,
I'm stealing now the truth so near
To the forbidden end you praise.
Completion of the vicious circle,
It strangles me as blood is leaving now my face.
The quest of finding any mortal
That cannot leave this earth without a trace.
I'm touching ground and walking blind
With no more sins now left to mourn.
No path ahead,no path behind,
A traveller inside the storm.
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 2 3
Structural Dreaming
Structural Dreaming
Another step into the right direction,
You watch yourself as goddess of the kin.
Another turn to misconception,
I'm ripping carefully your skin.
You try to scream forbidden words
Envisioning ecstatic sins.
A prayer to the pagan lords...
I'm touching now your inner strings.
The bleeding wax is deconstructing realms
By binding torture in the clash.
Rebirth is near and then it dreams
The elevated clergy of the flesh.
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 0 3
The Beast Within
The Beast Within
The hidden marshes that bestow the gift
Keep luring in and then they hatch
To rip again and then deceive.
Deceiving touch.
Unearthly beasts and angels rise in violence
As i am kissing up your ears and neck.
They're breaking down the silence
As you break.
The poison of my skin and the demonic scents.
The signals that you keep on sending
Whenever you might think it ends,
That's neverending.
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 1 3
Narcotic Innocence
She's sliding now,along the walls,
Ignoring all,but all of us,
Unable to resist the casual calls,
Pretending that the hope is lost.
Among ourselves ,she raises now the glass
Without the slightest sense of worry.
Forever knowing she's the last...
A master in the bussiness of marking territory.
She's touching now,electrified sensations
The scarring of our souls,the beauty of her face
A war without a declaration...
A senseless love lost now within a maze.
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 0 4
Urban Warfare
Urban Warfare
The sun is melting down into a cup of coffee.
Gray,weary rainbows of nicotine addiction
Are touching up the ceiling in a sublime decay.
Enlightened silence brings its own destruction
Forever missing the sanest of the noises,
It shuffles down a bare, cruel laughing
And folds itself by killing off a rumour,
A tingling rumour of some odd corruption.
The crowd of empty souls is building now its coffin
Without the slightest sense of logic,but with reason,
And with their health intact as they are coughing
A hunt begins for one that does not say.
For they have felt the way to that odd something...
To lead,not push,the darkened reason into gray.
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 2 10
The Desecrated Forest
The Desecrated Forest
I'm running through the forest of my fears
Destroying puny anthills on the way.
The green serenity stops capturing...It disappears...
Machine like steps keep hammering the silence that i lay.
The choking smoke of burning leaves
Keeps drying up the blood inside my veins.
The dirty pools reflect the desecrated trees,
A snail is crawling on the void it claims.
The blackened sky keeps angering a nonexistent god,
By mirroring itself in grinded flesh and hollow breath.
Demented sponge like creatures keep reaching for their mud
As they surrender quietly their death.
Forgefulness surrounds me and I kneel,
I'm watching smiling and i yell,
For i have seen the truth behind the veil...
Another vision of my hell.
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 2 11
The Journey to the North
I walk alone the train is empty.
Some child laughs,his mother holds him tight.
I watch the snowflakes,still so tempting.
The frozen windows keep flowing through the night.
A sudden halt,the snow is showing power,
Alarming rumours of uneasiness and cold.
The people though don't act like cowards...
They all seem happy,wise and old
So after many frozen moments
The shadow of these rails is real again.
There are no promises of torments...
I'm careful as i disembark the train.
But nothing could prepare me for the frostbite.
Through all the snowy storm,i feel again alone,
A simple smile though,barbaric like a sunrise,
I smile for i have made my journey home.
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 2 10
I'm watching as you try to reach
My truth,your truth and all of our lies.
I cannot understand the beauty of this leech
That keeps you slave.You cannot rise...
The rigid crisp morality you follow
I bend with easiness and pride.
This warm and useless hollow
I break... and then you tell me that you've cried.
You bathe yourself in masochistic sorrow
And drying up yourself in some sadistic dreams.
I beg of thee be free tomorrow
And feel again the flow of life within your limbs.
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 1 17
After the joyful,bleeding rush,
I rush to you to play my game.
And game i am caressing  your soft hands.
An even-handed play begins
So now i play my feral touches,
Like feral creatures that we are.
We are seducing gods and beasts alike.
With godless screams that bring us to another realm...
Another joyful,bleeding rush
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 1 19
Pair of Dice
   Pair of Dice
    The mirror of a blackened sky
     Keeps lighting the forgiving  screams...
     Statistic certitudes still make me try
      I am the only child of my dreams.
     Those hands keep praying for my preying
      I'm feeling drunk and not a bit confused...
      Although I wish to keep on failing,
       It's  not the beast that I accuse.
      I block myself with petty reasons,
      I dare not throw the pair of dice...
       The mighty lord still has its riddles
       That keep away the touch of paradise.
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 1 5
Rictameter:Birth of a God
Birth of a God
with open eyes,
sadistic yet serene,
in vain my veins keep pulsing.
with pagan lust and christianic sorrow
i spawn a lovely rigid faith...
rotten and forgiving,
messed up and blind,
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 0 13
Mature content
Assassin :iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 3 13
the failed hopes
the failed hopes
they dreamt of better worlds
that failed to come alive
they messed the holy word
and made us  as one kind
the prison of their soul
was once a cry for freedom
their crafted worker class
is just a petty anthem
the bloody flag that struck so many chords
has turned the mighty wolves into a herd of sheep
i hate them with my puny grief
for they have made  the mighty dream
as cruel as my belief
:iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 0 4
Mature content
subliminal :iconpoetry-of-hate:poetry-of-hate 0 2


Reminiscence by kaffedyr Reminiscence :iconkaffedyr:kaffedyr 24 41 Autumn III by nightfallsveil Autumn III :iconnightfallsveil:nightfallsveil 1 2
Dawn breaks and light floods the silent halls of the Viking afterlife.
Drums begin to thunder in the distance, the poundings of hundreds of feet shake the earth.
An almighty roar splits the air as thousands of dead heroes clash in battle.
Steel flashes, shields are splintered, blood is spilled.
Battleaxe clashes against sword, pike against mace.
A warrior grimaces as a dagger enters his ribcage, pulling it out, he fights on.
The drums continue, increasing in tempo.
The sun reaches its zenith and many have fallen, yet hundreds fight on.
Sweat drips from every brow, the smell of death fills the air.
Block and attack, parry and thrust, initiate and counter.
Another falls to the thrust of a spear, his body thuds to the churned earth.
Yells echo across the landscape, the morning's silence has long since left these halls.
The beatings of the drums begin to slow as the sun begins to set, only the best fighters remain.
One by one they fall to each other's weapons until only man remains standin
:iconbcain:bcain 4 22
cameron, wv
green backed giants surround this place
governing all that comes and goes
but we're all where we want to be
ominous husks loom over the shoulder of every street
reminding us of a time
when life grew from every crack in the sidewalk
but now those cracks
are only speed bumps for drunken derelicts
baby boys are fed bourbon
to quiet the cries that come
when stimulation leaves
while fathers spend their time
where chemicals commit microscopic murder
all the way to euphoria
the sun drags the day limply behind it
rising because it must
and setting from exhaustion
denial is combative
so no one likes a realist
:iconemptyluckystrange:emptyluckystrange 2 16
The Root by leo723
Mature content
The Root :iconleo723:leo723 23 67
solitaire by bittertaste solitaire :iconbittertaste:bittertaste 14,697 2,718 Fear Of Sleep by cenobite Fear Of Sleep :iconcenobite:cenobite 7 31 Beyond the Agony by kaamos Beyond the Agony :iconkaamos:kaamos 14 19



Current Residence: Bucharest Romania
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Favourite cartoon character: Dexter
Personal Quote: Aberatio humanum est
Things have changed a lot since my last journal entry
New friends,new clubs,new poems and the same old me


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