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The Beast Within

The hidden marshes that bestow the gift
Keep luring in and then they hatch
To rip again and then deceive.
Deceiving touch.

Unearthly beasts and angels rise in violence
As i am kissing up your ears and neck.
They're breaking down the silence
As you break.

The poison of my skin and the demonic scents.
The signals that you keep on sending
Whenever you might think it ends,
That's neverending.
Another attempt to write an erotic poem.

Hope you enjoy it.
gothickitten55 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005
I love the imagry you created in the poem, and you suceeded to make it very erotic while also making it very dark. Great job!
DavidFaust Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005
i really like the blurred effect of the center image... i also like the backround it looks as if blood was splattered and worked into the picture. it adds depth. since this thing says you want advanced critique ill try, but dont change your style too much cuz i totally love it. uh, the one thing you could try to do it make the black in this a little darker. oh and the poetry is fucking great the way it is. sorry about not helping much...
poetry-of-hate Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005
Erm... I'd hate to take credit for something that I didn't create.The preview pic was created by ~Ursa-Wise ,only the poem is mine,think you should check his gallery.

Thanks for the comment.
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February 20, 2005
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