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Welcome to Poetry-Is-Our-Love. Our primary function is to embrace poetry and provide an environment for poets to thrive in. We do also welcome short stories and song lyrics, as long as they are submitted to the correct folders. Please respect our rules:

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We are a group for those who love poetry, love to write poetry, love to write! Poetry is so great for spilling your emotions...All emotions welcome in our group!
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Love and Romance
The Love that Always Lasts (Valentine's Day 2021)The Love that Always LastsValentine's Day 2021By J.C. SolisThrough the fields of frost on this dayWith the arrival of Spring nearI hope that in our cherished heartsWe hold those so close to us nearThrough this Day with Wintery LightAs we all now renew our vowsMay this joyous sensation comeTo fill our hearts with joy right nowFor this feeling that lifts us highThis dear sesation we call LoveWill raise our spirits up so highTo the grace of the skies aboveAnd it was on this lovely dayThat I met someone meant to beThe woman whom I'd give my allAnd fill my heart with so much gleeI'd give so much chocolate and giftsFor I won't care the cost or priceTo gift this girl so close to meThat I won't so much as think twiceI'll give my Heart, my Love and HopeThat our Love has been meant to beI'll sing and dance and jump up highAs I bask in this great ReverieBecause the love I feel for herIs something that I will hold trueIt is the light that shines my pathThat lites my wilting soul anewBecause though bad emotions comeIt is this that always shines brightThroughout the sunniest of daysOr the darkest of dark nightsThose close to you fill up your heartWith emotions that add in sumThat wakes the loneliest of heartsAnd stir the souls that have turned numbAnd on this St. Valentine's DayI let Love leave my heart at bayI have a lover close to meWho I cherish in so many waysThis is the day of love delightThis day of little fear and frightThis is the Time where sweethearts comeTo hold each other's hand so tightFor through this path that we now goThrough this Love that will Always LastWe'll find the peace we are to knowAnd leave our troubles to our pastFor on this day so bright with cheerThrough the great moments of my lifeI will spend it with my love so dearThe lady soon to be my wifeAnd as the dusk is to arriveWe'll set our course for joyous landsTogether for the rest of timeAs we clutch tight each other's hand...

Mature Content

The Fantasies that keep Us Whole (Poem)The Fantasies that keep Us WholeRemastered Version By J.C. SolisSome odd fetish or desireWe wish to sink our bodies inTo forget our atrocious pastAnd therefore find peace withinBut one thing to rememberIs that the cord does run thinFor no Fantasy lasts foreverAnd no true solace comes from sinBecause Fantasy is a lieBut so precious to our joyAs the heart fills with happinessWe wish to continue to enjoyBut one thing to rememberLife does follow no set ployAs it's nature does unravelThat it should not be plainly toyedYet though the matter is justIt's consequence we can't copeBecause the Dark is always lurkingAnd is hard for us to elopeYet within our wavering heartsWe must still maintain our hopesThat one day suffering will endAnd won't fall down a downward slopeThe false realities we delve inOffer no true solace for us to sateThese drawings, games and songsOur creations we view as greatFor art can soothe the soulAnd placate growing hateBut one thing it will not doIs keep us from our fateFor though we try to hide awayWe cannot escape this painThat course through our frail bodiesAnd so drive our minds insaneThe fantasy ahead of usOffers shelter from heavy rainBut then we become addictedAnd from this lie we can't refrainWe delve right in head first to seeTo let our minds start to break freeWe look at worlds, at lives, at loveWe look at what we wish to beWe delve in erotic love and sexWe consume all of this with gleeWe delve right in and don't look twiceWe think we are in ReverieBut once we are ripped awayWe see how the world really isWe see the sun and polluted airWe no longer are in ignorant blissOur lives so full of pain and strifeWe wish to feel fantasy's kissBut this is our real and only lifeFantasy won't get as real as thisWe read our books in page by pageWe listen to all these rhythmic songsWe watch TV to laugh and cryWe watch movies that are quite longWe play our games on TV screensWe feel that nothing can go wrongBut we are escaping to fantasyTo find somewhere we can belongBut this is just a LieWhat is not really thereFor this is our Real livesWhat we now come to bearWe grow so very solemnAt this real and choking airThat we wished to find happinessThe only thing that we now careThe fantasy we delve inDoes nothing except tryTo help us keep from thinkingOf the day in which we dieAs the Fantasy fades awaySo then we begin to cryBecause we lived Life in a dreamA Reality that was a Lie...
Poems of Majora 14. Spring,Poems of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium14. Spring By J.C. SolisDeath is always a constantIn the blowing breeze of FateAs our lives now carry forwardsWith anticipation that won't sateThe air is now much warmerAnd so Spring has now arrivedThe mountians have now been savedThe people will now surviveThe flowers bud and reminisceOn this miracle of the seasonsThis arrival does now beckon forNew Hope to now believe inAnd so the people cheer and praiseThat a bargain was a successOn this New Morn of snowmeltWhich the Gods had already blessedFor a new season of change has comeAs the Mountains now bloom in greenFor this is the sacred promiseFrom which all of its people weanFor this is the Time where people rejoiceWhere they cheer around and raise their voiceThe air is warmer, the sun is highThough aother doom is still lurking byFor though the mountains have been savedThe whole Land is still set to dieThe Moon still lingers in the airSalvation's chance is still awryAnd as sad as this fate must beThe Cold Embrace will soon returnAs Time must again now rewindBefore the world will start to burnBut the flowers offer a little reprieveIt is still not yet too lateTo change this world, to stop this plightTo change this Terrible FateAnd the Flowers will soon again returnFor there is no need to feel WoeThe Bargain made will still be keepedAs was this promise made as soThe Oath to save these lands aroundHas not yet started to falterThere is still Hope on the horizonFor Fate to now be alteredAnd so another God is freeAnd so right now the Land's in gleeFor Spring flowers bud and bloom aroundAs the mountains bask in Reverie...
Poems of Majora 15. From Beyond this Realm,Poems of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium15. From Beyond this Realm By J.C. SolisThere are these places full of mysteryThat no logic or science can explainThere are these vivid and daring momentsThat just bombard one with nothing but painAnd our eyes see this and can't turn awayFor it’s from these horrors we can't refrainThose foul creatures from a land that's unknownCauses one's mind to be driven insaneAnd so there is danger present right nowAt these Monsters that stalk the realm at nightTheir bodies are frail, their minds are not rightAnd so give the people around them frightThey wander this Earth for a single causeWhich is all towards one little girl's plightThe battle to save one's own livelihoodWill last all the way till Dawn's breaking lightAnd so the Hero tries to stop their planBut their raging hunger will just not sateAs arrows fly and the battle ensuesTo stop this madness that they did createTheir dogma without pause, they will not stopMay the sun rise up before it’s too lateFor if failure was to come from this fightThen a Little Girl will meet a sad fateAnd so the battle rages with furyAnd neither side is going to give inAs the Hero and the brave little girlUse up all of the strength they have withinThe two brave fighters, though they give their allBear the accosting of these creatures’ dinBut in this fight, they are overpoweredAnd inside of the barn they are now pinnedNow there is no more hope that fate will changeNow there’s no more chance that this fate will veerAll is now lost, and soon all will be goneThe little girl will lose all she holds dearThe creatures lurch forwards with grinning gaitsThe red in their eyes as they now come nearAnd so, the little girl gives a last cryThat came true the coming of her worst fearsBut then, the rays of sunshine then arriveThe gait of light causes them all to fleeA miracle, a show of last reprieveBrings the foul creature right down to their kneesThe monsters all burn as they run awayFor the Great Ones heard the little girl’s pleasShe and the hero see the sun up highAnd their faces beam with a smile of gleeNo one knows from where these creatures did comeBut their plans for the farm have gone awryAnd thanks to the daring hero’s effortsNo innocent creature will have to dieAnd with his trusty steed to guide his pathThe hero gives the girl his last goodbyesTo march to lands that are in need to healThe journey that lay ahead is now nigh…
Poems of Majora 12. Lullaby of a Frozen Sleep,Poems of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium12. Lullaby of a Frozen Sleep By J.C. SolisThe Bitter Frost of the mountainBeckons the cold of Winter EmbraceAs this Land is doomed to freezeAnd the people are to freeze in placeThe Bitter cold offers no remorseFor Spring will never arriveThe land is in need of recourseThis icy land will no longer thriveFor though it should already be SpringThere is no mercy to take aholdAs the mountains are now capped in iceAs snow now covers all its foldsThere is no warmth that's to be hadFor the seasons have come to failThe people's bodies now turn weakThe cold now turns their faces paleAnd a hero that they once cherishedWas slain in stopping their fallAnd so is gone this last ray of HopeHis death has now doomed them allAnd a small child is now cryingAnd his tears will never sateThose close to him are now dyingFor this is now their Final FateThe Evil spread across this landFills the hearts of all with woeFor death is now upon them allWhat this Evil has dictated soAnd so the Cold will never endSome prayers to gods, the people sendThere is no light or warmth or hopeAnd their broken hearts will never mendAnd so the Mountains fall into despairDown this calamitous disrepairThe snow keeps falling, warmth is goneAt this coming Fate that's too unfairAnd so this Land is set to dieThe people freeze right where they lieThe frigid ice now grows in sizeWith little time to say goodbyeBut a bargain to relive and try againAnd save those in deepest needHas now been struck with strength to lendAnd so restart a once dead creedAnd this bargain that is now madeMakes two souls now become oneThe pact now made to bring back SpringIs made to bring warmth from the sunA song now cuts through snow and iceThe people's hearts now turn warmThey then remember their HeroAnd the promise that he had swornIt calms down those within deep strifeAnd sends their ailing minds to sleepTo help them heal in warming dreamsAnd bring back up emotions deepA lullaby lulls all those aroundTo fall asleep in dreams profoundThe child no longer sheds his tearsUpon hearing these familiar soundsFor now, a calming lullabyWill calm those within deep painFor this is still not yet the endFor this sacrifice will not be in vain...
Shifted Story GearsScientists threw what they perceived as a bunch of rusty metal and junk right beside a sign on the outskirts to their city that read, “Welcome to Smudge— Home to the legendary Steam Brooks Lab” with the note attached underneath, “Under New Management.”* * * * * * * * * * * * *A young mechanic on her evening journey home (after the completion of a grueling project) found an old robot scattered into limbs and parts abandoned beside a welcome sign among an assortment of shattered bottles empty food wrappers soda cans broken appliances deflated tires and unmarked steel barrels.* * * * * * * * * * * * *A dream played out in the memory of a lab assistant built by an inventor and scientist with a kind face and dimpled cheeks who the assistant helped in her projects and repairs and vaguely noticed as she grew older and older more wizened and hunched while the scientists she employed increased in number shifted from serene to severe and their simple lab expanded change after another until… the day… his creator was… gone.* * * * * * * * * * * * * A robot woke up on the wooden worktable in the loft space of a tumbledown barn— that belonged to a tired but enthusiastic mechanic (dressed in overalls and sturdy work boots) who encouraged him to wiggle his tube-like arms flex his rubber glove hands dig through his toolbox contents (contained within his spacious box-shaped body) and swivel his globe-shaped head …then apologized for his continued lack of legs (which she made up for with straps that would allow the mechanic to carry him around like a backpack).* * * * * * * * * * * * *A mechanic named Myra Ratchet introduced herself to a robotic lab assistant called Gearbox and proposed a new life on the road for them both as mechanics-for-hire and freelancers who roamed from one location to the next to fix machinery long neglected in distant locations and help the people there.* * * * * * * * * * * * *Two companions left a decrepit barn to cut their own path across a barren plain away from a vast city where steam and smoke from factories filled the skies and the noises of massive pumps and assembly lines echoed in a regular rhythm throughout the day and night— while a spiraling tower topped by a purplish globe loomed at its center.* * * * * * * * * * * * *Two travelers went forth into a world the mechanic had only heard tales about from beloved people the robot had never known …together to discover new stories they would make for themselves.
Wonder (Poem)WonderBy J.C. Solis I wonder about the world that moves all around meSo vast and so massive, yet so mysterious and unknownHolding existence and my curiosity all into its foldsThe answers to those questions is what I seek to holdI wonder about the flora that tangles in grovesThe deserts so parched and the snowy peaks that are so tallThe oceans so expansive and crystal springs flowing pureAnd all the fauna that inhabit it, to build their lives so secureI wonder about the soaring birds and the busy beesThe wildebeest of the savannah and lions that feastThe wolves that stalk the herds of wool sheepThe barracuda, the whale and the creatures of the deepSo different from each other, yet so similar in allTo continue life's existence, to escape from death's thrallI wonder about the metropolis, the concrete expanseThe world we have created out of metal and liquid stoneThe strange creatures powered by carbon fuel and inner fireOur square foot territories and our will full of desireI wonder about the people that walk on this worldAll of different colour, size, belief and train of thoughtEmbracing love, compassion and the vows toward each otherYet still inspiring hate, to bring misery on anotherI wonder about our system so corrupt and mismanagedFor some its all they know, and all that is knownYet I wonder the capacity man has in his mindTo strive for self improvement, to be fruitful and kindA world so different yet so akin to the EarthA system so similar to the one which gave it birthI wonder about the the power of nature's own wrathHow the ground itself quakes and rips itself apartHow hell bursts outward from mountains of fireAnd how storms tear through all with winds howling in ireI wonder how a seed grows into a mighty treeHow a forest lush in life can blossom after deathThe great fires of destruction that preceded it beforeNow replaced by stubborn conifers dotting the hillside once moreI wonder how life is so determined and thrivesThe diligence and will to want to stay aliveI wonder what kind of world this planet can beI wonder if this paradise can last for eternityI wonder about the future and the endless flow of timeA future so uncertain, yet will soon be yours and mineThe clock ticks seconds away in passing rhythmAnd I wonder what Time shall bring along with himI will always Wonder and ask questions of the worldI will always Wonder and allow my mind to flow freeI will always Wonder and ask questions about lifeAnd to sate my own Wonderment shall forever be my strifeI shall Wonder about the world, to challenge my realityAnd I hope to continue Wondering, for all of eternity...
on the existence of free willLaplace's demon is missing some piecesAnd I've tossed free will in the same box as Schrödinger's catRetroactive measurements of 'what ifs' sum up to all or naught Lest we forget Chaos Theory still aboundsOur choices may not be entirely ours, but are ours to make entirelySurely we didn't create the ocean, but once in deep enough we either swim or dieNothing, conception, incubation, birthday parties, saying goodbyeEndless sleep in the blink of an eye rolling back in a head crowned with borrowed timeAre you capable of treading water?If you do so long enough, will you learn how to swim?Will your muscles memorize a way to keep their host aliveCall it innate or fate or whatever to placate, yetChoices are choices are choices, decideBalance from here to the Big Bang and back againTime exists only in the confines of the mindIllusionism feigning a band aid against a cosmic cannon holenonethelessthe universe fails to ceaseits vacuum silencing nonsensical Fatalist entitlement a while longerHurtling beyond what we know to what we cannot yet comprehendPouring over the edge of human understanding Into the inky blank abyss of light swallowing matters of darkLamenting that we make the rules, the earth is flat, the sun revolves around usWith no cognition of our true existence, with no grasp on the functionality of our own epicenters we blindly point fingers in to the ether and scream "no fair!"Perspective is free will, the freedom of one to experience their singular journey through this life as only their unique chemical make-up makes possibleIndividualism allows for the concept of free will and a square can be a rectangleWe make decisions independent in our brain's electricity, lit signal soup deciding to decidelet us relish in this benevolent beauty of our atomic humanityMeet me at the corner of Compatibilists and Moral Particularism,I'd love to get a coffee and hear your views on luck
Song Lyrics
Poems of Majora 7. Believe in Your Strengths,Poems of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium7. Believe in Your StrengthsBy J.C. SolisSo you failed to go and retrieveWhat I had sent you to go getBut at least you in fact did tryAnd at least you did not forgetBut the pain of this dilemmaHaunts my sad dreams as I now waitAs this stark land is doomed to dieFrom a Rage that will never satePerchance there is Time that remainsFor you to find this Mask so fearedAn object so wicked and vileBut one that I've come to revereNow, I'll teach you this useful toolAnd allow your heart to mend wholeNow listen well to this sad songAnd allow it to heal your soul...1. Day to Night, Dark to Night Fall the sand of Time Let the years, Like the gears4. Of a Clock unwind Through this pain, You will gain The strength to move on Heal your soul, Become whole8. With this bright song Pick yourself off the floor Its not too late Find the strength in yourself12. To change your fate Use your Time and Your Masks Three Days remains Stop the Death that's to come16. And Heal this pain Believe Within your Strengths Hold your Heart up high Rage won't sate, Challenge Fate20. Today you won't die There are those broken souls That hurt deep within Lift them off of the floor24. Cleanse them of Sin You are the Hero now Strength now goes with you Help those who cannot save28. themselves from Grief On these Three Days and Nights Full of Doom and Pain You'll find where Hope resides32. And what's to gain Listen Long to this Song Let it heal your Soul Play it there, Everywhere36. Make hearts become whole There is Light, Still in sight It's not yet too late Follow the path ahead40. That Hope creates There are no monsters that can in fact hurt you For they feel strain inside44. And can still hurt All these lives will reside In the hands of Grace Don't frown and put on a48. smile on your Face Day to Night, Dark to Light Your Time has arrived Moon does fall, Time does Stall52. For all to survive Tears do drop, Time does stop End this Calamity Make your stand, Save this land56. Set this world Free You must take on the Light Let it help guide you Follow the path ahead60. Forge one anew Darkness is soon to pass Use all your might Three Days is what remains64. To Bring the Light...And so the struggle has begunAs these forces have come to playDeath or Salvation will now comeAt the end of these final daysMay your strength guide you down this pathMay you now use all of your powerTo save those hurting and in painTo stop the coming Final HourBelieve in the Strengths you posessAnd march on with the light of hopeSave those who are in need of helpSo this Terrible Fate they'll elopeBelieve in your Strength and your MightThat this world will finally healMay the source of all this sufferingSoon finally all be revealed...
The Song of Healing (Lyrics)The Song of Healing A "Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask" Poetic Remake By J.C. Solis Note: Listen to the "Song of Healing" from "The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask" for the song to have full effect and rhythm. 1. Day to Night, Dark to Light Fall the Sands of Time Let the Years, Like the Gears 4. Of a Clock Unwind In your Mind, Walk through Time Back to Better Days Memories, Like a Dream 8. Wash tears Away Like the Stars in the Sky Darkness Can't Reach You Light the Night, Joy is Light 12. Till the New Dawn Cast away Your Old Face Let go your Spite With this Mask I'll Ask 16. To Borrow Light All of Life, Felt no Strife All Life was at bay Then the Mask, Gave the Task 20. To take Life Away Darkness Loomed, Certain Doom All Hope seemed now Lost Then he Came, Hero Named 24. To fight at all Costs To South, North, West, and East There they are Waiting Time Unwinds, Break Their Binds 28. To Save us All Three days is all you have To change all Fate Time Rewind, Strength go Find 32. Lest it's Too Late Listen Long, To this Song Let it Heal your Soul Play it There, Everywhere 36. Make Hearts become Whole Heal the World, Now turned Curled Make Hearts lay at bay Bring back Light, Chase out Blight 40. Show the Lost their Way You are the Shining Star Guide the Doomed People Save this Land, If You Can 44. Bring back Lost Hope Play this song to the Torn Make the World Bright Carry the World's weight 48. And bring back Lost Light Day to Night, Dark to Light Your time has Arrived Moon does fall, Time does Stall 52. For All to Survive Tears do drop, Time does stop End this Calamity Make your Stand, Save the Land 56. For Eternity You are the Hero now Help this land Heal Your Brave Face, Shining Grace 60. Do what you Can Use your Time and your Masks Right all that's wrong Three Days is what remains 64. Till the New Dawn... The End... For now...(Lines 1-16: Original Lyrics of @ColdFlameZero) (Lines 17-64: Original Lyrics of @JCSolis-Lit)...
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I am aware that we, the founders and co-founders of this group have been horribly neglecting it.
By the way, the person who is typing this is not IPaintRainbows it is Len-Len-hearts, the original founder. I am typing this from my friend's account because sadly, I deleted mine. I just wanted to say that Tom (IPaintRainbows) says he'll be going back on dA more now (he won't be but oh well) and if he is I've told him to keep an eye on this group. He's the main founder now, treat him well.
I'm really glad this group is still thriving and growing, I never expected it to have so many members and for people to still keep joining... Thanks guys, keep it up ;)

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