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To keep things running we have some rules:
- only poetry is allowed in this group
- no art that is forbidden on DA

Also we like that are member comment on other poems. It is not a rule, but it is nice if you do!


I wouldn't surrender this feeling.
Wouldn't sell it for all the gold in the world.
The foreign substance swims through my veins.
Uncontrollably my hands shake and eyes widen.
This madness is intoxicating.
Unable to resist, you feel it too.
Passing between us like an electric shock,
It blows your mind and you're left staggering.
Slowly surrendering to the rush,
You refuse to bow to the sanity.
Alone in a crowd, no one understands.
The seriousness of the world is all they feel.
The tiny details, the fine print,
The little stresses that pile up.
Why can no one else see??
This madness is in fact a cure!
An elixer healing the heartache that overcomes.
The laughter frights away the tears.
The smile banishes the frown.
All you have to do is surrender.
Here! Let me give it to you!
Together we will not bow, ever.
Enjoy the world in a way the sane never could!
You need no one else to be complete!
Just surrender to the madness!
:iconsilvertitan93:silvertitan93 7 4
things to consider.
- my stomach is in so many knots
and its s tight and cramped
its a wonder i can still breath
or keep anything down.
- i am shaking like a leaf
and i don't understand how
because my skin feels like lead
and i am all weighed down.
- there are oceans in my chest
and its all congested and watery
but my tongue and throat are dry
and nothing is coming out.
:iconohsparrowsong:ohsparrowsong 17 9
The Mysterious Disappearance of the Man of Granite
There's a hole in my heart
Because I don't know where you are
Or what has happened while I was away
I'm not a fool to conceive
But was a fool to believe
That you'd still be here the next day
Your account is shut down
And no one's seen you around
And you haven't been answering your phone
I'd spend my dignity to call
But I've already spent it all
On you when we were all alone
In the back of my mind
I've been pulled from behind
Because I swear I saw this coming
You have not been the first
But you have been the worst
Case of someone turning to nothing
I knew that you'd hurt me
You always seem to hurt me
But I never thought it would be by not being here
And the worst kind of hurt
Sadly won't fade to dirt
Even now that you go and disappear
Yesterday your name was seen
On my dim computer screen
But come today, such a page is gone
You cut me away
And though you did not choose to play
I can tell plainly that you've won
Because you're gone
Were we really that worthless
That you could easily toss
:iconmisscatspaw:MissCatspaw 1 0
Hearing words I thought never possible
Over the humdrum existence of every
Negative thought in my mind, the
Only thing I can think to say
Remains this - Thank you so very much!
Joseph Pierce
:iconmusicamagica:MusicaMagica 3 10
Down the Path
There are two paths I've come to
And I'm not sure what to do.
So I try my best and give it to God.
His answer, I know, won't be broad.
I sit and wait and ponder a bit.
Then just like that, the answer hits.
Black and white, there is no doubt
Which path God's all about.
It is quite strange to know where to go
When I have been stuck waiting to and fro.
But I still start and walk down
The path leading me out of town.
The decision was a great one,
But I know my life isn't done.
There will be more paths I have to choose.
Sometimes I'll win, sometimes I'll lose.
But I know God's there all the way,
Watching over me every day.
:iconsingingems7:SingingEms7 9 10
Day That Never Existed
Day that Never Existed
~ Today is the day that was good.
~ The day to make the girl smile,
to feel adored by someone.
~ She instead wept,
sorrow coursing throughout the fragile body.
~ Her joyous thoughts erase,
tears replace her emotions as well.
~ "Forget this supposed day..",
others told the girl with the mask.
~ It shatters in darkness to release,
her heart does too.
~ "I still love you...Even in this Non-Existance."
:icontiny-chan13:Tiny-chan13 1 0
Beautiful nightmare
They met one cold dark winters night
A shock of red hair, fire and bright
Her delicate skin of porcelain white
With immediate spark their loved did ignite
He bowed down his head and held out a hand
And whispered softly "would you allow me madame"?  
With a smile so coy, she giggled nervously
Offering her hand so he could take the lead
Upon moon and stars together they danced
Lost in a world they both called "ours"
This fateful night, this meeting of hearts
Was the beginning of the most tragic romance
They moved to a mountain right to the top
To a beautiful cabin fashioned from logs
They curled up together and on the world looked down
From the solitude of the mountain top crown
Three short years together in bliss
Every good morning and night sealed with a kiss
Alas this love story doesn't end well
For this beautiful dream turns to nightmarish hell
He awoke one day to find her gone
No trace of her found, only a lonely Dear John
Shattered and broken all lights flashed black
:iconcog513:cog513 1 0
i am a wall
built brick
by brick
my colors from crimson
to the purple of an iris
stamped on in the mud
they barely show now
covered by the bright flashes of graffiti
i am nothing but an eyesore
maybe someone will lean against me
for support
but otherwise people only notice me
to complain
no one cares
every brick has a story
not the youngest child
dreams of what lies behind me
i am only a wall
but i have a story
:iconlovetoread12:lovetoread12 1 0
Always a haunting tormentor
And a sweet sweet escape
An insight on reality
Lets you live you greatest fantasy
Real and unreal
Better yet sweet
:iconacquiescelover:AcquiesceLover 1 0


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