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Voice Acting Script #1: A Rat Gets Trapped :iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 0 3
OC Reference Sheet - Victoria Young - WSW
This character is a version of an original character of mine that I created for a wrestling promotion that  a friend of mine, AstroGoldenBadger , created a while ago. I figured I'd post it here.
Ring Name: Wraith
Real Name: Victoria Young
Billed From: San Diego, California, USA
Age: 25
Attitude: Heel 
Gimmick: Former Bounty Hunter & Ex-UFC Fighter
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Weight: Around 140 pounds
Any Manager: (N/A)
Any Tag Team Partner: (N/A)
Personality: Cold, Unforgiving, Cruel, Slightly Sadistic 
Brief Background: 
Victoria was an up-and-coming UFC fighter for a while, competing in the Bantamweight Division. She attained a lot of praise for her very respecting fighting record, which stood at 10 Wins and 2 Losses. She later left in order to focus on her personal life, but soon, she decided to try out wrestling. However, unlike Ronda Rousey, she worked her way up through the independent circuits, earning more and more fame and respect for her aggressive and
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 7 3
Killer With A Conscience - Tempest's Intro Video
((Note: Please read the description for any updates I make to this story. Thanks. :D ))
-Video Begins- 
A single White Mask terrorist can be seen running through a hallway of what seems to be an old war bunker that was refurbished into a base for the White Masks. He seems to be in what seems to be a sort of blind panic. He occasionally fires back at whatever he's running from. As he gets further down the hallway, in the distance, the lights begin to slowly shut off one by one, blanketing sections of the hallway in total darkness as the lone terrorist cowers at the end, aiming his pistol towards the slowly advancing darkness. 

"Growing up, I was always a bit afraid of the dark... I always envisioned a group of monsters waiting in my closet or under my bed, waiting for the first chance to grab me..."
The darkness soon stops its approach toward the terrorist, who is now sitting down and aiming his pistol in the general direction of the hallway, but the lights d
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 3 0
Killer With A Conscience - Main Character Bio
Note: This character is my own creation. Please do not attempt to use him in a story without my permission at any time. Thank you. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the character Tempest, along with the basic plot of the story itself that he is involved in. The games HITMAN (2016) and Hitman: Absolution, along with their settings, storyline, and characters, are all owned by Square Enix and IO Interactive.  Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, it's characters, settings, and weapons are owned by Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montreal. 
General Information: 
Name: Andrew Isaacs 
Alias: Tempest 
Organization: International Contract Agency (ICA) / Team Rainbow / Grim Sky
Position: Attacker 
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America 
Nationality: American (Has French ancestry) 
Date of Birth: July 6th, 1988 
Age: 29 
Physical Appearance: 

Height: 6’3” 
Weight: 190 lbs 
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 1 11
Mature content
Killer With A Conscience - Chapter 0 :iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 3 2
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 11 (Collab)
Gideon x Male!Reader
The Rebel
A Collab Between Myself And Crimson-Ward
Author's Note 1: I know, I know... I made you wait an eternity for this one and I apologize, both to the audience and to :iconCrimson-Ward: . Long story short, life got in the way of the continuation of this chapter, as well as my writing in general, BIG TIME... Hope this will make up for it at least a bit. 
Author's Note 2: I'm aware of how short this is in comparison to my others. Long story short, I wrote up a decent portion of this awhile ago. However, one night relatively recently, I spotted the draft on my hard drive, looked through it, and thought "WTF was I doing in this?" So I scrapped that draft and started all over. Now here we are... Enjoy!
Chapter 11
You wake up one morning, and you smile to see that Gideon is still next to you. Over the past few days, you and Gideon had spent quite a bit of time together, practically being attached at the hip. In addition to this, the others in the task force had
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 13 1
Male!Halo!Spartan!Reader x Star Wars - Prologue
Male!Halo!Spartan!Reader x Star Wars
Author's Note: Check the description for an explanation as to why I've been gone for a while. 
Onto the story! Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I do not own and nor do I claim to own anything other than this story. Star Wars, its characters, planets, factions, and the universe it is set in is owned by Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Studios, and The Walt Disney Company. The Halo franchise as a whole is owned by Bungie. You are not owned by anyone. I simply own the story.
Prologue: Last Man Standing
Third Person POV
It is July 25, 2557 and the location is what is officially known as Forerunner Halo Installation 03, or just Installation 03 for short. A squad of SPARTAN-II commandos have set up camp in one of the ring’s desert areas, along with a team of scientists which the team was ordered to protect.
This squad in particular, known as Fireteam Spartan: Black, or just Team
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 45 12
Mature content
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 9 (Collab) :iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 9 3
Mature content
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 7 (Collab) :iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 9 0
Mature content
MR!Male!Reader x RWBY - Chapter 4 :iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 7 7
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 5 (Collab)
Gideon x Male!Reader
The Rebel
A Collab Between Myself And Crimson-Ward
Author's Note: Prepare for some serious emotions in this one. Enjoy!
Chapter 5
You wake up to the sound of the alarm clock going off and you slowly opened your eyes. It was morning, and you had to get up and get ready before the recruits arrived. You put on your uniform and grabbed your gear before heading over to the training area. Gideon & Ilona met you there and waved you over.
They looked at you with a mix of serious expressions and hopeful smiles when Ilona said “The recruits are waiting for you. You can train them however you’d like, but try not to be too harsh, and know that you are being watched just for security purposes.” You nodded, and Gideon said “Good luck.” before the two walked over to an observation area, where Joker, Mitchell, and several others, including Irons himself, were watching.
You felt your heart start to beat faster due to the stress of knowing th
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 9 1
Gideon x Male!Reader - The Rebel (Collab) - Ch. 3
Gideon x Male!Reader
The Rebel
A Collab Between Myself And Crimson-Ward
Chapter 3
Author’s Note: Multiple perspectives in this chapter. Enjoy!
Gideon’s POV
I led the new guy through the base to the room we’d keep him in until the assessment. He was quiet the whole time, not really saying much except the occasional comment on Atlas, me, the base, or just a response to things I was telling him. We were followed by Ilona, who had wanted to give me some backup in case he decided to try anything.
The whole time, I noticed the stares of other Atlas personnel as we passed. Each of them either looked at Ilona or me with confusion or the kid with hatred. It wasn’t a secret that the KVA weren’t well-liked, and this kid had basically been dropped into the hornet’s nest. _________ didn’t seem to react, but I could have sworn that he was shaking like a scared puppy at one point.
Finally, we got to the room and we escorted him inside. “These will be yo
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 10 1
Gideon x Male!Reader - The Rebel (Collab) - Ch. 1
Gideon x MaleReader
The Rebel
A Collab Between Myself and Crimson-Ward
Author's Note: I changed my writing style for this collab to experiment a bit and for the sake of some kind of continuity between my chapters and Crimson-Ward's chapters. Enjoy!
Chapter 1
Some Time Later…
You are now sitting in the back of a truck on its way to the location of an ambush, and aside from the roar of the truck’s engine, it is quiet. As the truck moves to its destination, memories flash through your mind. Memories of the attack on your home, being recruited into the KVA, as well as the brutal training you went through and of the many operations you and your unit have gone through. You shut your eyes and try to shut the images out of your mind, but you’re interrupted when one of your men, Alexei, grabs your shoulder. You shoot up and look at him before saying “What is it?” He apologizes for startling you before saying “We’re almost at the location. Some of the gu
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 18 0
M!U!TB!Reader x Creepypasta - Chapter 6 - END
Male!Undead!Toby's Brother!Reader x Creepypasta
Abbreviations: (M/N) = Male Name; (F/M/N) = Fake Male Name; (L/N) = Last Name; (F/I) = First Initial; 
(F/C) = Favorite Color; (E/C) = Eye Color; (H/C) = Hair Color
Author's Note: I apologize if this seems rushed...
Author's Note Part 2: I'll be posting the continuation of this later. Could use help with the title for the second story though.
Chapter 6 – Settling In 
Days Later…
Third Person POV
The whole house was quiet. Most of the creepypastas were either asleep or out “doing business”. One of those who were at the mansion was (M/N) Rogers, or as he was going by, (F/M/N) (L/N). However, the peaceful atmosphere would soon be shattered by a piercing scream.
(M/N)’s POV
I woke up screaming my head off and I was sweating buckets. I had a dream that I hadn’t had for a LONG time. It was a memory of the crash and… my death. The pain, the screaming, the blood, and the debris… Wor
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 31 7
Mature content
M!U!TB!Reader x Creepypasta - Chapter 5 :iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 19 5
M!U!TB!Reader x Creepypasta - Chapter 4
Male!Undead!Toby's Brother!Reader x Creepypasta
Abbreviations: (M/N) = Male Name; (F/M/N) = Fake Male Name; (L/N) = Last Name; (F/I) = First Initial; 
(F/C) = Favorite Color; (E/C) = Eye Color; (H/C) = Hair Color
Author's Note: A bit of a filler chapter...
Chapter 4 – The Introductions
(M/N)’s POV
I had been taken to an office, which I presumed was the same office that was occupied by this “Slender” that these lunatics keep referring to. Heh, I guess it’s sort of ironic that I’m calling THEM lunatics, considering how I chased them down in the forest. I was sitting in the chair, still wearing my handcuffs, but with no shackles on my legs, and I was told to wait for their boss to show up. I was looking around, bored out of my mind, when I heard a slight noise behind me. It was quiet, so I assumed it was just coming from the hallway. Nevertheless, I turned around, only to see nothing there. Either it was just someone passing by or I’m
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 23 3


Best Valentine I've Had(M!O!Reader x Sadie Adler)
Short Valentine's Day. 'Some' Drinking, some fluff, some ooc, no Lemon in this.
(February 14th, 1900)
"How close are you?!" Lee shouts up to me.
"Just....about..." I hit the last three nails on the roof tiles. "Finished!" I get up and holster the hammer then drop down, laughing as I run up to Lee, Alvin, and Kenny, they laugh with me.
"We fucking did it!" Kenny cheers.
"We built my house!" I cheer.
This took 2 and a half weeks to make, a single story house, and we finally built it, three rooms in it, a nice fireplace, windows on each side, all I needed to get was beds, furniture, and food, then me, Sadie, and Clem can live in it.
"Well, this calls, for a celebration!" Kenny pulls out some beer.
"I'll have one." Alvin chuckles.
"So will I, have to be able to ride my horse sober." I said, Lee takes one as well.
"Look at us, four men, managed to get this done, in not even a
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 21 2
The Scout(S!Reader x ???)AOT
"Entry Log: The operation to capture Annie was, I don't know what to call it. I still don't believe it, her, the Female Titan, out of all people. She was many things, quiet, ruthless, cold, but being a Titan-Shifter like Eren, makes me wonder who else could be a Shifter. But I wonder, what does she know? Why is she doing this? What is her purpose, her role, in all of this? Seems like something me and Squad Leader Hange, along with Moblit, will be up all night, asking her, if this plan works. The question on her being a Titan-Shifter, brings me to many thoughts, especially concerning the Armored Titan, and the Colossal Titan, one of my theories that I have is that these two Abnormal Titans, are possible Titan-Shifters in disguise. If they are Humans, then killing them would be much easier. Especially the Armored Titan, I still remember that day, the fall
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 22 16
Shiro by M-0-THS Shiro :iconm-0-ths:M-0-THS 31 4 COMMISSION - Family of Heart and Tails by DarkShadowArtworks COMMISSION - Family of Heart and Tails :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 137 39 YEAH BABY! by thegreyzen YEAH BABY! :iconthegreyzen:thegreyzen 809 69 Thank You For 1000+ Watchers! by LukaSkullard Thank You For 1000+ Watchers! :iconlukaskullard:LukaSkullard 64 59 Ciri Riven .yuri tag. by sakimichan
Mature content
Ciri Riven .yuri tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,996 0
Who are we presenting to again by zarla Who are we presenting to again :iconzarla:zarla 2,059 167
Mature content
No Mercy File #1 - A Resident Evil Fic :iconayanarin:AyanaRin 2 0
Daniel Williams (commission) by Cassielink Daniel Williams (commission) :iconcassielink:Cassielink 29 8
[CLOSED]800 points in prizes! 1,000 Watcher Raffle
UPDATE: Ahh I never expected to get so many participants! Thank you so much everyone~ :love: So I'll give out a smaller fifth prize as a reward~ <3
5th place: SanneAckerman

15 points and a llama!
4th place: boybig5411

50 points!
3th place: Mythiica

100 points!
2nd place: Frappe7 

200 points!
1st place: Sol-play 

500 points!

Happy Chinese New Year (新年快乐) everyone! It's that time of year again where I have another raffle! :D A lot of events to celebrate - CNY, upcoming Valentines, my 4th year anniversary on dA, and (almost) 1,000 watchers. :dummy: Without further ado, let's get into it so I can give back to my awesome followers~ :heart:
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Voice Acting Script: A Mafia Rat Gets Trapped

Plot: A man involved with the Mafia was involved in a big heist on a bank, where the crew involved stole millions of dollars. Shortly after, one of the crew members, having let the money go to his head, went and bought a bunch of expensive stuff like cars and clothing, leading to his arrest. He then gives up everyone involved with the robbery in exchange for immunity, and he goes into witness protection with his family shortly after. After a while, he believes he is in the clear. However, one day, when he returns home, he has an unfortunate encounter with an intruder who is there for a bit of revenge. 

Bold = Actions in scene 
Italics = Behavior/Mood of Character Speaking
Normal = Dialogue

Beginning of Script.

Door opens and shuts. Person (Listener/Reader) walks in. Assassin known as “The Gentleman” is standing in the kitchen counter, wearing a suit along with a set of black gloves. 
Behavior: Polite

Hello there… I’m sure you’re wondering who I am and how I got in. 

Brief pause

Don’t reach for your gun. I know you’ve got your pistol hidden in your jacket, and if you even try to draw it, I guarantee you will die before you can even aim it at me. I am armed as well, after all. 

Assassin pulls out a pistol of his own.
Behavior: Polite

Who am I, you’re asking? Well… You see, I’m known in these parts as… “The Gentleman”. … 

Brief pause.
Behavior: Condescending and Sarcastic.

Yes. That same one. The legendary assassin who deals with anyone from corrupt police officers and government officials, to gang members, to rival businessmen, to people who ratted out their gang to the cops… 

The person flinches and moves toward a panic button.  
Behavior: Serious and Blunt

I wouldn’t recommend moving toward that table… I know there’s a panic button under there, and I’d rather not have to cut this lovely conversation short because of some uninvited guests… Speaking of which, even if you tried pressing it, I think you’d find that the team of FBI agents sent to watch you are currently… indisposed. Don’t worry. They’re not dead… Just unconscious… Either way, it seems that they will not be joining us this afternoon…

Brief pause.
Behavior: Angry/Threatening and Condescending

Why am I here? Boy, you are just full of all the stereotypical questions today, aren’t ya? I’m here because you couldn’t keep your damn mouth shut… Because you didn’t have the self-control to stop yourself from acting like a dumbass after that big score. Because you had to go around buying expensive cars and fancy clothes and jewelry. Because you did all of that, which led to you getting arrested and selling everyone else out before running off like a coward into the arms of the witness protection program with your wife and kids… 

Brief pause. 
Behavior: Polite, Slightly Embarrassed and Apologetic

I apologize. That was rather rude of me… But I was rather forcefully removed from what I’d hoped to be a quiet vacation away from the killing, just to have to come down here and kill you, so you’ll have to excuse me.
As for why they sent me specifically, it’s because they knew I’ll get the job done. Well, that, and they didn’t want to risk anyone of their guys getting spotted or getting sloppy. Can’t risk having a repeat of what happened with you, after all…

Brief pause. Assassin interrupts the victim. 
Behavior: Relatively polite, but slightly annoyed

Please don’t beg for mercy. It just gets old hearing the same “Please don’t kill me! I’ll do anything!” speech over and over again… Even for a patient man like me, hearing that over and over gets so annoying to the point where I might have ended up killing you, and I wouldn’t want to ruin this lovely conversation… 

Brief pause. 
Behavior: Reassuring and slightly remorseful

Listen, I know you’ve got a family, and I assure you that they’re safe. No harm will come to them. If you want, I’ll even leave some money in their bank accounts… I may be an assassin, but I’m not entirely heartless… 

Brief pause. 
Behavior: Polite but blunt

If you didn’t want something like this to happen, then you should have gone about it a different way instead of going about this the most cliché and obvious way possible… You were kind of asking for this… You joined the gang a long time ago, you volunteered to take part in the heist, you were the one who went around spending all of that money and tipping off the feds, and you were the one who gave up that information and sold out your buddies in exchange for immunity and safety… All in all, the only one you have to blame for this is yourself… I’m just the middleman hired to bring about the end result of all of this…

Brief pause. 
Behavior: Blunt

Well, I’m sorry, but there’s no amount of bribery that can stop this. After all, your bosses are expecting a body, and I’m willing to provide one. Plus, I don’t want to risk pissing them off and ruining a… rather lucrative business relationship. Any last words? 

Brief pause. 
Behavior: Somewhat sad but polite, and still slightly blunt

Of course. I’ll pass that along. Well. Hope you’ve made your peace. Time to die. 

Hammer on gun is pulled back. One suppressed gunshot is fired. 

End of script.
Voice Acting Script #1: A Rat Gets Trapped
This isn't something I'd usually post, but since I'd like to show my work and get some constructive criticism, I figured I'd post this. This is a voice acting script that I wrote up at one point. Recently, after finally getting it finished and done just the way I liked it, I decided to send it off to a voice actor/ASMR YouTuber whose content I really enjoy, Pandastc ASMR. His content is pretty good in my opinion, so if you enjoy ASMR content, go check him out! Anyway, here's my first official voice acting script! Enjoy! 

Panda's YT Channel:…
Hey guys. How's it going..? I know I've been posting a bunch of these lately, and I apologize if they're becoming annoying. 

I'm sure some of you are wondering why I've failed to post much within the past few months, and unfortunately, I doubt my answer will be very satisfying. 

About 2 months ago, just as I was getting back into the mood for writing, I hit a roadblock. My main computer that I use for writing finally gave out on me, as the battery had failed. In addition, other things, such as the hard drive and the sound card are either failing me or are damaged, meaning that they'll likely have to be replaced as well. Normally, I would have sent it in, but due to my own laziness and due to my attention being focused on job searching and finding out what I wanted to do with my life, that hasn't had much success. In response to this, I've begun saving up money to buy parts to make my very own Desktop PC (which is going to be expensive).

Because of my laptop failing, I've been forced to use Wordpad on an old Toshiba laptop I've had as a backup PC for the last two months instead of Microsoft Word (because Microsoft Office can be expensive, Google Docs requires actual effort to log in, and I'm somewhat broke). Of course, this has taken some getting used to. 

Another reason for my lack of updates is because of a combination of several things: 
1. My Depression and Anxiety - Because of my lack of success with job searching and due to my continued confusion and uncertainty with what I want to do with my life, I sort of relapsed with my depression within the past two months. I've been seeing a therapist once a week, but it's hard to get back to writing given the current circumstances. 

2. Possible Addiction Issues - Because of my addiction and my lack of proper social interaction, I'll admit that I've become a bit reliant on stuff like Internet, gaming, and technology. While my inspiration has been greatly helped, it has been a somewhat constant distraction from my writing. 

3. Laziness/Procrastination - This is self-explanatory... 

4. Issues with Personal Life - Stuff like job searching really has distracted me from being able to write. Plus, I have issues where I occasionally have trouble pushing myself to get started on working on something like writing. Finally, I've been debating when or if I'll return to college and what I'd pursue for a major if I were to go back.

5. Distractions with Other Hobbies - I've also been distracted by some other work I've been somewhat focused on recently. Recently, some things which I've been trying out include stuff like Voice Acting and Script Writing. In fact, I recently obtained a voice acting role in a Persona 5 fan project which I'm excited about, and I also recently sent off a couple of scripts to an ASMR/Voice Acting YouTuber whose content I really enjoy.


Now that that's been somewhat explained, the following question remains: Where do I plan on going from here? 

Well for starters, I have not given up on this page or the stories it holds. I finally got over some Writer's Block which had been holding some stories back, and I've also made plans to even rewrite some old, cancelled stories. 

I currently plan on continuing the following projects: 
- Gideon X Male Reader Collab (I apologize to Crimson-Ward and anyone else who's still waiting for the next part of this.) 
- Male!Halo!Spartan!Reader x Star Wars The Clone Wars (I had a lot of issues which trying to continue this due to not being sure of how to handle certain scenes, but I finally got that done. Long story short, I'm excited to continue this!) 
- Killer With A Conscience (I wasn't really sure how to go past the first chapter on this, but I've got some ideas) 

Any other stories are still either on hiatus or cancelled, but I do have plans to redo some of them in the future. However, any plans to rewrite them, as well as any new ideas for stories will be taking a backseat to my current stories for the time being, as I do want to finish up some ideas before starting new ones. 

I cannot over-exaggerate how sorry I am for my prolonged absences, and I do hope you'll give me one last chance to fulfill my promises to you. I am thankful to any and all of you who've, for some strange reason, chosen to continue supporting my work. Thanks for reading. 

Stay awesome... :D
  • Listening to: Nico Collins
  • Reading: Random fanfics I find online
  • Watching: M*A*S*H
  • Playing: Some Half-Life 2 Mod or something
  • Eating: Mostly Whatever I Can Afford
  • Drinking: Coke
Happy New Year everyone! :) 

Here's to a good year and hopefully more fanfics from me.
Hey all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you all got something you wanted. Stay awesome. :D



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