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1.      A Display of Skulls
The Mütter Museum, 2001
Under glass the trepan twists
an optical illusion. I imagine
the forcep clamps gaining their uneasy purchase
on the shaven dome, the turn
of the augur on the skin –
as if that sack of wine were corked.
     In 1848 the foreman Phineas Gage
     blew a tamping iron with dynamite
     through the boulder of his head
     – under the cheekbone, out the scalp.  
     The metal lay like a stiff red eel
     more than ten metres away,
     the skull a globe and here the axis.
Above the trepan's cabinet:
a bookcase of skulls. I am illiterate
to read the drillmarks: a black key
etched above an eye socket;
a shadow's fist plunged
in and in towards the brainless space.
:iconpoeticwar:PoeticWar 7 6
The Demise of Narcissus
The Demise of Narcissus
                    De quo consultus, an esset
tempora maturae visurus longa senectae,
fatidicus vates “si se non noverit” inquit.
                          Ovid, Metamorphoses
Dear Lord     what is light
if not form     love if not light?
At wood's edge a stag tugs free
     of the sun
                    into the blind gaps between trees
but cannot lose itself.
:iconpoeticwar:PoeticWar 6 7
There are certain moons to do it under:
a pressed blob of hot red wax, night
as a signet-sealed box.
Dangerously easy. I sniff sawdust
in the woodshed and get to thinking
how simple it'd be to shiver
off the sodden cloth of my skin –
to enter into new conceits of smell,
a bat's knack for catching sound.
The trick is one of memory – forget
that woman from Newcastle who woke
with a Jamaican accent.
A panther turns up outside a zoo
that has never kept big cats. Some naked
loon dashes from the thicket bellowing
and remembering only his name.
:iconpoeticwar:PoeticWar 6 9
I have 5 pages of poetry (an experimental sequence called 'Data Dialectics') in this absolutely stonkingly beautiful anthology:…

If you want a cool, unusual book with an amazing mix of content, check it out. I might post a representative page from my Dialectics if I can work out how...

In other news my planned trip has been temporarily (hopefully) cut short by illness. I seem to have some sort of autoimmune/nerve disorder, but currently am at no real risk of dying. Anyway, wish me luck!


I placed a jar in Tennessee
Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
I am a room between birth and death.

My poems have been published in places like Blackbox Manifold, Cordite, The Kenyon Review, Magma, Poetry Review, and so on and so on. I've got some prizes what were given to me. I also done got me a PhD.



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