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'Poeticks: On Imagery' 3 of 3
Chapter 5: Imagery and its limitations
We have discussed in previous chapters, the nature and importance of imagery in poetry, and especially from the above experiment concerning originality, we are prone to being convinced of an infinite nature in one's creative possibilities, yet by common sense, we know that we all produce different imagery, differing in style, differing in quality, differing in the words we choose and the correlations we construct.
We will now look at the reasons and forces working behind the creation of imagery, and where the limits lie, and what constraints work against the writer's creative process.
5-1: Experience and Imagination
To begin our discussion, let us ponder what effect experience (or inexperience) of a subject matter has in our creative process.
First off, we will look at the opinions of deviantArt writers vis-a-vis the question, "is it possible to create imagery outside of one's physical and/or emotional experience?"
First there are those who
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'Poeticks: On Imagery' 2 of 3
Chapter 4: Quality of imagery
4-1: Figure of Speech
We have already heard from deviantArt writers about the importance of "figure of speech" within imagery.
To make out a clearer picture of "imagery" from the writer's point of view, let us take take a closer look. You may find fyoot's Terms and Techniques a useful guide along the way, and other online resources to complement what we are about to explore. We will not go over the whole gamut of writing techniques here for that is not the main purpose, but here, let us look at how a variety of figure of speech may be used in a single piece of poetry.
We will dissect T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song for J. Alfred Prufrock" solely from a figure-of-speech point of view. For those who have not read it, we prefer that you peruse it once through before continuing this section.
What we would like readers to note is a) how figures of speec
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'Poeticks: On Imagery' 1 of 3
1: This section applies to the following three deviations.
2: The screenshots have been used and manipulated with explicit written permission from their respective creators. No third party may use these screenshots without permission from poeticks and the creator, and poeticks will not give permission without first consulting the creator.
3: Footnotes have not been added due to difficulty with the formatting available on deviantArt. All referenced quotations and  paraphrases have been inserted into quotation marks, and list of referenced material has been added at the end of the compilation.
4: Opinions of deviantArt writers have been left anonymous to respect the equal value of each opinion. A list of contributing deviants have been organized at the end of the deviation.
5: Interviews with individual writers have
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'Poeticks: On Angst' 2 of 2
5: Can angst poetry be structured?: angst and poetic forms
          Because the issue of metred rhyme was mentioned above, we have decided to develop our questions out of curiosity, asking writers if they have ever come across "angst poetry" with a traditional poetic structure on deviantArt, such as an angsty sonnet, or an angsty haiku, or angsty sestina... and if they thought "angst poetry" to be fit for these poetic forms. (For a deeper understanding of definition, variation and other information concerning poetic forms visit and browse through their very informative write-ups.) Though most dA writers have not, or did not recall seeing an "angst" poem (probably defined here as "unoriginal" angst poetry) within a certain structure (meaning there are, if any, very rare amounts of those lying around, at least on deviantArt), we have received convincing arguments from both sides concerning the co
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'Poeticks: On Angst' 1 of 2
1: Introduction
          Angst. People admire and despise, protest and support, immerse in and shun, indifferently yawn, while holding very firm opinions as their respective buttons are pressed when they hear the word "angst." As a starting point of Poeticks, we have decided to take up the differing opinions from inside DeviantArt, to lay out those arguments for all of you to read. Please keep in mind that these are "your" thoughts, as they are, and you are completely free to agree or disagree. Our objective is not to push forth an ultimate commandment, but rather to present to you the many (and often times conflicting) opinions we have received from fellow DeviantArt writers, in hopes of perhaps enlightening, sublimating or organizing your perspectives on the matter; or even to entertain you. We would be extremely pleased if it would serve as a personal reference point, or if it would incite writers to question and re-debate in
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Dewey Cheetum and Howe
United States



poeticks is an old idea that has been kicked around by a few writers on deviantArt, created to collect the answers to fundamental questions such as "What is poetry?" and "How does one write poetry?" which each individual keeps in their own minds, and adheres to, and hones, and in many cases is constrained to (perhaps consciously, perhaps unconsciously).

This is a community, and as members, all have certain expectations of certain interactions, perhaps a hope of sublimation by the convergence of each of their talents and thoughts.

Our objective is to collect the words and wisdom, thoughts and perspectives of the literary minds across deviantArt upon topics that will cover a broad range of issues concerning the process and nature of the writing craft, and then to present this back to the community as material to be referenced.


Who is poeticks? You. The writers of deviantArt.

The reason the staff of poeticks remains anonymous, is because the essence of poeticks and the raison d'etre of poeticks is what "you" provide, not what we provide (for we provide nothing but what you provide us with), and we want to put as much emphasis and validity where it is due. Revealing the staff will no doubt provide you with comfort, and supply your curiosity, but will also be an extraneous criteria for judgement. We wish to be regarded as "poeticks", not  "a couple of writers doing this thing called poeticks". We would like to differentiate between our own individual internet personae and works, with what poeticks strives to provide, for it is not us who is poeticks, but it is you writers who do 90% of our work.



These are questionnaires etc. sent to an array of writers (new and old) on deviantArt on various topics. We provide follow-up questions to elaborate on each individual responses and compile the writers' views into a resource to be read by the community as a whole.

Our first compilation focused on the term "Angst" in terms of poetry, and can be found here.

:bulletblue:Poeticks on Angst 1 of 2
:bulletblue:Poeticks on Angst 2 of 2

Our second compilation is now in progress. Updates can be found here.

:bulletblue:Poetics  Compilation part2 Updates

- If you would like to added to our mailing list for future compilation questionnaires, please drop us a note.
- If you are receiving our notes but would not like to, please drop us a note.

~Forum Project

In an attempt to ameliorate the quality of the writing community, Poeticks will be planning out a project that will hopefully rid the literary forum from threads with recurring topics, by hosting those topics in our journal. Part 1 is now up and running.

:bulletblue:Poeticks' Forum 1: Favourite Writers


Other ideas are in the works and will be announced when they have matured.

- Poeticks


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