Mara of the Sea

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A phantom child walked out from the sea.
“Play with me, dance with me,
laugh with me, cry with me.”

Her facial features are nondescript,
framed by her colorless hair.
And somehow, even with her colorless eyes,
she is the most beautiful person alive.

“I am Mara of the Sea.
Play with me, dance with me,
laugh with me, cry with me.”

Within those colorless eyes,
I found the purest, deepest, strongest love.
With just one glance,
I had fallen in love
with Mara of the Sea.

But it was not to be.
I still had my life to live,
But soon,
soon, Mara of the Sea,
I will bring thee to life.

My Mara of the Sea,
Forever shall you be with me.
Playing, dancing,
Laughing, crying.

After I finish my journey,
When I reach the other side of the mountain,
Then I will bring you life.
I will see you again, Mara of the Sea,
We will meet again.
Was riding home from work... and heard a lil instrumental techno piece on the radio.... and then these words came to me......


and too tired to think... but I think Mara of the Sea was some Greek goddess... or something. I think she was in "2000 leagues under the sea" hmmm well, reference wasn't intentional... lol. But just looked it up on the internet... and well in Gaelic, "Mara" means sea. Hmmm interesting indeed
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I liked the poem, but watch your tenses. It starts off in the past tense then it goes to present for the second stanza, and so on.
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very nice. You may even consider turning this into a story. hmmmm

: P
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I have to admit, I was lured by the title being a massive fan of Zwan. I wanted to see if there was any connection (Zwan's debut album released this year is called Mary Star of the Sea, as is their best song)

Beautiful rhyming structure and imagery. It gives it a very timeless tone appropriate to the ties with the sea.

Good work!
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Mmmmm love the images it it a lot...
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I liked it a lot!!!! Specially the first part when you described her as the phantom child, and also that little sing song refrain, nice!
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interesting rythm within
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This poem is really awesome. Great job on this. It tells a story with an amazing twist of perception at the end. :D (Big Grin) new fav right here.
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