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February is National Haiku Month. If you're interested in that sort of thing, here are some Haiku Happenings here on DA.

Challenge #53- Haiku- Winners!It's time to announce our winners!
Please congratulate these awesome writers!
  by :iconmistamishmash:  MistaMishMash
  by :iconrosesparrow:   RoseSparrow
THANK YOU to everyone who participated. Such incredible words written for this challenge!
:heart:   :heart:    :heart:   :heart:    :heart:   :heart:    :heart:   :heart:    :heart:   :heart:    
Hello everyone and welcome to our 53rd challenge!
In honor of National Haiku month, we want you to write a haiku. The theme? Author's choice. Write a haiku about whatever you want!
Here's how it's going to work:

-Leave a link to your haiku in the comment section of this journal.
-Please mention this contest in your artists comments.
-Deadline to submit is February 14th.
-We will have two winners who will be awarded 100 points each.
Questions?  Ask away.
Happy writing everyone!  [Heart] [Sun] :hea

Haiku Contest Winners!It's time to announce our winners!  
By popular vote, our winners are:  
    by   :iconbarosus:   Barosus
    by   :iconladylincoln:   LadyLincoln
A big ole THANK YOU for all our writers!!!  Stay tuned, our second contest will begin soon!
:heart:    :heart:    :heart:    :heart:    :heart:    :heart:    :heart:    :heart:    :heart:    :heart:    [Heart]    [Heart]    
Hello everyone!  I hope your Haiku writing is going well.
Now that the deadline for this contest has passed, it's time for the voting to begin!  
Here is how it's going to work:
Due to the number of entries, we will have two polls (named Round One & Round Two).
These polls will be active for 3 days.
The polls are posted on my profile.  :iconprettyflour:
Please go vote and show you

Picture This Haiku ContestHappy Haiku Month everyone!
It's time to announce our winners.  
Please congratulate our first place winner:  :iconbobibillius:  Bobibillius

Our second place winner is:     :iconli0nfart:   Lionnfart

There were so SO MANY haikus written for this contest and I want to thank everyone who participated.   What  great turn out!  I love you all!!
:sun:    :sun:    :sun:    :sun:    :sun:    :sun:    :sun:    :sun:    :sun:    :sun:    [Sun]    
I'm celebrating by having a contest. Let's talk about that, shall we?
Your challenge will be to choose one of my picture prompts and write a haiku inspired by it. 

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