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Hello everyone and welcome to :iconpoeticalcondition:!

I am NotenSMSK, the team head of the critiquing team on this group that I hope will increase with time so that our members can have more feedbacks. Here is something I would like to state. We are at the moment, ensuring that works that come in will get good feedbacks from peopleof different mindsets to provide you with varying perspectives over a single work. That means, not all of our critiques might seem similar and some might even seem unfair.

In case it is unfair, you note ME. No need to get in a fight. It will be best though, that minor issues, like a critique of 3 stars, is not discussed. We will try to give out honest critiques to help improve the work rather than ensure you that it is good.

Also, since at the moment, including me, we have 4 total team members:

:iconprettyflour: :iconmichel-le-fou: :iconchezzy-am: :iconbetwixtthepages:

Each of course has a real life as well and problems in life are like icing on cake. So, as per rules (which, if are not up, shall be posted soon as well) if we are unable to give minimum 3 critiques indepth with a period of 15 to 20 days, again, contact me and I shall see if I can compensate an extra critique for you. Do not ask the members seperately to critique.

Also, if someone wants to join the team, then he or she should contact me (note me preferably). They should provide samples of their critiques (can be both rated and as comments) and state how many critiques they can manage in the time span the group has set. I am looking forward to increasing team members so I would really appreciate if people step forward.

Now keep your eyes open! The Founder will soon open the folder (hopefully within 12 hours) and then the critiquing will start!

So that is all I would like to say! We would appreciate if you support us anyway you can to keep us motivated on this task! Be it patience, kind words, donnations or cooperation with the group! Thank you!

Edit: Here are the rules and the folder is probably now open for submissions!

1. Submission limit to 2 per 15 days.
2. Each work will be guaranteed 3 to 4 unique critiques/comments within 15 to 20 days.
3. If critiques/comments are less than stated amount in the given time then contact *NotenSMSK and not any
member of the critique team.
4. If critique option is available on a work, it will be utilized, unless or otherwise stated by the deviant in the description.
5. Specific aspects that the deviant wants to be discussed should be stated in the description beforehand.
6. Don't reject a critique on basis of it being inadequate. Each person has his/her own critiquing style. If the critique
is VERY unfair, contact *NotenSMSK. Alongside, be polite to the team.
7. Don't ask for critiques on works not submitted to the group UNLESS the critique team member is a close friend.
8. If a team member has already submitted a comment other than a one liner that is reasonably constructive, they shall not be obliged to critique again.
9. Breaking these rules in an exaggerated manner (you just don't break it but do a lot more) can simply result in removal of the work from the critique folder. Having rules should have a meaning.
10. No compulsion here, but show your gratitude for the critiques and discuss them. It keeps the critique team motivated.

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Thanks for your explanations.
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You are very welcome :) hoping to see your work when the folder opens (if it isn't open yet)
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Thank you for your support :aww:
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Thank you very much for your support :) I hope that we are able to give satisfying feedback :huggle:
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