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This is War. We are Done.Prepare to Broadside;“We’ve been surrounded;”“There is no time to waste, we must join our brethren in battle!”Of all the sins to have been born on Man without his intent, desire, or impulse, the atrocity of a stagnant Mental Health is the most oblivious to Mans, and Womans’, reasoning. How can any, such person, even begin, in earnest, to understand, contemplate, manipulate, heal, or even attempt to show compassion to a segment of the populace that, through literally no fault of their own, have been Cursed to simply suffer the plain regard of Existence in the blatant presence of those same Peers who enjoy Hot Dogs and pleasurable company in ample regard and in, in honest commentary, Observably relative ease.What is a Sin for one is happenstance for another. No-one has the Right to compare the Joys or the Suffering of another in regard to the Self in a vain attempt to safeguard their own Mental proclivities or their own Familiar safe, sound, stable structure; be that structure of Emotion, Love, Finance, Politics, Country, God, King and/or Queen.The clarion call of the Mentally Ill has been, and probably always will be: “Mental pain is no less, and possibly greater than ‘Physical Pain’” Yet those who profane to claim the title of ‘Mentally Ill’ often do so in a sinful ploy to gain un-needed sympathy. Has not the call been for /aid?Has not the call been for /compassion?How dare any of us, us Mentally Ill, /demand monetary aid, in the form of Blood of the Soul, from those who, only on a passing fancy, would never, for one moment, shy or balk from the opportunity to offer Us…Us…/Aid.I speak this as a Bi-Polar, Paranoid, Schizophrenic. I dare any of you, I specify, Any of You Mentally Ill, ILL, to challenge me in this regard.How could any of US. US. Demand more than an /attempt at /compassion; for, according to My Notes, that is What We Require.My comments may seem harsh. And they are. But I have stood for too long under my Cross, and have witnessed imbeciles and weaklings use Our Cause for their own vain-glorious ends, whether they, themselves are True Patients. Patients. Or simply Allies. Or simply Twats who want to stick their dick in Crazy.-Good Luck Putos; We’re at War.
The Great Unknown - Multimedia by James-Polymer
Landing with Grace by prettyflour
Songs + Lyrics
Let Me Reach Across Time and SpaceWith the retrospect growing clearerAnd with the present growing increasingly grim,How much I want to reachAcross the time and space-!Let me reach across time and spaceAnd let me shake them who laid waste to everything,Let me scream at them about the consequences ofTheir reckless myopia, a legacy of greed…!Let me reach across time and spaceAnd let me warn everybodyOf the future if recklessly selfishPettiness comes to pass, I am crushed…!Let me reach across time and space,Everything seems so desperate, I feelLike screaming, that every eye willOpen to the reality of the threat which is on us…!Let me reach across time and space,But there are impossible dreams. Alas, whatMore will it take if we want toAvoid catastrophe, for God’s sake?!Ruigeam thairis air ama ‘s astairLeis an ath-bheachd a’ fàs nas léire ˆ-ˆ--ˆ-ˆ-‘S leis an lath’ ‘n-diugh a’ fàs nas durga, ˆ-ˆ--ˆ-ˆ-Liuthad uair gun iarr mi ‘ruigheachd ˆ-ˆ-ˆ--ˆ-Thairis air an àma ‘s an astair…! ˆ-ˆ-ˆ--ˆ-Ruigeam thairis air ama ‘s astair‘S critheam ead a mhill uile gnothach,Rànam aca air a’ bhuil am fhradhaircGhoirid choma, dìleab an sannta…!Ruigeam thairis air ama ‘s astair‘S earalaicheam air uile duineAir an àm ri teachd ma thig leibideachd ˆ-ˆ-ˆ-ˆ--Choma fhéineil gu buil, ‘s mis’ brùite…! ˆ-ˆ--ˆ-ˆ-Ruigeam thairis air ama ‘s astair,Coimhidimh éiginneach uile, tha sanntA’m air rànail, gum fosgail uile ˆ-ˆ--ˆ-ˆ-Sùil don fhìorachd a’ mhaoidhimh ‘th’oirnne…!Ruigeam thairis air ama ‘s astair,Ach th’ann bruadar gur do-dhèant’. Och, déTuillidh ‘s a bheir e ma ‘s miann leinn ˆ--ˆ-ˆ--ˆSheachnamh marbhphaisg, air sgàth ‘n Tì mhath?! ˆ-ˆ--ˆ-ˆ-
free + blank verse
Critique Me Please

Mature Content

A Winter Only World - CLOSED


When Angels
fell from
for a prideful
boast of
from Heaven's
A plummeting
fall to
wandering in the all
consuming infernos
of the machinations
of mortal men.
:iconlostboysmee:Lostboysmee 2 0
To Puabi
As the morning air has slowly calmed,
So has the twilight hour;
Leaving in its wake a vast green field,
A meadow for our love to flower.
And she tiptoes forth across the grass,
To hold the stem in her small hand;
Then she plucks it from its earth tenderly,
And, beside me again, she stands.
So, until the night will fall;
Then, together, upon my bed, we lie.
She turns her small sweet face to mine,
So i can wipe tears from her eyes.
:iconmichelxpuabi:MichelxPuabi 2 5
Light My Fire
Light My Fire
"In the Name of Love"
For Puabi
We lie together upon my bed of oak;
Our hearts are surely flames of desire.
The longer we linger, the hotter they grow;
Still, she lights my fire.
Outdoors, the sky grows dark for the night;
Indoors, there is more than electric lights;
The fire she lights is burning higher..
And higher..and higher...
"Darling, set this night on fire!"
:iconmichelxpuabi:MichelxPuabi 3 0
convoluted rhythms and
perforated movements,
we dance like disjointed
marionettes trying to
play grown-ups, but
at night our
baby tears just don't
dry on their
:iconitselliegasp:itselliegasp 4 8
don't forget to let me go
(the worst thing I’ve ever been
is an accident)
my words have no filter and I am
too many apologies bound
together by the stringent belief
tomorrow is worth more than today—
remember that summer when I was
beautiful? all covered in amber fog
and delivered like a dream. I was
a porcelain promise, a lavender
whisper, a breathtaking cancer,
and so many other precious things
I just want to go back to that
time where I was unmolded by
mistakes and words unsaid
(it was never you
I have spent too long trying
to drain out every tear from
the ocean, my love,
simple tasks are for the
weak of heart, it was
never you)
I am still beautiful at night:
a perfect collision on a road
going nowhere, (please
do me one last favor
and remember me.)
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 36 51
I have always been impressed with how you
wield your shrugs
your careful smiles
how your handshakes are always the right amount
of indifferent
I would have liked to see you
dancing oblivious
window-shades open
I would have liked to see you
you manifest unknowable
you doorless wall
all hard edges and
I would have liked to see you unmasked
shaking your fist at god
feet bloodied from kicking mirrors
having finally reached the realization that
sometimes there just
isn't enough apathy
to go around
:iconamy-derfer:amy-derfer 10 8
learning to hear the unspoken
i hear your pencil
drag atop the paper
and subtle breaths drawn.
i wonder, as i
let my mind wander
down winding paths
and through lonely fields.
trees are barren.
the frost nips at your heels
when you walk too slow.
every release from my
heavy lungs
looks like smoke.
i hesitate to speak,
afraid the words will waft away
never reaching the crook of your neck
where i want them to nest.
"i love you," is all i can muster -
never feeling it weighs enough.
i imagine a tongue
unwoven, unbound;
i pretend that my heart
is full of profound
words -
unheard by angel,
by beast.
my head is wrapped
in thick fog;
though, i fancy it with feathers
in flight
through a bright, moonlit summer's eve.
it's clear amongst cloudless skies.
here we travel freely, unafraid,
unabashed -
our souls speak.
no words will ever be enough.
:iconhfeather53:Hfeather53 16 14
i want to tell you
imagine a world without gender
a world where we are not confined
to the arbitrary interpretations of
an inexact biology. imagine we could
rise above the places
below our waists, reside instead in
graceful hands, in angled cheekbones
in some deeper conception than this
skewed perception of you.
I strip myself bare of unforgiving flesh,
squinting behind dim caverns of girl parts--
what are girl parts? all we have are beating
I sit inside this trembling body, shoulder
to hunched shoulder,
stacks of bones too unsure
to be brave enough to tell you that
my gender will never fit on the plastic sign
above a bathroom door.
and I've never filled out a single
form where they didn't ask me for
me to choose one or the other,
sister or brother, father or
mother, i want to tell you but
I'm slipping between sidewalk cracks
walking down the street hearing wolf whistles and
I want to tell you please don't read between
the lines, erase the goddamn
lines, this has nothing to do with
and I w
:iconaquarius-claire:Aquarius-Claire 314 123
Mature content
An Untitled Story-Prologue :iconquirklesthecynical:QuirklestheCynical 3 0
Lovely knees, scraped elbows
she wishes she has lovely knees, instead she has a lovely
way to see the world. she doesn't believe in umbrellas, only
the stars in the midnight sky and the raindrops running down
her neck, arms, legs, spine.
she knows things that most will find useless: there are more
stars in outer space than there are grains of sand on earth. dogs
have over three hundred facial expressions, mostly made with
their ears. the average person will spend two weeks waiting
for the traffic lights to change in their lifetime.
she wonders: what if stars are just dead pixels in the sky? what
if they are specks with worlds living in them? that would mean
that we are just a speck to someone who thinks they are alone
in the universe.
she does not get along with logic. logic is not wisdom, creativity
is. she wakes up in the middle of the night and scribbles her
thoughts on post it notes: through the forest, down to your bones.
the air sleeps under people's beds. when we get there, we'll
be lost again: send me a po
:iconjuliatrotti:juliatrotti 661 104
Pleiades: Thoughtlessly
They ate the remnants of
Thunder in excess
Thinking to destroy the stars,
Thinly masking their hate,
Theoretically to efface
This angelic pronouncement--
Theophany in highest glory.
:iconlabruyere:LaBruyere 6 2
Alliterisen: Let it Fall
I said such fears fall--let it be.
You softly said this new love mustn't mean
So little like it did, dear,
When we were young and glorious green,
Naive, near, full of fear.
Tell time it cannot care like we
But must make love look strong for me.
:iconlabruyere:LaBruyere 7 2
360 Blind Eyes
360° Blind Eyes
Those street corner pharmacies don't bother me...
cooking up that crack...
serving that black...
caramelizing those apples...
crystallizing that meth...
but at least it's not my kitchen...
He's Robin Hood...
on the level that Hollywood...
would be in contention...
terrorizing the scene...
mad scientist splicing the genes...
with killing machines...
but at least it's not my dimension...
They combine these positions...
with Columbine vision...
plus out-of-mind conditions...
lead to out-of-body renditions...
a suicidal homicide mission...
but at least it's not my decision...
and it's not my problem...
not my solution...
not my blood...
so it's not my ablution...
not my business...
not my institution...
it's not my crime...
so it's not my execution...
You know it's not my world...
these are not my people...
they are not my equals...
this is not my power...
this is not my evil...
this is not my chase...
they are not my steeples...
this is not my realm...
so it'
:iconmalikpeterson:MalikPeterson 20 31
Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.
~Percy Bysshe Shelley:heart:


Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.
~Marianne Moore

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This Group is dedicated to all kinds of poetry.
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I know ladies and gentlemen, the Critique Department Newsletter came out late, and on behalf of the critique department, I apologize for the delay. I nevertheless am grateful to my team for their constant vigilance and ensuring that the works get critiqued and given support. Also, special thanks to @prettyflour for her constant support.
And now to you, the members of this group. Thank you for staying a part of the group and of doing your part in supporting the venture. We are grateful, and we will do our utmost to follow up with you who have been dedicated to this group.
Right so... let's start:
We have been doing our fair share of critiques, just that the works weren't being shifted into the relevant folder. And while it is a slow start, it is better late than never, amirite...
These are just nine of the works which have been critiqued so far. More will follow with time, and with patience. For me personally, Wings Unfurlled and Aberrant Element were the best choices to recently give a look. And I am glad I gave them a look.
Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. If you'd like to read our previous newsletter, here's the link:
Thank you for being a part of the group, and we look forward to being more active on this group. We appreciate your support in this endeavor.
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A poem begins with a lump in the throat.
~Robert Frost

:bulletred: Editor in Chief:

Hi guys! My name is Mo. I am 23. I have been a member of dA for 5 years, and a writer for 10 years. This is my first Founder position, but I was Co-founder of Poets-and-Warriors at the birth of the group (check them out, they are friends!). My other passions include psychology, movies, sit-coms and books. I am a happy wife and mother of a perfect 1 year old boy. Poetry was my first love and I can't wait to see what this group can become!

:bulletred: Editors:

(Head of Critique Department)
Shehroze Ameen; 21 years old (Aries, 13 April 1991); student, Ata-Ur-Rehman School of Applied Biosciences (BS Applied Biosciences); writer by hobby, though a discontinuous reading of English literature, with minor exceptions among Urdu literature, has a significant influence in his critical analysis of works - usually snobby and, slightly moronic, but a fun loving person with a sincere devotion towards the task at hand; friends with *NotenSMSK since the third grade; no future plans; cynic; and an avid listener.

(Critic and Staff Blogger)
I'm prettyflour- woman, mother, artist and DA junkie. I have constant love affairs with various art forms. Whether it be writing poetry, stories, taking pictures or drawing, it is all passion sprouting from my fingertips.

(Honorary Editor, Former Founder)
I live in a small town in Southern Michigan and am still only a high school student. But I try to find the time to write; which is my true passion. I try to be outgoing, so if you have a question, feel free to ask! I'm 18 and currently focusing my attention into Basic Design and getting ready for college and what not. If you want to know more, feel free to ask. (:

:bulletred: Staff Bloggers:

(Member DD and DLD Watch)
Hey everyone, I'm Jasmine a 20 year old English girl. I'm a poet (and insanely jealous of visual artists) who is currently studying BioSciences at Uni. I'm also a bit of a nerd - I love videogames, anything science related and various other things. If you want to know more, just note me, I promise I'll answer!

(Member of The Month)
Law student, internet addict and experimental non-rhyming poetry writer. In charge of the monthly member feature. Question? Come at me; I'll answer best I can.

(Affiliate/Community Update)

I'm a college student in the U.S. studying marine biology, but I have a keen interest in the arts. I enjoy visual artwork, music, and theater, as well as prose and poetry. I love to read, especially fantasy and science fiction. My creative writing abilities are primarily self-developed and informed by my love of literature. On deviantART, I follow and contribute to a number of literature groups and am eager to share my findings!

:bulletred: Staff Critics:

Age and sexual preferences aside, I am a writer of long standing, principally a poet but preferably a fiction writer. My current endeavors are horror/suspense and science fiction, as I enjoy reading them and have read them since my schooldays. Favorite authors are Lovecraft and Howard, Jules Verne and HG Wells respectively. I read the Mythos in USA a long time ago. I am fair at graphic art too.
Graduated in BA in Literature in USA in 1980 and went abroad.
I believe that the best critics of literature are writes, as Matthew Arnold and Percy Shelley critiqued others. My policy is fairness and openness.

Name: NotenSMSK or perhaps SMSK
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Writing, debating, reading, playing sports, sleeping.
Hello I am NotenSMSK preferably SMSK, a student from Pakistan who has a keen interest in writing. I write to improve as well as promote. I am working on a book at the moment, despite final year at university. I like helping people with critiques/comments but if a person gets unreasonably rude with me, I might respond in a similar manner. Otherwise, I prefer being polite :)

I'm fernknits -- wife, mother, knitter, quilter, spinner, poet, lover of cats. I have been writing poetry for most of my life and have recently come back from a long hiatus. I believe in giving supportive, honest feedback as part of being a responsible and active community member.

Name: Muhammad Danyal Ajaz Saleem
DOB: 21st Oct 1992
Art forms practiced: Poetry (English, Urdu), Prose (English, Urdu)
Personality Outlined: Sociable, anti-social-ish, kind of melancholic but not sad, committed as a friend but awkward around new people, limited comfort zone and a slightly bipolar temper. Also has been told he has the moral fortitude of a 17th century count and the mental age of a 40 year old.
Outlook on literature: must come form the heart, must be acceptably phrased, anyone can be a writer as long as they have something to say and pay attention to HOW they say it.


Hi, I'm A.J. Miller. I prefer Daft Punk to Adele any day. I game, very casually. I love poetry and tea and chocolate on the days my stomach doesn't hate me. My stomach is a Dalek Emperor. You don't anger the Dalek Emperor. Got music? Share it with meeeeeee. I have a pathological need to find more music all the time. I love pallas cats.
I am very intelligent and very lazy. We are trying to resolve some unknown emotional issues that cause sudden bouts of badassery interspersed with long expanses of mediocrity. I collect weird, fascinating, broken people.

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