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New Form of the Month!

Thu Nov 4, 2004, 12:00 PM
Welcome to Poetic Forms, a community where people who want to learn about and write with traditional and modern poetic forms can do so together.

It was created by alenia on May 22, 2003.


Vote for your favorite Haiku from October!…

:pointr:Form of the Month:pointl:
The form of the month challenge for October is the Irish form, conachlann.  

Write-up info:… by pamelaski

Conachlann Submissions


:pointr:Theme of the Month:pointl:

Theme/Word for 11/04-11/30 Embarassment

Embarassment Submissions


Please visit poetic-forms new, on-site forum. Use this to give suggestions, meet other PF members, and get help writing your poetry.

This is a great place to foster our community spirit, as well as workshop pieces of poetry.


:pointr:Contest and Challenge Info:pointl:

For those of our membership that enjoy challenges, we have at least two a month.

:bulletgreen: You may only submit one poem to each challenge at a time.
:bulletgreen: You must submit your poem via NOTE, as a link to the deviation.
:bulletgreen: Challenge winners are featured in a journal, and given the spotlight on our shoutboard.

Word challenges will consist of you being given a word, or a few words creating a "concept" or "theme", and you'll choose any form of poetry and write something that goes with the word/s.

Form challenges will consist of you being assigned a form each month, and writing on any topic, in that form.

At the end of the contest period, we as a group will vote for the poem we feel is the best example of the form and theme. The winners will be featured on our journal AND the shoutboard.

:pointr: Winners!

:iconatrocity-of-life: won what we lovingly termed our "old contest", about the Forgotten Joys of Summer. Be sure to visit, comment, and check out the winning poem!…, called "Forgotten Nature".


Palindrome-- pamelaski, RebeccaA, RiverRune 3 way tie.


If you want to do an official write-up on any forms with a specified rhyme scheme, meter, and/or repetition, please note poetic-forms.  Suggestions on forms for others to write up are welcome.

The write-ups should contain a brief history of the form, perhaps an example, and a full description of the rhyme scheme, meter, common themes, etc. You will receive a :heart: next to your name for accepted form write-ups.

Newest Write-ups:


:pointr:Welcome :new: Members:pointl:
:iconthe-path-of-shadows:  :icondrank-poison:

Members, we ask you put a link to us in your journal, or signature, to get the word out and show your support.


To join this community, please send a NOTE (as opposed to writing a devious comment) with the subject "Joining".

If you have poems in your gallery in a certain poetic form already and wish them to be added to our "Member Poems", please link them in your note and state what type of poem it is.


:pointr:Group Administration:pointl:

General Group Admin :iconpamelaski:

New Member Admin :iconberyc:

Poems Admin :iconlilymaid7:


I'm seeking Support Administration</u> in several different capacities:

Community Administrator - Someone to keep up with the forum, posting regularly and administrating the site, as well as perhaps a chat for Poetic Forms.

Forms Administrator - Someone to oversee the write-ups of different forms, and write up suggested forms.

Which poetic form are you?
Thank you SparrowSong

:pointr: Member Poems by Form


:pointr: Member Listing


:pointr:We Support


This is a writing group for German speakers and readers (you don't have to be German, but you must be able to read German).


We Critique is looking for poetry critics. If you are interested, please visit them to find out the criteria, let them know if you are still interested.


For your translation needs.
TornSoulFX Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2004
Woot! I'm actually going to enter this months contest. Thanks *curiosity for the encouragement/Peer Pressure lol
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November 4, 2004