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Welcome to Poetic Forms, a community where people who want to learn about and write with traditional poetic forms can do so together. It was created by alenia on May 22, 2003.

:pointr:Form of the Month
The Rictameter is the form of the month for March 2004.

Please read this informative write-up by pamelaski…

Please send links to your newly written rictameter poems by NOTE and they will be added to the journal.

Current Submissions - Rictameter
None at this time


:pointr:Welcome :new: Members
Welcome :iconguardianmars:


:pointr:Announcements and Information
Administrator :iconpamelaski:
Feel free to approach me in a note with concerns, comments, and suggestions.

Suggestions for contests or activities? Let me know! This is NOT my group, it is YOURS. Without you, it is nothing.

Aria-Devi has suggested that we make a terms dictionary in our gallery, for terms seen most often in our writings, critiques, write-ups etc that some people might not know. I'm working on this at this time, and would welcome any submissions via NOTE to add to the terms dictionary.

guardianmars has given us the link to an ongoing Renga.…


:pointr:Message Board Forum…;
This is a great place to foster our community spirit, as well as workshop pieces of poetry. Thank you jl for bringing this to my attention, and for suggesting we use it for workshopping pieces!


HeIsCome has suggested that we have a "makeover" of the group, to herald our new rebirth with new leadership.

So, the current contest is going to be for a new DevID. Please send your submissions in via NOTE, and I will list them. Then, the members of Poetic Forms will vote on which ID we wish to use.

PLEASE do not send in any votes until you are asked for them! We want to make sure everyone has a fair chance for their offering to be looked at.

:new: Prize: 3 month subscription to DA :new:

ID Submissions… "Two Sub" by curiosity… "One Sub" by curiosity… "Poetic Forms ID" by jl

Avatar Submissions:… by :jl:


If you want to do an official write-up on any forms with a specified rhyme scheme, meter, and/or repetition, please note poetic-forms. If you just have information on the forms but don't want to write it up, send a note as well and we will pass the information on to whoever would like to do the write-up.

The write-ups will contain a brief history of the form, perhaps an example, and a full description of the rhyme scheme, meter, common themes, etc. All write ups shall be channeled through this page (i.e. the text should be sent in a note here) and from here it will be submitted as a deviation. You will receive a :heart: next to your name for submitted form write-ups.

Newest Write-Up: The Tetractys…


:pointr:Useful Links
Links to helpful information, anyone? Note me with the link and I'll add it. Online Rhyming Dictionary from scarrow Rhyming Dictionary from milpalabras… Poetic Form Definitions from pamelaski… Creative Writing Dictionary from pamelaski… Poetry Forms and Examples from pamelaski… Prosody Resource from alenia… curiosity… curiosity… Sonnets by curiosity… Literary Definitions from pamelaski… Glossary of Poetic Terms from pamelaski


To join this community, please send a NOTE (as opposed to writing a devious comment) with the subject "Joining". If you have poems in your gallery in a certain poetic form already, please link them in your note and state what type of poem it is.


:pointr:Members Poetic Selections by Form
When you submit a poem via *note* to be placed in this section, please remember to state what poetic form the submission was written in, please. Please note that the form listed is what the writer has stated to PF that it was written in.

Dodoitsu… by pamelaski

Sestina… by DoveEyes… by pamelaski

Haiku… by pamelaski… by curiosity… by guardianmars

Quatrains… by curiosity

Luc Bat… by jl

Tanka… by guardianmars… by guardianmars… by guardianmars… by guardianmars

Terza Rima… by goji… by poetry-of-hate… by MyLittleBlackHeart… by curiosity

Other… by MyLittleBlackHeart


:pointr: Member Listing


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