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Hey, it's alenia, I'm back now more or less.  However, I am not sure exactly how to really integrate myself back into the group so I think I will spend time arranging January and leave December the way it is in terms of Journal layout, contests and so on.  I personally prefer the idea of a form of the month not linked with a specific subject, (especially if the subject is more exclusive rather than inclusive), but send us a note with your oppinion on that! Perhaps there will be several different projects you can write about on different levels.  I'll also be checking out many of the new members in the next few weeks depending on how much time I have.  I know a few of you may not like the way I eventually reorganize the group because in the process of trying accomidate members and make activites, the group sort of strayed from its original purpose.  if anyone has any oppinions, PLEASE send a note.  I will be very receptive as much as I am there.
The 1st submission is up.. kindly scroll down to "Poems of the Month"..

chiroptera will not be logging in as often now.. if you have any queries / joining / submission notes, please wait abit before i can reply..

Activity of the Month:
1) Do a colour poem using the Limmerick and write about anything related to these colours: Red, Gold, and/or Green.

You can have as many stanzas as you wish, but it MUST be in the form of a Limmerick.

2) Write about Christmas. It can be sad, it can be joyful, anything, as long as it's about Christmas. It can be a reunion dinner, a funeral on Christmas, your favourite gift etc.

The best part is, you can choose ANY form you like, not more than 2 stanzas, and is related to Christmas.

Submit your deviation as per normal, and note me the link with "Submisison" in the subject line.

Poems of the Month:
Orange Christmas… by pamelaski

Useful Resources:
This is where you can contribute by sharing with the community where you go to find information on the various poetic forms, rhyming dictionaries, a certain topic/theme that has a nice poem to it etc.
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December 19, 2003


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