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Welcome to Poetic Forms, a community where people who want to learn about and write with traditional poetic forms can do so together.  It was created by alenia on May 22, 2003.

The first month's writing topic (subject to change once the community becomes more organized) will be the most commonly known poetic form, a sonnet.

Members, I think we should agree on how long a writing topic lasts for

A sonnet is a fourteen lined poem which is usually written in iambic pentameter.  The shakespearian form has a rhyme scheme ABAB-CDCD-EFEF-GG.  The petrarchan sonnet has a rhyme scheme ABABABAB-CDECDE.  The shakespearian structure usually has a turn in the last two lines as a kind of finalizing and the petrarchan structure has a turn between the octave and the sextet showing a change in tone.

Sonnets may have many other variant rhyme schemes such as ABBA-CDDC-EFEFEF or something like that.  However, the sonnets you write this month must have some rhyme scheme and represent either four quatrains and a couplet, an octave and a sextet, or two quatrains and a sextet.  The quatrains must follow the same pattern whether it be ABBA or ABAB.  The poems are due at the end of June, at which point it will be added to a devpack of all the poems.

If you join this community, you do not need to participate in all the monthy poems to write, but it would be very nice of you to do so.

To join this community, please note this page saying that you want to join and linking any formed poems you may have written already.

Also, if you want to make a devid or a icon for poetic-forms, that would be very nice.

Thank you!***
:iconalenia: founder and organizer
icon-less members:
Formed poetry written already by members:
(note: when joining tell me anything you wrote with set rhyme and meter or just meter)

A symbol missing by alenia
Armageddon 1 by alenia
Armageddon 2 by alenia
Gentle Twining by tessuraea
Bull God-Indian Sacrifice by wombatical

Vicious Cycle by alenia

Dylanelle by tessuraea
For Cryselle by tessuraea
Invitation by tessuraea
Mothersong by tessuraea

Sestina by tessuraea

One foundation stone by prevail this is actually a whole poem which is a string of haikus

Self made forms:
Amalgamate Love by tessuraea
Comes the Rain by tessuraea
No playin me by hazen
You mean the world to me by hazen
New Beginning by hazen
Tru That by hazen
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