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February: Cinquains

Thu Feb 16, 2006, 10:08 PM
Welcome to Poetic Forms, a community where people who want to learn about and write with traditional and modern poetic forms can do so together.

It was created by alenia on May 22, 2003.


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A year late, I'm afraid, but better than never. :)

Emptiness Sublime
by devoidsoul

:pointr:Form of the Month:pointl:
The form of the month for February is the cinquain.

The Cinquain
Before Adelaide Crapsy developed her version, a cinquain had the same definition as quintain. These are both poems of five lines with varying rhyme, though most often forming the familiar 'abab' layout. Ms. Crapsy's version of a cinquain is somewhat different. While she was American, Japanese poetry was an obvious influence.
The style still contains five lines, but the syllables of each are strictly measured. The first and fifth contain two syllables apiece. Line two has four syllables, line three is allottted six, and the fourth line contains eight. This gives you a grand total of twenty-two syllables in which to express yourself. Rhyme is optional in this version.
An example of a cinquain:
Line 1: Thunder,

:pointr:Cinquain Submissions:pointl:
Thus far we've only recieved one.… by chaian

:pointr:Newest Write-Ups:pointl:

The Clerihew  by :iconjack-cade:

If you want to do an official write-up on any forms with a specified rhyme scheme, meter, and/or repetition, please note poetic-forms.  Suggestions on forms for others to write up are welcome.

The write-ups should contain a brief history of the form, perhaps an example, and a full description of the rhyme scheme, meter, common themes, etc. You will receive a :heart: next to your name for accepted form write-ups.

We could use some help here.  If someone would like to do a write up for sonnets it would be especially appreciated.

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To join this community, please send a NOTE (as opposed to writing a devious comment) with the subject "Joining".

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If you would like to help with anything, we could definitely use your assistance.  Please drop us a note.

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Which poetic form are you?

Thank you SparrowSong

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This is a writing group for German speakers and readers (you don't have to be German, but you must be able to read German).


We Critique is looking for poetry critics. If you are interested, please visit them to find out the criteria, let them know if you are still interested.


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poetry-of-hate Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2006
It is ALIVE!!!

It's great to see this community back and running once again
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Thank you. :)
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February 16, 2006