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:pointr:Form of the Month:pointl:
The form of the month challenge for remainder of January is the French form, the bref double.  

Write-up info: Bref Double
The Bref Double
The bref double is a French form. It is similar to the sonnet, but it need not be written in iambic pentameter (it can be in tetrameter, hexameter, or any other meter you prefer). The rhyme scheme is also different from a sonnet. The bref double contains three quatrains (four-line stanzas) followed by a final couplet.
The x standing for a line that doesn't rhyme with any of the other lines.
An example:
Road Closed...
With crystal rain, the sky is filled
with diamond flakes that swirl and dance
to tunes that they alone may know,
unheeded by the ears of man.
The northern winds play havoc with
mere mortal plans, as drifts now build
their buttresses of pristine white
as if to mark some hidden plan.
This land is decorated, chilled,
and sealed for all to gaze with joy;
see all the children laugh, so thrilled
to witness Mother Nature's show!
Though my intent lies thwarted, killed,
my smile grows broad at so much snow!
Copyright soulsea

by pamelaski

Bref Double Submissions… by devoidsoul… by drank-poison… by aigha… by Esin… by poetry-of-hate


Please visit poetic-forms on-site forum. Use this to give suggestions, meet other PF members, and get help writing your poetry.

This is a great place to foster our community spirit, as well as workshop pieces of poetry.

ON HOLD until we get a membership again. :)


:pointr:Contest and Challenge Info:pointl:

For those of our membership that enjoy challenges.

:bulletgreen: You may only submit one poem to the challenge at a time.
:bulletgreen: You must submit your poem via NOTE, as a link to the deviation.
:bulletgreen: Challenge winners are featured in a journal, and given the spotlight on our shoutboard.

Form challenges will consist of you being assigned a form each month, and writing on any topic, in that form.

At the end of the contest period, we as a group will vote for the poem we feel is the best example of the form. The winner will be featured in the journal once AND the shoutboard for the remaining month.


If you want to do an official write-up on any forms with a specified rhyme scheme, meter, and/or repetition, please note poetic-forms.  Suggestions on forms for others to write up are welcome.

The write-ups should contain a brief history of the form, perhaps an example, and a full description of the rhyme scheme, meter, common themes, etc. You will receive a :heart: next to your name for accepted form write-ups.

Newest Write-ups:
Rondel/Rondel Prime by curiosity -


:pointr:Welcome :new: Members:pointl:

:iconpanda04: :icondevoidsoul: :iconifrozenspiriti:

If you applied for membership in the past month, and haven't heard back, please send me a note. Things got put on the back burner by all the admins for a while it seems, and I need to make sure things are being taken care of and I need your help. Thanks!

Members, we ask you put a link to us in your journal, or signature, to get the word out and show your support. It would also be a good show of community spirit to visit our new member's galleries and comment on at least one piece of work!

To join this community, please send a NOTE (as opposed to writing a devious comment) with the subject "Joining".

If you have poems in your gallery in a certain poetic form already and wish them to be added to our "Member Poems", please link them in your note and state what type of poem it is.


:pointr:Group Administration:pointl:

General Group Moderator

New Member Admin

Poems Admin

<Forms Admin</i>

Question: Do all of these admins still wish their positions at poetic-forms?


I'm seeking Support Administration</u>.

Community Administrator - Someone to keep up with the forum, posting regularly and administrating the site, as well as perhaps a chat for Poetic Forms.

Which poetic form are you?
Thank you SparrowSong
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Eyes-S Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2005
On second thought... I don't really write in those traditional forms... So maybe I am not the right person for the job... Either way, let me know. About joining and the job.
Eyes-S Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2005
I would like to help with the Support Administration... I know I am not even in the club (yet?)... But I find myself on DA a lot... And usually am bored... If someone would explain what I would have to do, I would do it... I don't know if I can arrange a chat option... Not through DA anyway... I could try at mIRC and make a chat room with the help of a friend of mine, but again... I don't know how to do so with DA... Seeing as they have their own chat rooms... So I would need help with that... I did send a note... But I thought I would post here for the hiring part.
SittingDistance Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2005   Writer
By the way, it's not wise to put a community "on hold" if there is none and you want one.

The way to go is to get out there and give the community something. They're not all going to come to us, and if we're inactive for days on end on a regular basis, our members will mirror that with a lack of interest. Following that, we ourselves will lose interest. Before you know it, months pass.

This is an excellent resource, but I think the community aspect needs structure (we're structuralists, right? :-P) and/or rethinking.

Right now the page has the air of an abandoned building with occasional echoes, and that happened within the space of a month.

My energy is currently divided into many pieces, so I don't know how much initiative I'll take with Poetic-Forms unless there are other energetic presences here. I'll make time to think some things over, especially our context.

We're going to need to be content with a small audience, and we're going to need to make ourselves user-friendly. The vast majority of poetry here on devART is prose poetry. Why write in form? A lot of people don't care at all.

In other words, we've a small audience to begin with and there are all kinds of books, internet resources, et cetera on how to write in various interesting forms. We've either got to be better than those sources or offer something unique.

Structuralists are few, but we're here. :) They're out there. If we've a small but devoted group, that could be valuable indeed.

SittingDistance Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2005   Writer
I sent a note with questions a long time ago.

If the account will be frequently updated and checked, sure... but otherwise, I fear I've lost a bit of heart.

In either case, will probably still write up forms.

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January 27, 2005