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The Luc Bat

Many poets enjoy writing in Tri meter (six syllable lines) and Tetra meter (eight syllable lines), so this form should be fun to experiment with. Some of you who prefer lyrical poetry might find this form useful, as well as challenging, because it lends itself quite nicely to some styles of story telling as well.

The Luc Bat is a Vietnamese form of poetry, which simply means “six eight.” You can see there was an influence by the French as it was The Colony of Indo China before it became Vietnam. It was introduced into Europe by the French, but for some reason never became popular.

The odd lines (1, 3, 5, etc.) are six syllables long, and the even lines (2, 4, 6 etc.) are eight syllables long, hence the title of the form. The rhyme scheme is simple as well. The last word (sixth syllable) of an odd line rhymes with the sixth syllable of the even line and the eighth syllable rhymes with the sixth syllable of the next odd line. The final even line rhymes back to the first line. A twelve line poem would have a pattern like that shown below.


See how the rhyme links back at the end. There is no set length, nor is there any requirement to finish on an even line, just as long as the last line rhymes with the first.

Here is an example of a Luc Bat by Etain Druantia


We've drifted beyond reach
lonely wood on a beach of tears
misshapen by life's fears,
accumulated years of pain
grounded by tides again
worn down by driving rain, fierce breeze,
relentless, tossing seas
bursting in waves do tease and play
lunge at bleached bones each day
unmoved we keep away from light
shadows hide, dim clear sight
blind to hope shining bright, dead beech.

Hope you guys enjoy this form! I thought it looked interesting and easy enough to try out. Hope some of you will give it a try. :)
A write up on the Luc Bat thanks to ~ poeticaftermath
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silency2 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 31, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Luc Bat even appeared during revived Le dynasty, (Lê triều ngự chế quốc âm thi). Way before French Indochina and Nguyen dynasty, so how is this even possible. Also Luc Bat(六ハ) is Sino-Vietnamese for Sixth-Eight, Vietnamese has many French loans, Why would it use a Sino-Vietnamese name instead of a French name for a poem type if it influenced from French ? The Luc Bat is French influence claim has no liable source whatsoever. 
intricately-ordinary Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This was really fun to try :) here's mine: [link]
kaujot Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2004
Just a bit confused, doesn't Trimeter and tetrameter refer to the number of feet in a line, not just the syllables? I mean, iamic and trochaic meter patterns contain six and eight syllables when used in tri/tetrameter; however, anapestic and dactylic meter patterns each have three syllables in a foot, so trimeter would have nine syllables, and tetra would have twelve.

Just a thought.
V-C Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2003   Writer
ooooooh, I like this one.
tessuraea Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003   Writer
Talk about a challenge! I'm not much good at internal rhyme like that. I'll give it a shot. :)
RebeccaA Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2003
I'll try almost anything once, but this is going to be tough :)
nepasavaler Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2003
sounds like a good challenge to me! will have to postpone it til the end of the month, but i will do it. :)
jl Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2003  Professional Writer
Crazy. Which means, I have to try :-)
chiroptera Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2003
wow.... i had no clue about the Luc Bat at first..

but now, as i am typing this, i realize this is gonna be one hell of a challenge..

will give it a shot.. hoping it doesn't turn out like my un-finished Villanelle..
corruptedangel Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2003
This form looks fuuuuuuuuun! I'm defenitely giving it a go.
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