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The Bref Double

The bref double is a French form. It is similar to the sonnet, but it need not be written in iambic pentameter (it can be in tetrameter, hexameter, or any other meter you prefer). The rhyme scheme is also different from a sonnet. The bref double contains three quatrains (four-line stanzas) followed by a final couplet.


The x standing for a line that doesn’t rhyme with any of the other lines.

An example:

Road Closed...

With crystal rain, the sky is filled
with diamond flakes that swirl and dance
to tunes that they alone may know,
unheeded by the ears of man.

The northern winds play havoc with
mere mortal plans, as drifts now build
their buttresses of pristine white
as if to mark some hidden plan.

This land is decorated, chilled,
and sealed for all to gaze with joy;
see all the children laugh, so thrilled
to witness Mother Nature’s show!

Though my intent lies thwarted, killed,
my smile grows broad at so much snow!

Copyright soulsease 2003

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What makes a Bref Double not a sonnet?