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The Nightmare

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A nightmare Krisonna had a while back in the private collab ~Damien-Cain and I are doing. 
Close-up (tears visible)

Also a contest entry for my friend's contest, Light vs Dark

Krisonna belongs to me, Cain and Fenrir belong to ~Damien-Cain. The force after her in this nightmare is Malar, he belongs to D&D and WotC


The Nightmare

As she drifted to sleep, her dreams were pleasant and happy ones, filled with friends like Dan`tai, Adoness, Quivyre, Fenrir and others. It showed her in the arms of the one she loved, her sweet werewolf, Damien. Her body relaxed, muscles unwound, mind was content. If anyone were to look in the tent, they would have seen a soft smile hinted in her lips.

However, in the predawn hours, as the birds were singing and the first rays of the sun were piercing the night sky, shooing away the darkness, the other dream returned. There was something coming for her, it wished to use her and twist her to its will; it sought to turn her from her true self, to forsake her past and parentage, to betray those she loved and cared for. It wanted to use her as an instrument of evil and destruction, to kill and bring ruin on all her parents had created. She pushed and fought back, she would not do this. She could not turn her back on her loved ones nor ignore who she was. Still it tried to sway her. The more she resisted, the more it clawed and pulled at her. An hour before sunrise it took a turn for the worse. It had her surrounded, and she still pushed back. It was now trying to devour her and take her essence into itself. If it could not sway her, it would destroy her and make her a part of its ugly darkness. No longer was it a battle of the mind, her body now struggled too. Her heart raced and her breathing was labored. She clenched her fists, she tossed and turned, doing all she could to fight it. It hated her beliefs, her joy, her love, her parents, all life, all light, all that breathed and moved. It hated it all. It sought to destroy everything and wanted to use her as a tool for its dark purpose. She would have no part of it, it was against her very core beliefs. Life, birth, nature, love, and all things good where part of who she was and she would not betray her parents! It mocked her, taunted her, how could she know that? She was an orphan! A child without a past or a future. She countered that if that were true, if she was a nobody, why did it want her so much? If she were a nobody without a past or future, it would have no interest in her! And she fought, stubborn as the earth at her feet and a full of hope as the rising sun, she fought. In the distance, she heard her name, calling. A familiar voice was piercing the darkness around her, showing her the way out. She ran, moving fast, pushing the hungry foul darkness back with the healing light radiating from her hands. As she got closer, she recognized the voice. It was Damien. She burst into tears of relief, knowing he was there waiting for her. She could almost feel his hands in her shoulders. There, ahead, a change in the darkness. A greyness against the black fog around her. She gathered her strength, and with on last burst of energy, her entire body was suddenly aglow with her healing magic and she shown as bright as the sun did at the start of a new day and in those last couple steps, she pushed through the haze.

She was back in the tent, sitting upright in Damien's arms. Her face streaked with tears, her heart still racing. Her chest burned as she tried to breath, her mind a confused muddle of emotions and bewildered thoughts. But she was back in the physical world. Fenrir was looking in the tent in worry, unsure what to do because he could see no assailants harming his friend. Damien's hands on her shoulders and his face beside hers looking on in worry. She saw his mouth moving but she couldn't really understand what he was saying because her mind was such a mess. The nightmare was over and she finally remembered every detail of it. She fell into Damien's chest, crying hard. It was no dream, not even a nightmare, it was worse: something had found her and wanted her. It knew something about who she was that she did not. She pressed into Damien's chest, tears streaming down her face, body quaking in fear.


If you look, to the far left, just barely above halfway up, is a skull with red eyes in the shadows. In front of her, a dark blue shadow, is a large claw reaching for her, it is Malar's D&D god symbol. In front of her right hand and leading off to the bottom left corner is a strange gray-white thing that is the light that represents the break in the shadows, that is Cain's voice.

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