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Secret Tryst

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A gift for Lisa, I gave her a couple weeks ago; a way to support and give some love to an idea she had that I've always loved and wished she'd explore. No, that is not Grey. Some of you may figure out who it is. ;)

Both characters belong to *XullraeZauviir

:hug: Still hope you go ahead and explore what we talked about. I've been a fan of it since I became a fan of Xull'rae years ago. :heart:
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Sexiness! :heart: I'll see what I can do with this in 2014. Gotta get through prizes and stories I owe first. I will get them ALL done and start fresh with just stuff for myself in 2014 With the exception if anybody buys a commission from me. :blush:

Purple does look good on her. :nod:

Thanks for doing this sweets, and being a fan of poor ol' Sol. He don't get enough attention.

Sparks are there I just need to get stuff done for OTHERS first. Just took on too much this year while depressed. I won't do it again anymore. I will change that. I'll be glad to see this year go. :nod:And really get back to my personal projects.
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:thumbsup: glad you loved it dear :hug:

And yes, poor Sol needs some love! And not just from the fans :giggle: ;)

Look forward to whatever you do with this :3