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Naga druidess with her sacred albino python.


I don't yet have the DAZ add-on for Victoria that makes her into a naga, so I improvised! I made her lower half invisible, then loaded the DAZ python and made it's head and part of it's 'neck' invisible. Then with LOTS of careful moving and morphing, things lined up almost perfectly. I added the 'skirt' to hide the imperfections of this union and also to add to the feeling of her being a druidess. I then began mixing and matching different MATs for the tail and for the torso and head. Threw in dreadlocks; added the demoness horns for more character. Gave her pointed ears. Did more mixing and matching of these new extras until I found a perfect combo for it all. Gave her clothing and accessories befitting a druidess.

All created and rendered in DazStudio3. Total time to create, 7-8 hours over the course of a few days. Rendered in active view and screen-captured, hence the small size. I am having an issue with something and it doesn't want to render normally.


-V4 torso, head, and arms, with 7 different morphs thrown on and tweaked to get this form; most from DAZ, a couple from Renderosity. Skin is one MAT, slightly altered in color, bought on Renderosity. The eyes are a MAT of my own creation.
-the cobra ankh staff is part of the Egyptian Enchantment bundle on DAZ
-the dreadlocks are from Renderosity
-the horns are from a demoness character from DAZ
-the top is a freebie from Aerysoul
-the outfit and accessories are ValArkana from DAZ, with an extra texture bought from Renderosity
-tail is the python from DAZ, made bigger and the rattlesnake MAT applied and slightly altered in color.

:bulletgreen: all the animals are from DAZ, with the MATs they provide, except the green snake. That MAT is one of my own. The wyverns and the jaguar [panther] were darkened a bit.

:bulletblue:Stonehenge and background are freebies found on Renderosity.


Naga are of the half-human, half-animal fantasy world [like centaurs, merfolk, minotaurs, etc]. Most the time they are human upper body and snake from hips down. Internal anatomy varies from creator to creator. Some folks make them more human [prego in belly, sexual organs in roughly same area as humans would be (around the hips)]. Others make them more snake like, with the looooong digestive track and laying eggs, all coming out at the end of the tail. I am of the more human approach :shrug: that's just how I picture them. The other common type of naga is the ones that are all snake except a human-like heads.

:bulletblack:Warcraft [WoW] Naga [link]

:bulletblack:D&D Naga [link](Dungeons_%26_Dragons)

:bulletblack:Traditional Naga from Hindu/Buddism [link]
Fun Fact: in the Hindu mythos, a female naga is technically called a Nagi OR Nagini. Nagini is also the name of Lord Voldemort's pet snake in Harry Potter.
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that is very clever :D well done :D
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Ohh i like this very nicely done
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Impressive, as usual. I really dig it.
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wonderful work as always glad to see you still do this
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Thanks :nod: I still do it. I couldn't stop if I wanted to. I love it too much. I have a ton of work in progress stuff too!
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I can not wait to see what you put out next
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