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Gothic Web Slave-Bracelet

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Couldn't sleep last night so made some jewelry. Was putting everything away to finally go to bed when I was looking at the large circular focal and thought it looked like a web. So seeing how Halloween stuff has been out since end of August and I felt inspired, I whipped this up really fast. The "spider" is actaully one of those circular stone holders for rings and such like that, I just flipped it and used a couple of the prongs to attach it to the "web". Used dark red nail polish to paint the spider [and the little 'y' connector up top]; I know it looks kinda purplish, but trust me, it's a deep dark red.

So yeah, just in time for Halloween, and anyone looking for Halloween jewelry or just jewelry with a Gothic feel to it, here you go ^_^ Oh, and btw, the "web", I did make sure to gently bend it a bit to go with the curve of the hand so it doesn't just sit completely flat and look odd.


metal findings, lots of chain, nail polish

6.25" by 3.75" [15.9 x 9.5cm] and the chain ring can fit a finger up to size 6.5 or 7 I believe

Also, please know, that my wrists are very narrow/thin compared to most women, so if your wrist is bigger, I can extend the bracelet length up to in extra inch or so, because there is a bit of extra chain dangling at each end by the clasp pieces. So I can resize it up to 7.25" long w/o trouble.

gift/trade to =DarkDeviousQueen:icondarkdeviousqueen:

:cookie:Entered into ~markopolio-stock's last monthly contest. Ends Nov 2nd of 2008.
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this is so pretty
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that's so pretty now I want one
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:bow: thank you very much :D
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that's really pretty !
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:D So how's the bracelet been treating you? Feels ok still?
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It's lovely... and I wore the black one today in fact. I always get compliments on them. Thank you again so much! :aww:
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I like this piece. I love slave bracelets.
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Mkay cool! Wanna do this then for the trade? I am pretty sure I still have it [I need to go thru what I have and update my gallery :XD:]
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okay. I'll try to get some of my stuff posted this week so you can take a look.
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mkay, let me know when you do ^_^
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Dude this is awesome! I love hearing how you tend to sorta 'cannabalize' for alot of these.. putting together things that wouldn't normally seem to go... just awesome!
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^_^ :icongwomp: I made it in record time too! 35 minutes max [getting the chains to cooperate was the hardest part LOL]

:P Cannabalism ish fun! :drool: [you get the best stuff that way sometimes! Like your slave-bracelet, it was digested from a couple something-elses]
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Damn that is quick man! Gah.. I still need to get off my ass and attempt one of these. I've even got all the parts I need now! (speaking of cannabalism lol)
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:giggle: I knew you would :XD: When I finished, I was all "Shes going to die for this"
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I did ^.^ Its awesome!
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