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Golden Set

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This is the stuff that goes with the Golden Slave-bracelet [link] I made a while back. ~shadowsand LOVED the bracelet [and lots of my jewelry, because she has quite a mini-collection going now :XD:] and just bought it from me, and she wanted a necklace to go with it. So I started the necklace, with the idea of loops to kinda match the bracelet. The largest two loops didn't fit into the design so well, so I ended up making some clip-on earrings out of them for her [her ears not pierced]. Instead of leaving the loops empty, I dug around and pulled out a few things that would work and of all, the leaves looked best. It kept with the slight organic feel from the bracelet and it added a more elegant look to the earrings. The necklace, I got the chain focal area done and then strung up the beads and help it and it didn't look right, so the chain focal area came apart, much chain taken out and more focal links added so that it formed a slight triangular shape to go with the bracelet. The square link, it was originally in the bracelet when I finished it months ago, but it sat funny so I took it out, kept it nearby though and glad I did because it's now in the necklace. I tried the necklace on last night after completely finishing it, it looks REALLY nice when worn. I really love it ^_^ If I were more of a gold-tones kind of person, I'd be tempted to keep it LOL But yeah, I prefer silvers, and plus, Shadow is a great gal and she did pay me for it all, so yeah, it's definately going to her. Oh, also, notice on the necklace [though kinda hard to see at this angle] there is a little dangle charm on the clasp area. It is one of the tiny crystal links I had left from the bracelet, and a cute little leaf.

Materials: glass, tortoise, cloissine, orange agate, metal findings, enameled links
Measurements: 18.5" by 3" [47 x 7.6cm]

Materials: glass, tortoise, metal findings, chain. clip-on earrings
Measurements: 2.75" by 1.25" [7 x 3.2cm]
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Man this came out fantastic my dear!! You definitely kept the feel of the original bracelet but just expanded on the theme.... gah just awesome!
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:hug: thanks dear ^_^

It really helps that most of my yellows, golds, oranges, tans, and browns are in one large bag together [and then everything is seperated into sub-groups]. I have the same done with: blue, red, purple, green, white/silver, and black. Not ALL the stuff is in their little things, but a couple yrs ago, I started slowly doing that and it helps SOOOO much.
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Ahh.. yeah that would definitely make it easier!
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OMG!!! I cannot wait for this to arrive! I am doing all I can right now not to squeeal at the top of my lungs!!! (ish in a library right now... but :excited:xinfinity!!!)

THANK YOUS!!!!! :glomp: :hug: :love: :iconfurryglompplz:
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^_^ so glad u love, and just wait til u get it! It's even more awesome in person!
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*tries waiting patiently, gives up* I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!! :excited:
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What a beautiful set! Such warm fall colors, it looks like the light plays on these wonderfully. The layering of color in the bracelet is my favorite part! :D
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^_^ thanx dear. And yeah, it is just in time for fall isn't it :XD:
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