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Aww I love the colours of the sky, and the moon- for some reason, the blue of the sky seems to have some warm shades of purple in it, so they complement well each other. The rock is well shaded, as well, and Fenrir looks so fierce! Very inspiring! :D
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Yeah, I really love how it came out and this is one the pieces I am most proud of. And the sky is just blues and black watercolors layered and mixed like crazy XD maybe it was the camera on my phone that gives it that hints of purple or just a play on the colors I used. The rock, first layer was all just a darkish brown but when it dried I can back with some green to give top an almost mossy look and black to add shadow to give appearance of a base. Fenrir looks like a very proud boy right now ^_^ He looks so lovely against the moon.
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this is a sweet picture buddy.  I like the tonnes you can see in the picture too.  Nice work :D
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Love the Moon in this. Really attracts the eye! :D
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X3 thanks

:giggle: I almost got carried away, came back to it a couple times after it dried and added a bit more, because it was originally just the bright golden yellow. But I wanted a cratered look without drawing away from Fenrir or making it look weird, so mixed in some tan and orange to varying degrees. It actually came out quite nicely and am very happy with how it did. Enough so that I am thinking of making a few night sky paintings, and offering them up for sale, in hopes that someone may be interested in buying. And if not, it is always good practice :D It is slowly helping me build my confidence in my traditional skills.
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