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Dragon in the night

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Watercolors (and Sharpies for outlines) on canvas board. I took my time painting this, not rushing it. Picking it up when I felt like painting on it; and because of how "delicate" it was to paint the scales, I only did it in patches, waiting for those parts to dry so not to mess anything up. I am very proud of how this came out, esp since I hate canvas board. I have this framed and hanging in my bedroom.

I did take WIP shots of this as I went, so will upload those off my phone and combine them to post in my scraps so you guys can see it (for those interested)

WIP here
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you know you are a patient person when you can draw a heap of neat and detailed scales lol.   Nice work.
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Actually, the way I do them, I find it kind of soothing and relaxing to draw them, no idea why :XD: Glad you like them though :D
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Ohhhhhhhhh scaaaaaaaaaaaaaales O_O This is awesome XD If somewhat traumatizing. I spent a weekend last semester working on scales as a texture. I hope to upload the piece soon, because even though the piece was done for the sake of texture, I feel like experimenting with other textures for like the ground and whatnot. So hopefully I can finish it if school let's me breathe XD

However, traditional, damn. This is super-cool :D
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Yeah, at some point, I plan to do a while series of them in diff shapes and colors so I can try to make them into textures I can use in my renders. I already have one done, just need to scan it...but my scanner is on other side of room and too lazy to unplug laptop and carry it over there to plug in and do the scanning :rofl: How that makes sense when I can sit and do some scales, I have noooo idea :XD:

Glad you like it this piece ^_^
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That would be awesome! You'd have your own textures, and to be honest, the feel of it on paper will make it better for that bumpiness. XD Jacky noooo, don't be lazy XD

Keep up the good work :D
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I just love the job on this. The scales blew me away how they change through the picture.

Very well done! :heart:
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