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Cain's Game of Thrones Tribute

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No, I haven't seen it (nor read the books), because I don't have cable nor can I afford to buy the seasons on dvd. But I have seen and read enough online to know what it is and get the idea. Damien-Cain, however, watches it. I got the idea to do this around Xmas, when I was browsing Renderosity for some goodies as Xmas gift to myself. I came across a few things on my wishlist that were on sale for great prices, the Dragonlady gown and hair package being one (YES, I know that's not her bloody name, but that is what the gown and hair are called on Rendo so to avoid CR infringement or whatever). I thought I'd get the gown, because Krisonna would look gorgeous in it and it would be something she'd wear. Plus the hair was a great price (and would look lovely on her), esp if I bought them in the package together instead of just individually. I recognized the stuff as GoT themed, so I got curious if someone had made the iron throne, because if I am doing Kris, why not see if I could throw Cain in as well. Sure enough, someone had the throne, so I got both the goodies. I meant to use them right away, but in the craziness of all the holiday going-ons, I totally spaced and forgot about the stuff until a month and half later. When I started going through a lot of things I had downloaded and needed to install. I slowly started work on it, made the png of just them in their poses and the throne, for using on something, and this sat for a bit waiting to be finished. I finished it over the last couple days. Yes, I realize the actual throne is in a throne-room, I saw and looked up pictures, but I couldn't find a room I liked it in, within my resources, so just started flipping through my architecture and this one was new, so loaded it and it looked great, so stayed with it and dug through my photos for one that would make a good background. 

This is a fun little piece, that turned out really well. I love how it looks. And... I think Cain is enjoying himself too much :XD: Cocky bastard and that faint smirk he's got going.... And I love how Krisonna looks, so soft and sweet and gentle. The outfit really does compliment her, especially in those colors. And that hair on her is gorgeous.

Anywho, enjoy Cain and Krisonna's GoT tribute...their way :XD:

Cain of course belongs to Damien-Cain and Krisonna belongs to me.
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I  don't watch game of thrones either, but I know abit about it because my brother keeps telling me.   I recognize that symbolic chair straight away lol.
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Ahah Cain is sure enjoying his spot on the throne :XD:
I also love how the outfit looks on Kris. The long hair and soft, flowy vest look so beautiful on her, I totally approve! :nod:
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:giggle: Yeah, he is.

Glad you like it all, dear :D
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I love it, sweetie:huggle: