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Cain (collab final)

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A collaboration between myself and the lovely SYoshiko. It also happens to be a birthday gift for a mutual friend of ours: Damien-Cain. This will be a scene from the private writing collaboration between him and I, using his Cain and my Krisonna.

I made the scene, and she painted it up, making it look all the more awesome: shadows, sheens, lighting, grass and misc flora, blood, wounds, White Fang's reworking, etc...
Original file I sent her
Cain (collab) by Poetic-Dragon 


That is White Fang in the back there, injured and forced into submission by some members of the bandit camp. Fenrir is off camera, injured far more seriously and forced into submission as well. Cain is VERY pissed here, because the leader of the bandit [the "camera"] camp just caught Krisonna and has his nasty paws all over her, saying he's going to claim her his prize once he finished off Cain. He then proceeds to lick her face and give a taunting grind against her, before squeezing her so hard in a bear hug that he breaks a couple her ribs and makes her pass out from the lack of oxygen, and tosses her aside like a ragdoll. So yeah, considering Cain loves Krisonna and has taken her as his mate, he is NOT a very happy man and the werewolf is emerging and ready to rip the man to bits....but it won't be easy because the dude is HUGE and his men fight dirty, attacking Cain from behind from time to time as he fights the leader.


Artwork is jointly owned by myself, SYoshiko, and Damien-Cain, do not steal or post anywhere. Only people that may repost this anywhere, are myself (Poetic-Dragon), SYoshiko, and Damien-Cain. Cain and White Fang belong to Damien-Cain.
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still cant stop staring at this amazing piece. You two make a helluva awesome team :clap: :squee: :D well done to the both of you :D
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Makes me smile knowing you love it :hug: Now we just gotta get to this point in the collab :XD: