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A Second Chance .:Gwyn 001:.

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so awesome!!! makes me want to read the beginning all over again! :D
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Yeah, doing this picture and the one I'm doing of the two make me ready to pick back up on the story. Last chapter was submitted almost a yr ago! :jawdrop: So I am going to try to start some more writing on the story.
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that long?? :wow: i didn't realise! well hopefully the creative juices will flow for you ;P
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yep, THAT long! I didn't realize it either until I glanced at when the last chapter was posted. I took a break from it because I felt a little burnt out on it and wanted to work on some my other stories. I still have to type & post the most recent chapter of 'A New Darkness'. I already have most of ASC laid out in my head and even extra stories lines of Gwyn after this one is done.
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well i guess at least you've got it all figured out in your head - that way whenever the mojo hits you'll never get a block? :D