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Mercury no longer runs to the shore where she once looked for flashes of her past in the water's reflection, glimpses of a former life and a former self and the inevitable question: Who was she? She no longer lets them unsettle her. She's found her answers and made her choices.

Mercury no longer runs to the shore where she once looked for flashes of her past. Today, they've come to her. She sees a smiling pigtailed girl in the flicker of a raindrop. She sees the sigh of a lonely schoolgirl instead of a composed woman in her reflection in the water of her bath. When she drinks her tea at breakfast and glances into her cup, she finds herself frowning at a picture of herself with three other girls.

She's thinking too hard. She narrows her eyes and shakes it off, draining the tea quickly. It's still raining when she walks outside, a flat and drizzly rain that wants to continue for days. She stops short and her eyes widen when she sees the image of three figures laid out flat on the ground, reflected in a puddle. They make futile efforts at movement, but it's no use. One struggles anyway. The next shakes her head. The blue-haired one, Mercury's twin, cries softly. Their weapons lay nearby, forsaken in their defeat.

Above them, a figure like an angel hovers in midair, dressed in a sailor uniform like her victims, sewn from lace and satin and pearls. Her face shows no expression and she has no more compassion. She speaks a single word, a name: "Endymion" and a blinding light surrounds her, pulsing outward and growing until it engulfs everything. The very fabric of reality breaks into a multitude of tiny pieces and carries the world away into blackness...

Just another hallucination. It's the same old nightmare, reassuring in its terror: It had to be stopped. But then the scene continues, as it never has before.

White sand and waste is all that's left: a single figure, the same false angel from before, but this time she seems to feel all those emotions. She drops to her knees, crying in anguish as if she'll never stop, body heaving. She doesn't get up until a man, a veritable prince in white, appears, the only other one saved besides herself. They speak awhile; he seems to be encouraging her, and she agrees. Her body shimmers, and she is wearing a white gown, her black hair braided and styled elaborately, her forehead marked with a crescent moon.

The prince and princess walk hand to hand to the only structure still standing in all the flat and blasted landscape: the ruins of an archway. He slips a jeweled ring on her finger and bends to kiss her a final time, lightly. She releases her power.  This time, the white light brings life - to all but these two, who stay hand-clasped as the dust and sand blow over their still bodies, that pure act of love restoring the entire world they cherished.

They aren't revived until their sacrifice is remembered by those who can live again; there are no victims or sacrifices now. Mercury, watching through the water's reflection, sinks to her knees right where she is, her horror a mirror of the princess' earlier remorse. The thought engulfs every part of her from her quickly-sickening stomach to the adrenaline turning her blood to ice in her veins:

Every twisted and evil thing she did and called necessary, was needless.
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Also following the what-if scenario of Dark Mercury actually killing Usagi, partly for the same reasons she fights her in the end in canon - only to discover it might have ended alright after all.
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