3am: I Was Already Going To

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Stung, Mercury bristled immediately.  She opened her mouth to protest, argue.  Sailormoon, she'd done it!  She'd done something, Mercury wasn't even sure what.  Usagi's transformation locket had suddenly emitted that horrible, painful light, and Mercury had felt almost literally pulled outside herself with strange emotions invading her, strange sensations, even compelling her to call out to Usagi for a reason she couldn't think of at all now.

She doubted Kunzite would take kindly to that sort of excuse.  That sort of weakness, she corrected herself.  Besides, he'd been there.  He'd seen it.  He'd even been the one to get her away before anything worse could happen.  

Now, Kunzite cut Mercury off before she could say anything anyway.  He hadn't even bothered turning around towards her, hiding his face - as if, she thought, he was too angry or irritated to even want to look at her.  She glared at his back, not appreciating the theatrics.  It was already hours after the battle had taken place (he had at least allowed her that time to recover physically).  Three o'clock in the morning!  Why couldn't he let her rest, leave her alone to figure out what had happened?

"I thought you'd turn out to be something a little better than a sailor soldier," the general continued his lecture; half mocking, half serious.  "Was I wrong?" A meaningful question, a little twist to his lips, a slightly raised eyebrow inviting - no, permitting - her to speak now as he finally turned around.

Only, it wasn't just that.  It wasn't just a matter of power.  It was something about Usagi's words, that look she'd given her former friend.  Ami-chan, I'm sorry I didn't notice you were captured.  I'm sorry I left you alone...Please, Ami-chan, won't you come back with me?  Those eyes full of hope.

Hope.  There was precious little of that here.  She glanced away, troubled somehow.  Disturbed.  She didn't like it.

And yet, Usagi had done that.  She had not even noticed that!  Usagi had left her alone: alone day by day, alone at school, alone to face Kunzite, alone in the Dark Kingdom.  All of them had.  I'll listen to you later.  If that was hope, was hope worth something after all, or was it useless to chase after something like that?  Kunzite was right.  She was acting weak.

As though reading her mind - something she would almost swear he was able to do somehow - Kunzite pressed the point.  "Were you thinking of betraying me for that?  Really?"  He took a few steps nearer to Mercury as he spoke.  A prickle of nervous fear struck her as he came so close.

The word 'betray' was what sent the shiver down Mercury's spine.  If he was accusing her of that...  How many times had she heard him swear vengeance?  I'll have my revenge on everyone who betrayed me.

She didn't know!  She didn't know what she was thinking of doing!  Mercury's face passed through something that might have still been regret for her former self into resentment into anger at Kunzite pushing her yet again into all the hatred, the resentment and jealousy, she still carried towards the sailor senshi.

The last finally won out.

"I already told you I'm planning to fight them."  Mercury tossed her head proudly and stipulated, "I'm going to defeat them because I want to.  Remember that."  She turned her body so that it was facing him in an almost combat-ready stance to make her point.

She had no intention of admitting to those uncertainties.  What she wanted to do was destroy the senshi.  Things were that simple.  She would do it.  Mercury pivoted on her heel and turned to leave without another word.  She never saw Kunzite's smile broaden, his expression grow even more amused.
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Theme: 3am (determination, especially in matters that seem to hold you back)
Title: I was already going to
Fandom: PGSM (live-action Sailormoon TV series)
Character/Pairing: (Dark) Mercury
Category: character
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: PGSM ain't mine. Try Naoko Takeuchi.
Summary: After a strange fight, Mercury is challenged to decide her loyalty
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Ahh, thanks ^^; I have to admit I have a soft spot for the two. XD