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Sans Summertime

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SuzunomikoHobbyist Writer

This is a great picture, but I can't help but realize they ALL have floatation aids and are clearly standing/floating in shallow water because skeletons should be too dense to swim - they'd sink like rocks, right?

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PoetaxHobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, they need to be careful.
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SuzunomikoHobbyist Writer

The attention to detail is magnificent.

DO YOU REALIZE what a magnificent opportunity that would be for Vamp-Chan to rescue Skulls and prove to Boss she really cares about him!? Can skeletons drown?

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PoetaxHobbyist Digital Artist

Skeletons can drown, but it takes longer than humans. Sans gets short of breath when fighting the human so I like to assume that some air is necessary.

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yukiismaNew Deviant

This artwork is so cool 💖

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KennyUmbreNew Deviant

That artwork is cool! i really want to have my summer time there.:D

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Floofy-FurNew Deviant

This is a glorious masterpiece

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snakehandsHobbyist General Artist

I want to see the continuation of this - after Blue dunks the water on Red and he gets all adorably pissed like he does.

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ShortTemperedGamerHobbyist Digital Artist

absolutely breathtakingly stunning

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pikalakawaiiUwUNew Deviant

super cute, the most adorable thing I've ever seen, I hope to draw a day like :love:

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omg you draw awesome and when i draw my stuff looks like crap

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skybluchildHobbyist Digital Artist

This makes me wish i could go swimming SOMEWHERE. But instead im cooped up in the house✨

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Yeah, I bet they don't have a whole pandemic to worry about there Y-Y...

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fichaTheRealOneHobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Cashy
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PoetaxHobbyist Digital Artist

Cause it was a pic that fit 4 and I don't draw this guy...

I'll never make everyone happy with all the AU's they want, but I'd prefer if people stopped the constant complaining and asking for all those other characters...

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fichaTheRealOneHobbyist Digital Artist

Didn't mean ta complain bout it but just make a lil joke, heh ^^;

Took the no as an answer.

Anyway, this beach drawing is hella inspiring 👌👌

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I love it! This is really good!

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NanoBananaProfessional General Artist

I'm jealous they get to go swimming ;v;

Also, the transparent swim tubes look AMAZING. Wait, the whole piece looks amazing *v*

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I love this picture! The shading is so amazing! I love how you can even sort of see their rib cage through their shirts, it takes a lot of skill to draw that.

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wait if horror underwater would he be a water head since his crack will let water into his skull

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PoetaxHobbyist Digital Artist

Their nose, sockets, and chins are all open holes, I don't see how the head crack matters...?

DeadlySonggirl's avatar

Ah...good point

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