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Finally replaced my camera, replaced my broken Canon S-3 with a used one same-model.  Now I'm starting to use it again.

This week did some macro shots on some jewelry - fun stuff!
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I dropped my camera, and haven't replaced it yet...

Can't decide if I should stay with a semi-pro or go to my first digital SLR. I've never done film or SLR's, started with a Canon S10 and then my Canon S3 is.  The Canon S10x is the current series model equivalent for a semi-pro. Otherwise, if I go with a DSLR, it would probably be something like a Canon Rebel or a Nikon D200.
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Been a while since I've posted anything of my own, but I think I'm about to get started again...
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Now I think its time to go back to macros.

I plan to photograph some jewelry, and maybe some IC chips - I've got some eye-deals in mind...
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Well I photographed the horses, but had some problems with the infrared shots - most are blurred, dark, and grainy.  It's all about the horses moving non-stop. I never realized how quickly and constantly these animals moved around - she must give them coffee...

Anyway, I've got a few to work with, and some non-infrared shots of the horses that turned out pretty good - we shall see...
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Next up;

  *  Infrared shots of my sister's horses
  *  Jewelry macros
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