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Heart of a man

It seems,
That we’ve stopped having dreams
Our beliefs belie behind the boastful belligerence of bumper stickers…
It’s like a cancer,
And we just keep gettin’ sicker.

It seems that love is no longer love,
But one night passes.
Attraction’s not personal anymore,
It’s categorized by the masses
Into two classes;
Tits & asses.
Our hearts are wasting away through reverse evolution
With Earth’s every revolution
We use that heart even less often than we should.
“But fuck it! I do what feels good.”
“And besides it’s not that bad because…”
And then self-justification steps in
To retard the ramification
Because our actions
Go against what we were always told,
What we know,
And what our hearts hold.
“And that’s ok because…”
Damn! This never ending cycle…
We try to recycle
Common sense like paper & plastic
But it’s tragic
That we’re clueless
That to recycle something…
You have to use it.

We don’t act like men anymore…
In constant pursuit of an easy score,
But life is not our whore.
Man-hood must be worked for!
Look for a moment through your father’s eyes…
And scan the land for the man
He wanted you to be.
And you’ll freeze in disbelief at what you see.
Whether your father be
A drunk, a teacher, a sinner, or a preacher,
Maybe he was never that around
And never tried to reach ya.
Or maybe everyday he tried to teach ya
With righteous psalms & hymns,
Either way
All he ever wanted you to be in the end…
Was a better man than him.
But instead of learning from his mistakes,
And doing whatever it takes to change,
We fall into his footsteps and do everything the same.
So we struggle along double fisted,
He gave us the lesson to keep us out of this shit,
But we missed it.
And we assume it’s too late
And falsely call it fate.
It’s evident daily that we’ve gotten lazy.
It’s amazing that we still call ourselves men
Again and again we cross new lines…
“I know you’re seein’ my friend, but damn you fine!”
Just like that…
Blades in our backs,
And what’s really fucked up is that’s…
…just how things are now.
I wonder how
We lost the values

All we care about now is makin’ that check
And keepin’ our dicks erect.
The club’s have become our churches
Our scriptures are 7 digits printed on palms,
And that cherry flavored lip balm on your neck
Is your testimony to being blessed.
And while you tryin’ to holla at a girl you don’t even know,
When she says “no”
You got the nerve to call her a hoe?!?!
But you’re a slut in your own right;
“Let’s be friends…but just for tonight…”
And that’s alright to you…
‘Cause you ain’t gotta fuckin’ clue
What it really takes to be a man!
Respect those women,
Get a job and a fuckin’ plan.
Get your mind right
And maybe in hindsight
You’ll see how you’ve fallen short in life.
I know my words will be met with harsh, defensive, resistance.
But you need to look inside
And re-evaluate your own existence.
For the true measure of a man
Is not based on his dick span
Or how long he can go,
But on the depth and strength of his SOUL…

You never know when you’ll go
Tomorrow could be your kin’s day to grieve,
And they will not remember you for how much pussy you received,
But rather for the legacy you leave.
Now the choice is up to you,
Whatever you decide to do,
You can live every day like it’s your last
Like a real fuckin’ man,
Or you can be lowered into that hole
Never having a soul…
The choice is in your hand…
this one's a bit longer, just a little narrative of some shit i was going through at the time. a little irritated at so many men not handling their responsibilties as men.
fox0r Featured By Owner May 23, 2006
Yay, I've been reminded why I hate men. :P I swear, one of these days I'll go lesbian.

Very good, by the way. You got some talent with words, Jason. Some definite talent.
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May 23, 2006
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