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Romance Pt. 2 -Silhouettes- :iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 0 0
Where Am I?
Where Am I? (Hungover Revelation)
Morning has come and gone,
The birds have done sung their song
And moved on
As noon is my dawn.
The sun penetrates the windows in this place,
The windows in my face,
It races past the blinds, past my eyelids
Straight into my mind…
"Uuugghhh….where the hell am I?"
Ten straight times I blink
As I struggle to think,
And all I can remember
Is having maybe a bit too much to drink…
So I make my way to the sink,
And as I wash my face
I begin to recognize this place,
That part is becoming a little clearer,
But as I look in the mirror
And look at that man,
I realize I still don't know where the fuck I am…
22 year old college dropout,
Workin' a job that started off good
But stopped puttin' out.
So what's my life about?
Been single for about a year now…
But still livin' under mom's roof
So what's the use
Of tryin' to holler at some chick?
"Girl why don't you come home with me…
But we gotta be quiet, my parents are asleep"
Ain't that some shit?
So every girl I mee
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By My Self
Don't worry girl I ain't mad at you at all…
But I see how it is…
You had better have tears in ya eyes,
Otherwise, you'd never call…
And just name one time I haven't been there for you!
I'm waitin'…
But I ain't hatin'
If that's how it's gotta be then that's how it's gotta be,
But what about me?
When I was at the end of my rope damn near out of hope,
I called you…and called…and called…
But nope,
One more time I'm down by the river with a tainted liver
I called you because there's only a select few
I can talk to about what I'm goin' through
And one of them was you,
But when no one's got a few moments to spare
To show that they care,
What the hell can you do?
Do what I've done for my entire life
In the face of adversity and strife…
Take it like a knife, forcing it deeper inside
Make it hide and stay discreet
So I can get back on my feet
Walk down the street
Trying to keep my head held high,
Hoping my face and voice will lie
'Cause on the inside, I continue to die.
But gi
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My Love Story
My Love Story
Yeah you could say that back in the day
There was nothing I wouldn't do for love,
I was a fool for love,
Had something I had to prove to love…
But worst of all,
I was so quick to fall
When there was nothing to fall into,
Like a blind fool,
Diving into a dry pool.
Believing I had half a chance at romance
With any girl that'd give me half a glance.
But every rejection, just added to the collection,
Added another tear to the mirrors reflection.
But on the flip side,
It added a little maturity to a child's complexion.
I was so sick of bein' alone.
Bein' at home, just me, my teen angst and rage,
Life felt like a cage,
I thought only love could set me free;
I just couldn't see,
That loneliness is good for the soul.
It strengthens you and teaches you to deal with the cold.
And as a whole, it sheds light on parts of yourself
You otherwise wouldn't know.
Parts black as coal.
Parts whose sole purpose it is
To blur your personal vis…ion
And once the self revelation has begun
It turn
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Still I love you
She had diamonds for eyes & silk in her hair.
I got lost in thoughts of her for hours,
And I don't even care
It's funny…it's hard to find the words to say…
The way that everytime today my mind began to roam,
It was thoughts of her that began to bounce around my dome,
And I finally feel at home with her wrapped up in my arms,
In this warm embrace, looking down at her face,
As she looks at me, then past me, off into space,
As she does the impossible and catches stars,
And reflects them back to the world
Bright as the lights of passing cars.
And as far as I can see,
This is where I wanna be.
But this thing called "we" will never be…
Cuz babygirl keeps tellin' me that she got a man,
But her eyes keep tellin' me
That he can't love her like I can.
But she's one of those special girls,
That don't leave her man at the drop of a hat,
And this planet needs more women like that.
So even though thoughts and dreams of her
Are all I seem to see.
I know in my heart I need to let it be.
But still I lo
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Office Fever
Office Fever
I think I got office fever,
Man I swear to God if this job were a woman,
I'd wanna leave her
Now don't get me wrong,
Not that she did me wrong,
She's just not doing anything for me,
Hell, even startin' to bore me.
Sometimes to drown out the drones,
I just sit and draw, doodle,
Or drip drops of dry defiance.
In silence.
On this paper
This poetry, just my time waster
That will never make me any paper.
So here I am.
Stuck at this desk starting to not give a damn
Gettin' damn drowsy
Close to comatose, so I throw back caffeine pills
So I can stay awake and pay those bills.
Cuz dreams make more sense
Than they do dollars,
Ready to holler, but I just sit and take it
Like a dog in a shock collar.
Stuck in my cage,
Never to step foot on that stage,
Never to spit some shit to hit and inspire
Or light a fire under the asses of the masses.
My dream crashes like the car's glass into lightpoles
Swallowed whole by reality.
Chewed up and spit out on the floor as my mentality.
Life aint al
:iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 1 1
20 Lines or less
20 Lines Or Less
"What is poetry?" was the topic of our poem.
It was the poetry unit of my senior English class.
I quickly became obsessed. But my anticipation
To write was upset, when the teacher stressed
That it had to be written in 20 lines or less.
I object! Poetry is not meant to be confined within
The confines of numbered lines or time's limitations;
This would be an imitation, the incarceration of ideas
And quotations-Quarantining the meaning of expression
The oppression of one thoughts, the compression of his soul
But if your only goal was to make the grade, this
Was ok, as a matter of fact it paid, as you laid
Out your thoughts, the idea was to keep it short.
Meanwhile my mind had to twist & contort each
Syllable and extort each word for its fullest potential.
I had to hold my words at gunpoint, but even then, twenty
Lines can't always make your point, so with this joint
You are blessed. FOR YOU I compressed my heart, and
Everything in it, to fit within your limit…
Of 20 lines
:iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 1 0
myspace freestyle from 4-23-06
do you remember when you were young...
the way we actually used to dream,
how everything was so real
and exactly how it seemed.
do you remember...
when our spirit was uncontainable
our wildest dreams were obtainable
and pain was when you fell of your bike
not when you got tired of life or could stand the stress
and everyone was happy as long as you gave your best.
and the hardest test was over multiplication and division
not these surgical incisions and judicial decisions
and life changing circumstances just 6th grade dances
and goofy glances at the girl reading your note
circle yes or no...
ha ha...funny how that used to go.
but on the real,
i miss how that used to feel,
to not be confined by my own mind
and time didn't pass by quite so fast,
and summers used to seem to last forever
now the seasons are just the things between the changing weather.
now we have cement on the feathers
on which we used to fly
and our will to wonder why
is but a river run dry
somewhere along the way
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stickers by PoemzInk stickers :iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 0 2 Inspiration outline by PoemzInk Inspiration outline :iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 0 1 black book inside cover by PoemzInk black book inside cover :iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 0 0 black book page 'tagged soulz' by PoemzInk black book page 'tagged soulz' :iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 0 0 ummm...stickers by PoemzInk ummm...stickers :iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 1 0 Misunders2d by PoemzInk Misunders2d :iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 0 4
Dear Me,
Dear Me,
Its Friday night and I decided to write
Because this O.J. and 80 proof Grey Goose
Got my lips loose and I got issues.
For instance, your afformentioned
Blatant misuse of orange juice!
But nahforrealyou want the truth?
I dont even know you
Everywhere you go you
You just seem to be,
At least to me,
Half the man you used to be.
Drunk every other motha-fuckin weekend
I think your hearts been weakened
And you left yourself behind somewhere
Along that fine line between being in love
And dying inside.
Youre trying to hide
From the tears you still havent cried.
Said youd be ok, but you lied,
And on the inside
I know it still hurts
Been 4 months since you went to church!
Taking time for that solitary soul search
I see you at your souls worst.
But I also see how your soul thirsts.
I hear your cries to the lord
Telling Him you wanna be free
But deep in your heart your not sure what that means
You just cry to him
To either clense your soul
Through yet another rebirth,
Or to simply remove
:iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 0 1
Silk Slap tag by PoemzInk Silk Slap tag :iconpoemzink:PoemzInk 0 4

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Silk (Jason)
United States
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Favourite genre of music: Rap, R&B, Rock/Metal/alternative, Jazz, Blues, a lot of stuff. not really into country
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Favourite cartoon character: fuckin stewie griffin
Personal Quote: The past is but a moment...the future is an eternity.


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