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I am not active here anymore. But if you happen to stumble on here and want a commission from me for any cosplay stuff check out my etsy.

OR Feel Free to contact me on my facebook.

Well Sorry for being Inactive.

Thu Dec 6, 2012, 7:11 PM

I apppalogize for my inactiveness becuase usually i'm so worked up in making my cosplays that i hardly go on deviantart anymore hehe ^^"

But i want to thank all the people who recenly watched me and favorited my cosplay it means alot <3 i know i couldn't thank each one of you individually because it become so piled up after  a while but it means a whole lot~ <3

Cosplay Updates?
Sword Art Onilne Cosplays are coming up i have Several characters that i working on right now. im in the process of planning 3 of them and i actually and making 1 of them right now, so that is something to look foward to~

hakuouki is going to be during the progress on all my SAO cosplays XD lol i need a break from working on complex stuff to work on easier stuff lol XD Sooo i'll be starting Heisuke once his swords and boots come in from taobao~

and then in betweeen ALLLL of that i got several Secret cosplays im tossing around in there to, oh who knows when i'll have time to work on those XD LOl. thats the life of a cosplay i suppose. i always wish i had a bunch of arms so i can crazy multi task~

Conventions Updates?
Well i just went to ramencon and kollision con both had it ups and downs but i did enjoy myself :).

Next on the list is...
Uchi-con in janurary :)

Check out my Facebook i'm on there posting progress, tidbits and other things way more often then here on deviantart.

Remember that poll where i asked you guys which character you think i would cosplay from soul eater?

Well here you go your answer ;D…


Thu Sep 13, 2012, 5:01 PM

Its offical im going to ramencon!  I'll see you there for those of you who are going.

Feels great to finally get out of the house XD…

Theres my cosplay plans :D i dunno when i'll be wearing what but who knows  XD

See you There :)

Devious Journal Entry

Mon Aug 20, 2012, 2:01 PM

Sorry for my backlog on picture uploading XD,  Just this summer has been so crazy lately but now since school in going to start NO LIFE FOR ME NOW :D
oh well it happens.  no worries i'll still be working on cosplays when im juggling work and school XD woooot
ughhhh i dunno what else to say >3>

Cons i plan on attending the rest of this year. [Hopefully i will] At least for the rest of the year.
i'll probably be only going for like one day or something for like Kollision con or anime apocalypse but we willl see

Anime Apocalypse


Tue Aug 14, 2012, 6:22 AM

I tear at the thought.
Just got my classes today for my last year of high school.
Oh how time flies. and ever so nonproductive as well.

New Update?

Thu Aug 2, 2012, 2:09 AM

Well as of how everything is playing out  right now for me i'm probably not going to anymore cons this remainder of this year. Due to family things and such.
Hopefully next year I'll be able to start the Con year off with Uchi-con and Anime Milwaukee. and the so on ands so forth with the other cons.

But ya know. i suppose it isn't a bad thing i'm not going to all of these cons. Because then i'll have more time and money for bigger cosplays XD.
I Still plan on cosplaying Onion knight for Acen 2013 so that will definitely be time consuming and costly costume
but i'll look like a bamf in the end so its ok (≧∇≦)/

As For what i have been working on recently  :iconuntitledxme:, :iconzlredemptionlz: and i have decided we are going to do a gender-bent Madoka group, For what con? who knows. But over the past few days Me and zlRedemptionlz Finished his gender-bent mami [i was guiding him in sewing]. and if i do say for myself he look pretty fancy  (*^∀^)=3
zlRedemptionlz's Mami

Other then that i haven't been making much else, i'm working on my secret cosplay. which is a secret so i can't say what it is  XD

On another note i have been posting more on my youtube</I> lately. More tutorial videos and stuff :D so you gotta check it out, i'm trying to make a butt load of tutorials for everyone XD. i just made another one today, you can see it on my channel


And i guess you can say i have also been more active on my facebook page then here, You'll see more actual cosplay pictures. and stuff i'm working on! and i compile all my tutorials on there
Facebook page

Alright im going to wrap up this journal before i pass out on my coomputer. Hmm Maybe i'lll Upload a cosplay pic here tomorrow. we will see XD

UPDATES and Anime Midwest report?

Mon Jul 16, 2012, 10:37 AM

===========Con Report===========

My Belated con report! :D

Meh the con was ok XD. nothing to special about the con itself honestly. it wasn't really worth going the full weekend. Because there wasn't really anything to do there honestly ">>. But i did Meet new people and hug out with old friends Sorta XD lol
Lol we went swimming alot at the hotel XD

I Cospayed Madoka most of the weekend, and ciel phantomhive a little bit on saturday [ a little bit meaning like legit 10 min] XD

Overall i had a pretty decent time and stuff XD yada yada yada XD lol.

===========Cosplay Related===========

Alright Down to buisness. >D
uhm well im working on a lot of things right now XD some are secret  ;D  and some i can talk about XD

Whats Happening.

Onion knight from Dissida Final fantasy
^ Pretty much this is going to be my huge ass costume for the year and i hope/Plan to have it finished by Anime Central 2013
And i have kinda already started it a little XD, i'm working on one of his 3 butt sashes right now, until i acquire more funds to purchase stuff XD

Ririchiyo Shirakiin from Inu x boku
I'm pretty much done with her XD so i  just need to buy contacts then i  await for my soushi to finish then we have awesome picture time ;D

Uhmmm my secret cosplay is another thing.  It going to be with a huge group of 11 other cosplayers all cosplaying different things from the same show XD. its going to be great. XD im urrently working on my character right now. XD.

Uhmm i can;t think of anything else im actually working on at the moment >3>. I might finish up old costumes to sell and stuff :P

===========Convention Related===========
Soycon is a huge maybe for me. might only go one day

Anime World Chicago is on my list! might attend that  if im allowed to by my parents XD

Anime Apocalypse

So far i have no cosplay plans for those cons. if you want to cosplay with my let me Knnow im always open to cosplay partners! XD


Sat Jun 16, 2012, 10:20 PM

Just started listing stuff on ebay. Check it out and buy some stuff of of me? Help fund more cosplays for me
! Lol

Selling Costumes.

Tue Jun 12, 2012, 9:28 PM

Selling Old Costumes:

Lots of laughs miku hatsune

melt down miku hatsune

sailor stocking

police stocking

Mizusu from Air

note me if your interested.

Gardens Meet Report :D

Wed Jun 6, 2012, 1:19 PM

Went to  meetup last weekend, and i Had a blast cosplaying magnet  with :iconuntitledxme: ! :D so awesome pics and a bunch of other fun stuff >u<

But there was video taken of the meet!  there pretty awesome i recommend checking them out~ < See me dance a little in this one :D <this one is fancy to *O*

now excuse me while i go sew now :D

Facebook Page

Mon Jun 4, 2012, 6:26 PM

Made  cosplay page on facebook for some reason,  Sooooo if you want go like it there~!

i'll be posting more picturesthat i dont post here on deviantart, my works in progress and all that other fun stuff :D

check it out :)…

Matryoshka Makeup Video!

Tue May 29, 2012, 3:09 PM

Check it out~! SHare it with people do what ever with it lol i dont care XD ahaha lol

But yeah someone requested it as a makeup tutorial, so i fulfilled that request,

even tho is like uber simple makeup ">.>

Don't mind the crapppyy editing XD im not a uber amazing video editor lol


Mon Apr 30, 2012, 5:09 AM

Honestly i can't remember much OTL, I was mostly sick and

Summing it up, it was a pretty boring day, had zombie makeup on for a while, i was going to a HTOD shoot later that night, but then i felt pretty sick, so i raged quite and just took it all off OTL, sorry guys

Put on Syo at the crack of dawn lol, feeling sick, went to the dealers hall,  bought a bunch of madoka figures regained obbsession~. Later had a Uta no prince sama shoot with  :iconuntitledxme:, :iconalliedkersten:, :icontibun: and Genna, Jen, and Ashley . then after Changed into Mami, and just trolled around for a bit waiting for my photoshoot with :iconfotaku: as the photographer and :icondancing-imperial: and Niko.

THEN CHANGED INTO Chie from Persona 4 with :iconuntitledxme: as teddy. messed around then headed off to our  private shoot, but we ended up only taking a few shots. because we thought that offical shoot was that night so we went back. Yeah it wasent.  headed Back to the hotel because i wasent feeling good, pretty much passed out fro the night

My Big day ad Pit, and i felt like crap XD lol,
on top of being sick, My Blue contact messed up my eye, so i was sick and crying all day pretty much,
Desprite that i beared it out  Went back to my hotel to trash the contacts, then went to meet :iconcosplayerwithcamera: and :iconhikikomorisama: For a Pit shoot. Praying some of those pics i don't look to sad and sicky
Then i ran back, meet up with a Few people from :iconcosplayersofchicago:, after that i ran back to Change into Shiemi, Yeahhhhh i made the mistake of putting her contacts in, So by the time i got to the shoot, my eye was real bad irrated, so i left the shoot almost after i got there.

La la la i stayed in the room while my eye watering  la la la

Fire alarma went off and that was a huge mess, Blah but after that i tried shiemi again and went for a private shoot with :iconcosplayerwithcamera: and :iconhikikomorisama:. Once again that didn't work to well OTL. every other photo i was wiping my eye.

After that we just went to bed

Wore my New Panda kigurumi back into the dealers hall, bought the a print, then went back to room till i awaited for my mother to pick me up.


Summing Up the weekend:

Despite of being sick and Having contact issues. I had fun. Probably wont have any good pictures because i of my eye and such.  Hopefully i can make up those shoots later! :D

And i meet Awesome new people! :)

ACEN Pre-Con vlog. Preview of PIT!

Sun Apr 22, 2012, 1:32 PM

Indeed :) As i sit here nonchalantly eating my chips.

I have finished my Acen Vlog thingy XD


and i just talk about my plans for acen lol

Check it out?

Vote for me in a Contest?

Tue Apr 10, 2012, 2:18 PM

i would really appreciate it if you guys could vote for my picture in :iconmiccostumes: Vocaloid contest

Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest - #22 Pockytheif by miccostumes

All you  have to do is click this link, its just a link to Miccostumes' Deviantart.  Which is where there holding there contest.

And all you have to do is favorite the picture or comment on the picture to vote!

Please share my entry i would really appriceate it <3

Vocaloid: Magentic Embrace by PockyTheif

That picture scored me and :icondancing-imperial: the 15 most favortied Cosplay picture out of  the Top 30 favorites from the North america Showcase With 772 Likes.…

Now sure its small but, But for me its big XD, it gives me more confidence in my cosplays, Hopefully i can wow people with my cosplaying to come.

As of right now we have around 834 likes on the picture, which is funny because we still kept getting more likes!

Thanks :iconhikikomorisama: and :iconcosplayerwithcamera: for the photos from that day~


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 3, 2012, 5:37 PM

Okies so i had a photoshoot on april fools day with my Sebastian;:iconuntitledxme:,  and the Lovely Photographers :iconhikikomorisama: and :iconcosplayerwithcamera:

My friend :iconhikikomorisama: took some awesome video. Its sorta like a cmv, But not at the same time. i wouldn't call this a traditional CMV i suppose. But i highly suggest you check it out  please~!


and :iconcosplayerwithcamera: took some amazing pictures are going to be uploaded sooon,

Bwahh it was so muuch fun,  Can't wait to do it again,


Check these awesome People out!
:iconcosplayerwithcamera::iconhikikomorisama: :icondancing-imperial: :iconfinalsonata::iconpanhime::iconuntitledxme: :iconzlredemptionlz:

Trolol Dance Video?

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 12:46 PM

Oh yes Enjoy The Derpy-ness XD lol

First time making a video, cut me some slack on dance moves  and my silly facial expressions Lol. XD i'll be working on that XD

I like dancing for fun, but i focus more on cosplaying ;)

Check these awesome People out!
:iconcosplayerwithcamera::iconhikikomorisama: :icondancing-imperial: :iconfinalsonata::iconpanhime::iconuntitledxme: :iconzlredemptionlz:


Journal Entry: Sun Mar 25, 2012, 10:49 AM

Lol so i went to a little one day con thing yesterday with :iconcosplayerwithcamera:,:iconhikikomorisama: and with Emmie.

IT was fun :D cosplayed
Jesery Len from Project diva, and i danced , alot Lol multiple times.
Hopefully i didnt fail to bad XD lol the video and photos should be up in a few days XD

UHmmmmmmm Met some new people :D, it was a nice extremely  small con :3, far drive tho OTL, Then i just went over to :iconuntitledxme: and :iconzlredemptionlz: 's House till i passed out lol XD

SINCE THAT WAS LIKE MY LITTLE BREAK FROM STUFF. now i have to work on cosplays like crazy  :D

Check these awesome People out!
:iconcosplayerwithcamera::iconhikikomorisama: :icondancing-imperial: :iconfinalsonata::iconpanhime::iconuntitledxme: :iconzlredemptionlz: