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:iconscreamingmonkeyplz: ATTENTION!

So I've been receiving some art requests. And I was thinking... maybe I can take advantage of it.

I'll grant an art request to every 50th* person who watches me. (That is every 50, 100, 150, 200 and so on person). Or randomly select one person in the list who wants request every time I reach the 50.

That way, I know I'll feel loved, and keep doing requests at the same time. And the people who watch have the chance of getting art without doing the option (except maybe clicking the watch button).

I know it's selfish of me... and I have no excuses, I just want some love. :iconmonkeytantrumplz:

*Subject to change.
:iconafraidmonkeyplz: Please don't kill me
So I started playing this japanese visual novel/otome game, The Second Reproduction, and I have to say, it was sooooo awesome. I found out about it since someone uploaded an English patch for it recently. So I decided to play it.

Here are my comments:

- Awesome characters
- Plot was interesting and simple to understand
- Routes made me die, literally
- Valentine's day after story was absolutely cute (but wanted more CGs)
- Character voices were hot

In the end, I managed to finish all of the routes because I liked it so much, although there were some implicit stuff that may not be suitable for people younger than 15, I really enjoyed it. The game was simple to play, and the side stories were enjoyable to read, to say the least.

*I think I might have liked it more, if I had played the other game called Queen of Darkness as it had some characters that were mentioned there. But meh, even without, it was nice.

This is the type of game I want to make!!! XD
So I may or may not have started a renpy project all on my own... And right now I'm in a bind... No story as of yet, so yeah... I studied renpy in about one hour, and fairly confident I can code most of it on my own... but then I need a script, characters and a the other necessary stuff...

I'm blaming it all on procrastination as I think I can do it all... just that it will take a really long while for me to even progress at all... >.<

Well... Go me then!