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Life is as a story
Life is as a story
It begins with a blank page screaming and wailing for things
It grows inch by inch sentence by sentence until the first few paragraphs form small gleams of knowledge and personality.
From these few paragraphs a tale begins. It begins an adventure that slowly crawls toward a tiny goal; be it talking to a nearby tavern keeper or drooling on a blanket.
Pages fill up with thoughts and ideas, taking a small amount of pages into chapter one.
Pages start to comes out faster and faster turning conversations into training and traveling. It turns drooling into words and squeals of joy. The more the story goes the more the wilds swings turn into a well aimed blow seeking to kill a straw mark-up. Crawling turns to slow walking into another arms. Being fed milk turns into spoonful's of paste, and messes after wards. With that chapter one turns to chapter two.
This chapter begins in kindergarten where naps and handing painting become more important than bottles and diapers. This i
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Mature content
Never go to school late :iconpocketzapper:pocketzapper 0 3
Life of A Wander:Mount and Blade Tale Ch 3
                                Leaving the only way a Sword can do
I leave the tavern in hoping to catch up with the rest of the brawlers. from the alley way across from me two Swords come out and smile to me. One is has the look of a Vaegiran about him, the other is clearly Swadian. A Swadian with a armor malfuncation, he looks like a boy wears his father's gear.
The Veargiran's smile turns to a scowl.'Drean sent us boss, said you might need protection.' I recoil in shocked, my overly protective aid is worried about my protection?
'I expected as much, it's Dubt right?' The Vaegiran nods and looks a amazed that I remember him:ypical troop, show you remember them and they will follow you to the end of times. I turn to the Swadian and actually do not remember his name.
'Your new aren't you?' I point to his fellow hoping that this
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Prepage to Life of a Wander
The Tale of a Wanderer
                                 (A mount and Blade tale)
Mercenary Captain Dariel "The Wanderer" Maik has a problem, his band of mercs, the Three Swords, need cash and soon.
To make matters worse the Kingdom of Rhodok has put a price on his head totaling 10,000 Denars (gold).
With this amount of money in their midst can The Three Swords keep itself from falling to pieces due to infighting? Or will bandits, head hunters and their own greed cause the end to one of the most infamous bands of hired blades.
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Mature content
Life of A Wander:Mount and Blade Tale Ch 2 :iconpocketzapper:pocketzapper 0 0
Mature content
Life of A Wander:Mount and Blade Tale Ch 1 :iconpocketzapper:pocketzapper 0 1
Prologue of the White flame Company
    The House Beckons  
Prologue A land created on blood
Prologue:  Embers of War.  
The world of Theron has always known war. It's past is filled with it. Memories on this world have great power, a power that man, unlike most beings that walk the lands, never truly understood how powerful their minds actually could be. The Orloins, a people made of water and rock first were the first to show the power that the mind can create. With a memory of pain on the mind of an Orloin sentry it set fire to a fishing boat that had been blown of course. The Orloin's returned the fishers to their families with a crackle of lightning and sent a missionary.  They wanted peace with humanity and sought to teach them the power of their minds. They though man would accept it to be pure and untainted, they though wrong.
  Man thought it was unclean and created armies of men to rid their lands of those that would use such things. 
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Mature content
A thorn in the side of life :iconpocketzapper:pocketzapper 0 0
We are ready
11# When I am ready
When I am ready it will be a time of great excitement.
When I am ready I will tap my friends shoulder and point to a wall.
When we are ready the wall will become our Mecca,
The place that we run for with all the speed that a faith man could summon.
When the others are ready we shall take our journey past the wall and into a courtyard. 5
This courtyard is where with all our readiness we shall cover.
This is our Little Big horn, where we shall hurt the enemy.
When we are ready we move toward those that have made us force this readiness.
When the training we have been given aid us in our quest.           
We are always ready to act in and do that of which no one would wish to do. 10
We spend our time lost in our minds, ready to act when a gun is pointed at us.
We have to be ready for situations such as this.
We ready our minds as we clear the yard praying to saints and preachers for hope.
Our Mecca becomes our Alam
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Wounded Warrior
8# Wounded Warrior
Passion is nothing but problems
It has ended many men before their height
Left more men broken and hurt.
It is the reason that I wake up alone with out someone beside me.
My job makes a family hard, constant dangers would wear on a wives heart. 5
It has forced my hand to stay many relationships.
Kept many great night from getting better.
It is a fact that I have never expected to deal with.
I thought all officers would have families.
little kids that they could take to the park and play with. 10
A wife to spend your life with without a care in the world.
It was never meant for me it is sad to say.
My life has become a up hill battle.
Never one terror but many.
Not one addiction but several 15
I have to have the feeling course through me to feel anything.
To many problems at work that any wife could take.
Constant near deaths, death threats and bullets grazing nearby.
To many times I have been forced to run though a field of death to save lives.
To many times I have l
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Honor of a knight :iconpocketzapper:pocketzapper 0 0
Mature content
The sky is blue :iconpocketzapper:pocketzapper 0 0
Picture from a friend by pocketzapper Picture from a friend :iconpocketzapper:pocketzapper 0 0
Mature content
Stormwind Company 9-11 :iconpocketzapper:pocketzapper 0 8
Mature content
Stormwind Company :iconpocketzapper:pocketzapper 2 3


Star Wars: Generations by daekazu Star Wars: Generations :icondaekazu:daekazu 17,293 588 The Last Nintendo Power Subscriber by AndyKluthe The Last Nintendo Power Subscriber :iconandykluthe:AndyKluthe 314 61 Village Foreclosure by AndyKluthe Village Foreclosure :iconandykluthe:AndyKluthe 434 38
The Commisar's Daughter - The Ravine
With a sudden lurch, the earth opened up beneath them.
"ohhhh…shiiitttt!" Calamity screamed out as she scrambled to find a purchase in the rapidly disappearing landslide of soil.  Boots tried to dig into something to slow her descent, hands darted out in hopes of finding purchase.  Above her, Meghara clung to a protruding metal beam, her hands and fingers dug firmly into the object as her legs dangled below. Callum's arms were wrapped around Meg's calf as he clung to the little merc for safety. "Oh no, oh no, oh no!" the noble cried as his long legs flailed helplessly.
"Stop flailing or you will kill us both, idiot! Meghara yelled.
"I've got you!" Lucretia answered above the roar. Her pitoned position on the spire above them afforded her safety from the quickly changing landscape.  She secured her position and began to feed out a rescue line to the pair.
Below them, at the base of the sinkhole, a crevice appeared.
"Oh, that's not good." Calamity thought to herself
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The Orks of Tam'urt Chapta 4
Chapta Four: Wartrakk
Say of Da Day: “Dats da risk of playin’ scar poka.” – Fergritz
Due to the scarcity of parts, a lack of vehicles, and a generally lazy attitude - none of the Orks had left the forgery for the past three days. Brudz’ bike wasn’t big enough to carry four Orks (two of which were Nobs), and the unfortunate Mek had be slogged with the task of producing something Oric and Jamz could ride on.
Oric studied the plan Brudz had drawn. “Yew got ta be jokin’!” he snorted in disgust, “yew wanna use me precious Tankabell ta make dis?
“Dere aint nuthin’ else I c’n use ta make somefin dat’ll heft yew an’ Jamz’ big butts!” Brudz argued, “Me bike barely survived one big Nob!”
“Dis is ‘n’ insult ta Tanky!” Whinged Oric. “I won’t let yer do it.”
Brudz didn’t win many arguments with a Nob, but she wasn’t going to lo
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Tainted Wings by RustyAlchemist
Mature content
Tainted Wings :iconrustyalchemist:RustyAlchemist 442 61
Xcouncil by Mutenroushi Xcouncil :iconmutenroushi:Mutenroushi 113 49 Arcanine by retinence Arcanine :iconretinence:retinence 2,135 164 Honor Thy Mother by jeftoon01 Honor Thy Mother :iconjeftoon01:jeftoon01 8,863 221 Kitty Pryde by diabolumberto Kitty Pryde :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 468 39 TLID twas the nightcrawler before xmas by StevenHoward TLID twas the nightcrawler before xmas :iconstevenhoward:StevenHoward 142 27 BLACK LEGION by nachomolina BLACK LEGION :iconnachomolina:nachomolina 1,383 77 Jesse And Crendor: Saints Row 4 by Simplish Jesse And Crendor: Saints Row 4 :iconsimplish:Simplish 3 0 TGS Podcast Coloring by calming-thoughts TGS Podcast Coloring :iconcalming-thoughts:calming-thoughts 5 0 TGS Podcast by Hananas-nl TGS Podcast :iconhananas-nl:Hananas-nl 8 0 CG TGS Podcast by Hoshikoori CG TGS Podcast :iconhoshikoori:Hoshikoori 7 1



United States
I created this account to get some feed back on the Stormwind Company a story that i have been writing for a while now, its quite lengthy and due to my friends i have been posting it slowly here i hope someone likes it

Favourite genre of music: Country
So I am reworking the story that I have been writing for about 6 years now. Lots of writing for me and hopefully a book by the end of it


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