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This is a commission for [link] she wanted a picture of Totoro and the Catbus, I added a few other characters for fun. I LOVE this movie so this one was a real pleasure to work on, I also really love this Totoro piece and used it as inspiration for the painting.


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this just makes me happy. so wonderful!
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wow! Nice style! Reminds me old but pure creative and awesome drawings form magazines for kids in around 70'
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This is very beautiful picture. Totoro and that white small Totoro are both cute.
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this movie makes me cry with happiness
so cute and funny !!
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aw, this is so fun!!
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Your style is so amazingly consistent and smooth and shiny and I just want to pet it. :love:
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Aww! So awesome! You beat me. I've been planning to draw something for this movie sometime. This is my favorite miyazaki movie. Its very nostalgic for me, catbus was always my fav but no one ever seems to notice that he has balls lol I thought it was so funny. The fox dubb was the best.
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I noticed that he did! That must mean that there are catbus babies out there, you should draw that! I watched Coraline again the other day, I STILL need to do some fanart of the scotties in that movie.
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lol you already beat me to it with the catbus babies but maybe in the future i'll do a tribute to the movie. And yes, you need to whip up a coraline piece. :>
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I'll have one done by comic con as well as pictures for you and Zach! Thank you again for the Tigerbuttah toy, we couldn't bring him to the wellington Tigerbuttah show because we were only allowed carry on bags and had to bring over 20 framed paintings with as well as three painted munnies. We're going to take some photos of him soon and post him on the website though!
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:iconiloveitplz: TOOOOOOTOOOOOROOOOOO!!!!!
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EEEK MY FAVORITE <33 I love it!!
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I love your take on it!
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This is adorable! It's very neat to see Totoro done in your style :)
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This is wonderful! I'd love to see you do the catbus again where it's not so obscured. It looks even more fun than the original.

I really like Totoro's silly face as well though.
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I love Totoro! Second the comment about great fur texture. The only thing I wish was different is that the catbus's grin is completely hidden. I wish there was room in that composition to show his whole face but you made it work well for the space restraints.
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Pocketowl+Totoro shall always equal goodness
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Yes please and thank you. :3
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