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Scottie Dogs

Here's a page (without text) of a children's book that I've been working on. You can see a lot more pages of it here:


Also here is my comic!!! [link] (A new page is up!)
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thats amazing! how do you get that painted look? you use artrage?
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This is one of my favorites of your works. The shapes are enchanting!
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This is great! I love the layout of the picture! The dog is also adorable! :)
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They look just like my little scottie!!! SO CUTE! ^o^
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It is now yours, my son.
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These dogs look so serious.
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That is really cute! :love:
They reminded me of Tintin's dog, Snowy! xD
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You don't cease to amaze me. Keep the good work.
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The glossy look of everything is breathtaking.
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Those two dogs're adorable and they and the hydrant all look like they're made of metal. That's so cool.
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and the best part. . .It's a real painting. :) traditional art can be do much more impressive.
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This is great.
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It's Totooooooooooo!!!
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Big Scottie: Now son. This is where dogs go to the bathroom in neighborhoods. If you have to "go" go here. Not in someone's backyard or else you will be sent to....THE POUND!!!

Lil Scottie : D8> ARF!?!?

Big Scottie: Arf indeed mah boy. Arf indeed.
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I'm digging that fire hydrant! :O
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AWWW YEE HEE HEE HEEEEEE Look at the little scottie. ; ___ ;
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Ohh, now I have a question!
Do you paint the white text boxes by hand or do you add them on the computer?
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The text boxes I ink with a brush on computer paper. I then scan them in and in Photoshop I make them white.
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