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This is a piece for Craig Yoe's new book Jetta! There are tons of really amazing artists in there such as Craig McCracken, Katie Rice, Kali and Bill Presing to name a few!

Space Vespas should be real!

You can buy it here:
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ayuICHI's avatar
Beautiful and lovely!
Hen-Hen's avatar
great piece i love the movement
Nass's avatar
This is ridiculously awesome and sexy! I'm buying that book, too!
supah-com's avatar
great little vespa! so much fun!!!
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Oh my, that stunningly wonderful Pocketowl style producing retro-futuristic loveliness? I think I just may explode out of sheer appreciation! :love:
PurplePeepBits's avatar
Wow, this is awesome! I love her curves and dots and is that whole black background paint? D:
Pocketowl's avatar
Thank you! Yep that BG is all painted, I messed up on it the first time, there was a lot more blue so then I painted over the blue with black and just left a little bit of blue showing.
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Looks fantastic Becky! I cannot wait to get my copy. The shop I go to did not get it in yet. They were supposed to this week, but i guess i have a to wait a little longer. Hope all is well.
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I'm so glad that you like it Justin! Are you going to be going to TCAF?
JustinCoffee's avatar
I wish i was Becky. Looks like it is gonna be a good convention. If i make it to any convention up here in Canada it will probably be the Toronto con in end of August. Right now i am way too busy with work :(
Waiting to hear if i will be attending NYC in October too.
Pocketowl's avatar
Aw man, wish you were coming to the Toronto con this weekend.
JustinCoffee's avatar
Me too :( I really wish i could make it. I need to own one of your awesome paintings one day :) Hope you have a good time, I really enjoyed Toronto when i was there summer before last!

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scooters are sauceome, and that is a space scoot. er.
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There are so many of the things I like present in this picture. It's ridiculous.
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