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Derby Horse Gig Poster

This is for an upcoming gig for my boyfriend's band Ice Cream Soldiers!
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I thought the band was "Phoney Bone" or something. But then again, that was years ago.
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His band broke up! So now he has a new one! :)
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HAha, I miss you and J dawg says HI! If I had a million dollars I would bye you a pygmy pony.
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Have you seen seeing eye ponies before?


I can pretend to be blind!
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I could get you a different colored one a week! you could keep them in a stable shaped like a pill holder labeled Monday through Sunday!
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THAT IS THE BEST IDEA EVER! I'm making Frank use it in a song! And I might use it in a comic later.
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a pony a day.... probably could cure cancer and end world hunger!
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Really nice! I just saw this at It's cool to see your work there, as I'm at that site all the time.
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Awesome! That's so cool you saw it on gig posters, I just started using that site.
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That site's been really good to me for several years. There's much knowledge stored there.
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That smug grin, hilarious. <3
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So damn perfect~
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Superb! Love the expressions!
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so funny!!! hehehehehehehehe
Great Pic!!!!
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I've always wanted to make gig posters because I know a lot of bands and want to work in the music industry but I can never come up with cool ideas. I really like this.
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"The All Girl's Choir" would be a good name for a band. If I start one that is... Or Peter and the Giants.

Oh and I'm getting to go to a painting class at the community college! I can make a good structure in shapes as well now! after I start painting I'll shift into animation. oh and what is artistic composition?
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