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FOB Journal Stamp

I saw that there weren't too many good stamps on DA of the band, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. ^^


Feel free to put this in your journal!
And if you do use, I'd really appreciate it if you leave me a comment saying you did!

I want to see it in the works ^^
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this is gonna be on my profile because its perfect!
RoxyDeerArtz's avatar
YukusaiX's avatar
love that stamp!
Magmacas's avatar
Im going to use this stamp omg
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I love Fall Out Boy! But, I'm a fan of the music, not Pete Wentz! Good job on the stamp!
Pockaru's avatar
You and me both lol
And thanks ^^
HappyAggro's avatar
I'd use it if I had a sub. XD

...How did you get the Fall Out Boy logo you used in it? Do you have a link to it?
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I did, but I had to reboot my system after I posted the stamps because of a virus D:
Sorry x_x
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Awww, man. D: Bites.

Any clue where I could end up finding it, like on a graphics site?
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I googled, I forgot where I found it.
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Alrighty then. I'll search some terms and see what I come up with. :3
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K, good luck!
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Do you know what search terms you used for it?
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I think I used "fall out boy logo"
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Makes me wish I had a subbie :[ I shall fave it instead!
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I'm glad you like it ^^
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awesome ! i'm gonna use it :D
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Nyaa ! I love your FOB stamps !!! :heart:
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aww thanks <333
QTStartheHedgehog's avatar
thank you so much for this stamp
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