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Jonboy's Vader

"Don't fuck with a Jedi Master, son."
- Mark Hamill, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

In honor of the upcoming movie, here is the colored version of Jonboy's awesome Darth Vader piece. He was kind enough to provide my buddy Andy with the hi-res version, who then took it upon himself to ink it up ever so sweetly, and then Andy handed it off to me for colors, which were blast to do!

Pencils: Jonboy007007 (view them here)
Inks: Andrewchun (view them here)
Colors: Me

Many, many thanks to Jonboy for hooking us up with the piece and letting try do it justice!

Hope you all like it, and if you have any critiques and/or comments about the COLOR job, I'd love to hear them (if it's about any other aspect of the piece, let the other artists know - I'm sure they'd love to hear what you have to say as well).


P.S. Both Jonboy and Andy are amazing pencillers, so if you haven't already (doubtful) stop by their galleries for some awesome art ([link] and [link])
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Epic artwork is epic!! Everyone involved in this did a kick ass job! :headbang: Congrats on a fantastic piece, iit does the character great justice *sith force choke* I mean great injustice my lord! Hail lord Vader!