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Hate Is A Virus

By Pochi-mochi

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Drawn in light of the surge in hate crimes against Asians in America.
It is a particularly significant problem in the state that I reside in and I no longer even feel comfortable taking the bus by myself. Stay safe everyone.
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© 2021 Pochi-mochi
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humans are one of the worst planetary virus-like

love the viruses! love the humans no matter the hateful they are =P

lolbite101's avatar

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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so true hate is so wrong a waste

Stardestiny24's avatar

Thank you for being brave enough to create this, I really appreciate it

MoXenArt's avatar

This is beautiful, I love this!

I could not address certain narratives better than that!

Beautiful illustration! Frustrating, because I was born and raised in predominantly Asian neighborhoods in California. Let Us All be mindful...

Pr0teusUnbound's avatar

i guess being white has its benefits.

AlcyoneSong97's avatar

Love is the cure.

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I absolutely love this piece and completely agree with this sentiment, I really hope something happens where people will be able to feel comfortable going anywhere they need to..

People deserve more than the terrible hatred that comes their way and we really should know better.

This art is really beautiful in everyway from the colours to the placement of everything that makes it flow together. I really hope you have a nice day, pochi-mochi!!

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Most of the recent hate crimes are from black people against asians.

citytoon's avatar

stop with the Asian hate

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And I'm the virus to wipe out the settler occupation.

it's all the virus fault not the asian americans !!! :rage: , i love your art !!:D

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Perfect message and nicely done! Hate is indeed a virus and one that must be cured!

I love how asians had privilege... until they didn’t.

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Racism is one of those things that I'll never be able to wrap my head around - nor do I want to. Stay safe out there.

Your art on the other hand is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. :)

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I'm standing with you my sister. Asians rose up with us for black lives last summer and I will stand with you now in your most urgent time of need

SuperSaiyanD's avatar

No, not a virus. I would say it's a cult.

heresycentral's avatar

When the discrimination is sus

FlightlessWingz's avatar

This is absolutely gorgeous!!

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beautiful illustration :)

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